Vol 11 Issue 4, Jan 24, 2020 - Jan 30, 2020.


  • New game plan

    New game plan

    Private taxi operators in Bengaluru are having plans to launch their own company like Ola and Uber, said Renuka Aradhya, managing director of Pravasi Cabs at an award function in Vellore, where he also shared his rags-to-riches success story
      Posted    19-Nov-2016    Vol 7 Issue 47
  • Juicy Story

    Juicy Story

    When school buddies Manav Shital and Niti Agrawal – founders of a fast growing juice chain - fell in love, they didn’t stop at whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears but also discussed ways to earn their money, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    18-Nov-2016    Vol 7 Issue 47
  • Getting batter daily

    Getting batter daily

    Circumstances were never in favour of P C Mustafa. Son of a daily wager, who grew up in a remote village in Kerala which had no electricity or proper roads, he defied all the odds to build a Rs 100 crore turnover company, says Usha Prasad
      Posted    12-Nov-2016    Vol 7 Issue 46
  • Foodie dad

    Foodie dad

    A 26-year-old youth from the small town of Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu, A Gopinath, is earning lakhs of rupees every month from his You Tube channel, which shows his father cooking and eating varieties of non-vegetarian dishes, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    10-Nov-2016    Vol 7 Issue 45
  • Never say die

    Never say die

    Holding an MBA and coming from a business family, Dheeraj Gupta launched his first venture with great confidence, but lost Rs 55 lakh in under two years. Not the one to quit, he set up a vada pav shop and repaid his debts, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    05-Nov-2016    Vol 7 Issue 45
  • Reaping profit

    Reaping profit

    Farmers in Rajasthan are cultivating olive and dates, with support from the state government, using drip irrigation system. Ashish Mishra spoke to the farmers and found that many are ready for their first harvest and expecting a windfall  
      Posted    31-Oct-2016    Vol 7 Issue 44
  • Benevolent billionaire

    Benevolent billionaire

    Surat-based billionaire diamond merchant Savji Dholakia, known for his generous gifts to his employees, has gifted 400 flats and 1,260 cars as Diwali bonuses this year to his well-performing staffers
      Posted    28-Oct-2016    Vol 7 Issue 44
  • Poverty to Prosperity

    Poverty to Prosperity

    Arokiaswamy Velumani, the founder of Thyrocare, currently valued at Rs 3,600 crore, attended school with a slate on one hand and a plate in another at his village in Tamil Nadu since he took the free mid-day meals at school, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    24-Oct-2016    Vol 7 Issue 43
  • Destiny in Jute

    Destiny in Jute

    Giving up a well-paid corporate job and after a short stint in the family business, Saurav Modi started making jute products with the Rs 8,000 he borrowed from his mother. Now his company has achieved a turnover of Rs 6.5 crore, says Usha Prasad
      Posted    21-Oct-2016    Vol 7 Issue 43
  • The survivor

    The survivor

    As a street kid Amin Sheikh had seen it all – sexual abuse, rape, and drugs – before he came under the care of an orphanage. Somma Banerjjee met the gritty survivor, who now runs a cafe that’s changing the lives of street children like him
      Posted    15-Oct-2016    Vol 7 Issue 42
  • Living the dream

    Living the dream

    Working in his father’s small grocery shop for a meagre income, Ganesh Prasad Agarwal had a big dream – he wondered, why not make biscuits like Parle and Britannia. Today, he lives his dream heading a Rs 100 crore biscuit company, reports G Singh  
      Posted    10-Oct-2016    Vol 7 Issue 41
  • Health is wealth

    Health is wealth

    A man who dropped out of MBA because he did not want to be a burden to his struggling middle class family and started his career as a medical representative for a salary of Rs 350, now heads a Rs 48 crore health food brand, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    05-Oct-2016    Vol 7 Issue 40
  • Scripting success

    Scripting success

    When he landed his first job as a car washer for a monthly salary of Rs 500, B M Balakrishna would not have known that he would one day be heading a Rs 20 crore turnover company.  The fascinating success story of a farmer’s son from Chittoor
      Posted    22-Sep-2016    Vol 7 Issue 38
  • Taking wings

    Taking wings

    Renting a two-roomed chawl to set up an STD booth and borrowing Rs.2,000 from his dad to become a ticket agent, Arun Kharat has built a Rs. 140 crore turnover business comprising car rental, radio cab and staff transport, says Somma Banerjjee
      Posted    21-Sep-2016    Vol 7 Issue 38
  • Cab to riches

    Cab to riches

    Hunger was his biggest enemy as a child and he had begged with his father for a bowl of rice. For 3 years he even worked as a sweeper in an office.  Usha Prasad tells the story of the owner of a Rs 40 crore turnover cab service in Bengaluru
      Posted    12-Sep-2016    Vol 7 Issue 37
  • Simply Sindhu

    Simply Sindhu

    Olympic silver medallist P V Sindhu’s strategy to become World No. 1 is simple – if you keep winning tournaments, you automatically become number one, she told Mohammed Shafeeq in an interview
      Posted    27-Aug-2016    Vol 7 Issue 35
  • Mover and shaker

    Mover and shaker

    Vijay Sankeshwar entered the transport business as a 19-year-old, investing Rs 1.20 lakh on a single truck and with a dream to succeed. Today, he is a media baron and heads a Rs. 1,800 crore transport and logistics company, says Usha Prasad
      Posted    06-Aug-2016    Vol 7 Issue 32
  • Ramdev's dairy

    Ramdev's dairy

    Yoga guru Ramdev’s Patanjali is planning to foray into the dairy and baby-care sector now, even as the company aims to double its turnover to Rs 10,000 crore this fiscal. Vishal Gulati reports
      Posted    18-Jul-2016    Vol 7 Issue 29
  • Child teacher

    Child teacher

    A follower of Swami Vivekananda, Babar Ali started a school under a guava tree, when he was just nine years, at his village in West Bengal. The young headmaster, 14 years later, tells G Singh how people accused him of proselytism initially
      Posted    18-Jul-2016    Vol 7 Issue 29
  • Wheeling food

    Wheeling food

    Jaideep Sarin recounts the story of Radhika Aroa, an MBA graduate, who quit her corporate job to set up a roadside food cart serving homemade food in Mohali with an investment of Rs. One lakh
      Posted    09-Jul-2016    Vol 7 Issue 28
  • Night appetite

    Night appetite

    A late night food service, Santa Delivers, has caught the fancy of Kolkata people so much that the company, started by three youth who were school mates, has touched a turnover of Rs one crore in just a year and a half. G Singh checks out
      Posted    04-Jul-2016    Vol 7 Issue 27
  • Dream success

    Dream success

    From a pavement vendor to owning a Rs 60 crore company, Bengaluru-based Raja Nayak has overcome several barriers, including a caste background, to be a model for all those who dream big in life. Usha Prasad on the owner of NutriPlanet Foods
      Posted    25-Jun-2016    Vol 7 Issue 26
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