Vol 9 Issue 43, Oct 19, 2018 - Oct 25, 2018.


  • Milky way

    Milky way

    The denial of visa shattered his dream to study in the land of milk and honey. But Bhasker Reddy managed to squeeze honey out of milk in India by starting a dairy business in Hyderabad. P C Vinoj Kumar meets the first generation entrepreneur
      Posted    13-Sep-2014    Vol 5 Issue 37
  • South Africa's like

    South Africa's like

    A farmer in Bihar has been hired to train South African farmers on improving rice production. Sumant Kumar of Nalanda district told Imran Khan that the first call came to him through Facebook
      Posted    30-Aug-2014    Vol 5 Issue 35
  • Golden shuttle

    Golden shuttle

    A Gold at Glasgow has not changed shuttler Parupalli Kashyap’s life as he prepares for this year’s World Championship and Asian Games. Sandip Sikdar meets the Gopichand protégé from Hyderabad
      Posted    25-Aug-2014    Vol 5 Issue 34
  • Beautiful dream

    Beautiful dream

    Creating 3000 salons, 1000 women entrepreneurs and 50,000 jobs by 2020 is the dream of C K Kumaravel, who, despite hailing from a business family, had to start on his own. P C Vinoj Kumar traces the growth of Naturals beauty salons founder
      Posted    09-Aug-2014    Vol 5 Issue 32
  • Mobility in life

    Mobility in life

    In a way, Darangi realized his engineering dream by becoming a mobile phone mechanic, thanks to ChildFund India, which has liberated many such youth from daily labour, says Prantick Majumder
      Posted    19-Jul-2014    Vol 5 Issue 29
  • Ticket to dream

    Ticket to dream

    It was no wild goose chase for Arun Athiappan, when he co-founded TicketGoose.com, a bus ticket booking portal. He always wanted to be an entrepreneur and has been losing sleep to come up with new ideas since he was 12, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    07-Jul-2014    Vol 5 Issue 27
  • From scrap

    From scrap

    By professionalizing the otherwise unorganized scrap market, two MBA students, Apoorva Chaturvedi and Yogesh Sood, have changed the image of the man coming home to buy old newspapers. Asad Ashraf logs on to kabaadiwala.com to check the profit
      Posted    28-Jun-2014    Vol 5 Issue 26
  • Farm women

    Farm women

    Nagaland women are cultivating in community lands and have formed self help groups to market their organic foods, says Ninglun Hanghal, who met some of the successful farmer–entrepreneurs
      Posted    17-May-2014    Vol 5 Issue 20
  • Doctored farming

    Doctored farming

    Lavender crop brings 20 times more profit than, say, maize. This was discovered by a lady doctor who went on to taste success in farming and also be a change-maker in Kashmir, says Sana Altaf
      Posted    15-Feb-2014    Vol 5 Issue 7
  • She overcame

    She overcame

    Sudden shocks of climate change rarely affect the farm of Sudha Gunwant in Almora. Taking Anuradha Sahni around the farm, a hub of biodiversity, she explains how she overcame the challenge
      Posted    22-Nov-2013    Vol 4 Issue 47
  • Rags to riches

    Rags to riches

    Suresh Poojari started as a general help in a small eatery on a monthly salary of Rs.4 at age 10. Now he owns a popular restaurant chain, a shopping mall and a 3-star hotel, says Quaid Najmi
      Posted    08-Nov-2013    Vol 4 Issue 45
  • Near Bengaluru

    Near Bengaluru

    Attibele Gram Panchayat, 40 km from Bengaluru, is witnessing another development like the IT city. Its women have been making a splash as popular panchayat leaders, reports Pushpa Achanta
      Posted    27-Sep-2013    Vol 4 Issue 39
  • Brave women

    Brave women

    In militancy infected Kashmir, life is not easy for women. But some women grassroots leaders are making life easy for others. Ashutosh Sharma meets two of them, Zaitoon Begum and Vimla Devi
      Posted    13-Sep-2013    Vol 4 Issue 37
  • Women on peak

    Women on peak

    In a Himalayan achievement, three women from the Northeast reached the peak of their mountaineering career. Ninglun Hangal tells us the stories of Anshu Jamsenpa, Bidyapati Ningthoujam and Wansuk Myrthong, who were on top of Everest recently
      Posted    23-Aug-2013    Vol 4 Issue 34
  • It's Neem, again

    It's Neem, again

    The humble neem, which is part of Indian household remedies, is now being harnessed to fight cancer. Researchers in Kolkata are on the job and human trials could come next, says Sahana Ghosh
      Posted    12-Jul-2013    Vol 4 Issue 28
  • Food on rail

    Food on rail

    By launching a portal, Travelkhana.com, in October, 2012, Pushpinder Singh has helped over 50,000 rail travelers have palatable food during the journey. Akash Bisht explains how food from popular eateries get delivered at various stations
      Posted    28-Jun-2013    Vol 4 Issue 26
  • Women first

    Women first

    Kultikiri village in West Bengal has been electing only women to its panchayat for the past 20 years though the seats are not reserved. Saadia Azim finds out why women rule the roost here
      Posted    07-Jun-2013    Vol 4 Issue 23
  • For mom’s eyes

    For mom’s eyes

    The clocks of Sunil Saxena grew in size as his mother’s eye sight failed. His wish to make her read time without strain has led to the clock with a diameter of 72 inches, says Brij Khandelwal
      Posted    31-May-2013    Vol 4 Issue 22
  • Cutting thru penury

    Cutting thru penury

    Driven by a desire to succeed after he was told that he did not deserve a Pilot pen in class V, Ramesh Babu who worked his way up to own a fleet of 127 cars, including a Rs 3.3 crore Rolls Royce, yet remains a hairstylist, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    09-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 10
  • Potato record

    Potato record

    Bihar has beaten its own record. What a farmer achieved last year was humbled by Rahesh Kumar, whose harvest of 108.8 tonnes potato in 1 hectare is a world record. The secret: Organic farming
      Posted    23-Feb-2013    Vol 4 Issue 8
  • Wonder builder

    Wonder builder

    Harpal Singh created a record by putting up a 10-floor building in 48 hours and now wants to build a livable house in 20 hours. What drives the man to do such wonders? Jaideep Sarin finds out
      Posted    01-Feb-2013    Vol 4 Issue 5
  • Talent show

    Talent show

    Over thousand children in the age group of 4-13 years will be calculating sums faster than computers at a national level mental arithmetic competition to be held in Chennai on December 29
      Posted    17-Dec-2012    Vol 3 Issue 50
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