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Living with Nature

Jaipur businessman Sunil Mehta joined hands with a rural community and created the Tree House Resort that is built on a 300-acre farmland situated near Jaipur in the Syari Valley, with a royal view of the mighty Aravallis, says Somma Banerjjee

A Gorgeous Place

Gandikota in Andhra Pradesh is the Indian version of America’s Grand Canyon and also known as the Desi Grand Canyon. Manuvidhya recounts the joy of watching the sunset in the gorge with River Pennar quietly flowing beneath giving her company

Fun at Resort

A resort run by a couple at Chaunni Kalan village, about 140 km from Chandigarh, offers a unique experience to visitors. Guests can sow seeds, pluck citrus fruit, plough the fields, milk cows, drive a tractor and do much more, says Jaideep Sarin

Beauty ā€˜nā€™ the Beasts

In Meghalaya, what caught the attention of Azera Parveen Rahman was not just pine forests, waterfalls, and green hills, but also modified vehicles on the roads - a Maruti 800 made into something like an SUV, a tractor made into a jeep and so on

Faces and places

Planning to go on a summer vacation? Try Kodaikanal, where apart from the usual tourist spots P C Vinoj Kumar suggests 7 things that you might like to do, which includes meeting some interesting people and visiting some lesser known places

Homestay in Majuli

In Assam’s Majuli Island, the world’s largest freshwater river island, Manjit Risang’s family owns a homestay where you can experience a slice of the Mishing way of life and taste some of their mouth-watering delicacies, says Aditya Barua

Beautiful Basar

If you love walking on roads through the dense woodlands or by the pristine village river, you might like to visit the quaint hill destination of Basar in Arunachal Pradesh. But the journey is not for the faint-hearted, warns Milinda Ghosh Roy

Homecoming in Manipur

Manipur government has made plans to set up homestays joining hands with tour operators and hospitality firms to offer tourists a chance to explore up-close the kaleidoscopic beauty, local cuisine, and culture of the state, says Ashish Mishra 

Beautiful Seychelles

A visit to Seychelles was an enriching experience to Aroonim Bhuyan, who was impressed with the sheer exoticness of the country the moment he landed in Mahe Island and travelled to his resort that was connected to the airport by a small bridge 

Turkish delight

Historic sites, belly dancers, and the high walls of Byzantine civilisation are some of the attractions that captivated Aparajita Gupta during her visit to Istanbul, where hawkers sing Raj Kapaoor’s famous song ‘Awara hoon’ to woo Indians

Place to go

Travelling to Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh, Natalia Ningthoujam had a memorable time seeing the places, trying the local food and even dancing to "Aaya mausam dosti ka” at a club

Tour Singapore

The Chennai - Singapore flight brought back memories of Tamil hit songs ‘Darling, Darling I love You’ and ‘Joyful Singapore,’ says Venkatachari Jagannathan, who visited the Lion City recently

Heritage boost

Sikkim, which had more number of tourists in 2015, has received a further push to its eco-tourism efforts, with the Unesco naming Khangchendzonga National Park as a ‘Mixed World Heritage Site’

Mini Israel

At Kasol, a quiet remote village in Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh, snow-clad mountain peaks, pine trees, and Israeli cuisine are main attractions for tourists, says Vivek Singh Chauhan

Monsoon haunts

When it starts pouring, it is time to step out and explore. If you need ideas of places to check out this season, listen to the actors who shared their favourite monsoon destinations with us

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