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Defying Odds Together

In Kerala's Alappuzha, Girija Madhu transformed kids with Cerebral Palsy into a formidable football team. Overcoming financial struggles, she trained them by mortgaging her gold jewellery, and led them to success in major tournaments, says Shyla F

Bridging Gaps

After leaving a lucrative job in the US, Saranya Rengaraj started Third Eye in Coimbatore for autistic children. She also ventured into elderly care, establishing retirement homes, blending social service with entrepreneurship, says Rama Devi Menon

Making Waves

From childhood memories by a village lake to being dubbed the 'Lake Man of India', Anand Malligavad has rejuvenated 80 lakes across the nation, covering a whopping 500 acres. Tops companies are spending their CSR funds on his projects, says Shyla F

Champion of Change

Deep within Kerala's verdant forest, Dr. Manju Vasudevan is merging tradition and enterprise to uplift tribal communities, reviving crafts like 'Kannadipaaya', and promoting sustainable livelihoods using local forest produce, says Rama Devi Menon

Mountain Samaritans

An elderly Buddhist couple rescued stranded tourists in the deluge hit Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh, offering them shelter and warm hospitality. Their acts of kindness have earned them recognition and heartfelt gratitude, says Vishal Gulati

Nurturing Through Cuddles

A visit to Mumbai's Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital changed Purnota Dutta Bahl’s life. Moved by the sight of children battling cancer she set up the 'Cuddles Foundation' which is making a difference in the lives of thousands of children, says Shyla F

Braveheart Transforms Lives

In a heartwarming story, Nupur Lalvani from Mumbai has been living with Type 1 diabetes for 27 years while supporting and inspiring countless others facing the same condition through her organization Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation, says Bilal Khan

Quenching the Fire

The burning of paddy straw by farmers in Punjab and Haryana has caused high pollution in the National Capital Region. But the stubble can be used to produce energy and gas and can generate Rs 500 billion worth of revenue, says Dr Ratnesh Tiwari

Being of Help

During the pandemic many tried to save their jobs amidst the nationwide layoffs, but not Vineet Saraiwala who quit his high paying job and launched a startup to create livelihoods for persons with disabilities, not caring about his own disability

Serving the Hungry

For the homeless people on the streets of Chennai, there is a place they can simply go and pick up some packed food to eat without losing their dignity and self-respect. Bilal Khan writes about Issa Fathima Jasmine’s community fridge initiative

Raising Hope

Change maker Neelam Gupta’s non-profit AROH Foundation is ushering in the winds of change in the remotest locations of India, ranging from the tough terrains of Meghalaya to the Naxal impacted red corridors in Chhattisgarh, says Bilal Khan

Friendly cop

IPS officer Sandeep Chaudhary of Jammu and Kashmir cadre likes to go out of his way to help people. Chaudhary, who did his higher studies through Indira Gandhi Open University, cracked the civil services exam without attending any coaching classes

Ten Rupee Doctor

Noori Parveen, a 29-year-old MBBS doctor is being hailed as ‘Mother Teresa of Kadapa’ for her service to the community in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, through her 25-bed hospital where she is charging a consultation fee of just Rs 10, says Bilal Khan

Churning out champions

A geography teacher in a government school in rural Bihar is on a relentless mission, empowering girls from economically weaker sections by training them in various sports and making them national and state champions, says Gurvinder Singh

Saviour on Bike

For people of 20 villages in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, Karimul Haque is the man to call during any medical emergency and he would arrive on his motorcycle, sirens blaring, to rush them to the hospital 50 km away, says Gurvinder Singh

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