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Kashmir landing

Whatever Kashmir is for human beings, it is now home for over 3 lakh migratory birds that have landed at the Hokersar bird reserve. Sheikh Qayoom explains the itinerary of the winged guests

After moths

As a lepidopterist, V Shubhalaxmi has been to the wildest of forests, chasing butterflies. But in the urban jungle she creates awareness on the beauty of insects and moths, says Quaid Najmi

Pole position

He has been to the North and South Poles. But Robert Swan’s next trip to Antarctica will see him surviving on renewable energy, making the two-month voyage a green mission, says Richa Sharma

Back to nature

A five acre organic farm in the Himalayas is drawing people from around the world. For, it’s a dream of a father-daughter duo to create a model that would enable urban dwellers to reconnect with nature and learn about farming, says Akash Bisht

Nothing shocking

Concern for environment is in his blood and it is only natural that Dhivik Reddy, whose father facilitated petrol cars to run on LPG, makes electric scooters. Now he waits for the lifting of speed limit on his scooters, says P C Vinoj Kumar

Scrap artistes

Sisters Radhika and Madhvi procure scrap from kabadiwalas, and turn them into chic products using their creative skills that were honed at FIDM in Los Angeles, says Kavita Kanan Chandra

Woody venture

Shubhendu Sharma from Uttarakhand has already created 23 urban forests in different parts of India by planting and growing 38,000 trees. P C Vinoj Kumar visits his project in the outskirts of Bangalore and finds the deep man-made woods lovely

Natural pesticides

To combat pesky pests, horticulturist Shaan Lalwani suggests keeping specific plants in the house so that creepy crawlies can be kept at bay. Kavita Kanan Chandra finds out more from the youngster who literally grew up amidst pots and plants

Axe woman

Armed with an axe, Hara Dei Majhi, a woman, has been protecting a forest in Odisha for three decades. Sarada Lahangir profiles the tribal who inherited the conservation task from her husband

All from home

RUR, a green initiative by some homemakers in Mumbai, is a roaring success. Among other things, it made a cooperative’s retail outlets cut plastic bags by 70 per cent. Kavita Kanan Chandra tells us the full story, scripted by Monisha Narke

Drip by drip

Though drip irrigation has been hailed a water-efficient method long time ago, small farmers found the required infrastructure expensive. Now a farmer has found a way out, says Kundan Pandey

Lizard regained

After 135 years, scientists spotted a tiny lizard, Geckoella Jeyporensis that was given up as extinct, in the Eastern Ghats, raising the hopes of all those searching for other extinct species

Eco saviours

In the Sundarbans, things have turned upside down with women planting trees instead of cutting mangroves and sundari trees. Now they know the importance of their ecosystem, says Saadia Azim

Colour cotton

Indian scientists have developed coloured cotton with spinnable fibre quality and fairly good yield. But releasing it for commercial cultivation will take some more time, reports Aparna Pallavi

Herbal touch

By expanding the scope and reach of traditional healthcare system through networking and training, Rashtriya Guni Mission has restored people’s faith in herbal medicines, says Ravleen Kaur

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