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A dash of lime

A PET bottle, 15 ml of lime juice and 30 minutes of bright sun light is all that you need to disinfect a litre of water. As Swetha Manian says you will need six hours of sun without the lime

Green driver

Inheriting a passion for planting trees from his grandfather who maintained a 150 acre forest, bus driver Karunanidhi has been greening villages for the past 20 years, says Sundharabuddhan

Organic orange

The orange revolution in the country brought in its wake certain devastation until some farmers woke up and turned organic. Aparna Pallavi tells us about Wath, whose intervention was timely

Home for peacocks

People of Madhopur-Gobind, who have been caring for peacocks since 1950 when a pair of birds was brought by one of them, are happy as the village is to be made a sanctuary, says Imran Khan

Mountain survivors

Activists fighting for conservation of Kashmir’s ‘critically endangered’ Markhor goat have reasons for cheer with the notification of the Tatakuti Wildlife Sanctuary, says Rajat Ghai

Count up

With magnificent glaciers, lofty mountains and gurgling streams, the Great Himalayan National Park in Kullu district is seeing an increase in the population of the endangered western tragopan

Vulture care

Setting up a restaurant for vultures was one of the ideas that Dilsher Khan came up with to save the winged predator from becoming extinct. Even if his ideas were shot down, he continues his campaign in his own ways, says Deepthi Raghunath

Farming, naturally

‘Bountiful Nature’ is the translation of name of a movement taking roots in Karnataka’s farming sector. G Krishna Prasad tells us how Sahaja Samrudha has proved the promoters of GM crops wrong

Sell, buy-back, reuse

Manufacturers should take responsibility and involve themselves in product take-back, remanufacturing and redesigning, says Nandita Krishna, suggesting ways to tackle the mounting e-waste

Power park

Continuing with his thrust to tap solar power, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi dedicated to the nation a 600 MW solar power park, touted as Asia’s first and largest

Inside Idukki

Tucked away inside a heavily forested area, Kerala's only Scheduled Tribes (ST) panchayat Idamalakkudy is losing its rich biodiversity, say officials, who are planning an intervention program

Sun energy

While India is pinning its hopes on nuclear energy, China is turning to solar in a big way. Three separate solar power projects with a combined capacity of 100-MW are under way at Xigaze

Rhino Vision

The Indian Rhino Vision project that aims at taking the rhino population in Assam to 3,000 by 2020 has helped considerably in conservation. There are 2,290 one-horned rhinos in Kaziranga now

It’s safe, for now!

Top official at the National Disaster Management Authority rules out tsunami threat to India, appeals to people near coastal areas not to panic – after they have panicked enough

Green prisons

In what is being billed as a pioneering initiative, all 52 jails in Kerala will go green in the next 4 months with the state government undertaking a Rs.25.50 crore solar power project

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