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Dream House

IIT couple Arpit and Sakshi describe the pleasure of building a mud house at their farm. While the common notion is that a mud house is a temporary structure, it can easily outlast a modern cement-based house if built the right way, says Arpit

The Million Dollar Question

‘Where Does it Go’ is an initiative that creates awareness on the harmful impact of plastic trash, PET bottles and e-waste. The art pieces on display offers visitors a chance to reflect and ponder their high consumption lifestyle, says Siddhi Jain

Home Away From Home

Vaduvoor bird sanctuary in Tamil Nadu offers for the avian visitors from Europe, the Americas and sometimes even Russia, a perfect spot for food, shelter and reproduction when the mercury drops in their home countries, says Vasudevan Sridharan

Green Revolution

Thanks to a scientific approach and traditional water conservation practices, farmers in hundreds of drought-prone villages in Rajasthan are now sowing two crops a year, with water now available just three feet under the surface, says Anand Singh

Green Warrior

Kusum Dahivalkar, a retired plantation officer in the Social Forestry Department in Nashik, Maharashtra, has made it her mission to inspire people to save and plant trees, and live as close to nature as possible. Surekha Kapa-Bose reports

Winged visitors

Thousands of migratory birds have arrived for their annual sojourn at Himachal Pradesh’s Pong Dam wetlands that is spread over an area of at least 18,000 hectares and extend up to 30,000 hectares in the peak monsoon season, says Vishal Gulati

Feathers & fears

A book by Kerala State Biodiversity Board, ‘Feathers of Vellayani’, takes the reader to the skies to provide an overview of habitat destruction, which is a looming threat to avian diversity

Coping vagaries

Despite climate change affecting the agrarian community in Uttarakhand’s Almora district, Sudha Gunwati shows a way to cope with nature’s vagaries, says Anuradha Sahni after visiting the hills

Duck as metaphor

Delegates to the Paris Climate Summit were given papier mache ducks by CARE International. Rajendra Shende tells us how the duck has become a metaphor for the campaign to seal a global deal

Mush chances

Mushroom farming has come as alternative money earner for the women farmers of Assam, who were suffering due to erratic rains. Azera Rahman brings us success stories from the northeastern state

Water saver

Executing water conservation projects in over 4,200 locations is no joke. But Ayyappa Masagi has done that and more to save water, says Ruchita S, who drove 119 km to find out why the much honoured man is called a ‘Doctor of Dry Borewells’  

Green to solar

Punjab, the state once known for its Green Revolution is going green in a different way. It is encouraging farmers to go for mini-solar power plants and offer land for setting up solar plants

Letting free

In 2016, the population of wild birds will go up when vultures belonging to three critically endangered species, which are now being bred in captivity, will be released, says Vishal Gulati   

Care for birds

A computer engineer by calling, Arundhati Malhar Yatish Mhatre’s heart goes out to birds. Her passion is on display at her seventh floor flat in Mumbai, where winged visitors fly in for breakfast, lunch, dinner and rest, says Afsana Rashid

Wolf’s woes

‘Cry wolf’ means false alarm. But we have taken even the real wolf for granted that it has landed in the list of endangered wild animals. Quaid Najmi reports on the wolf conservation efforts

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