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Letting free

In 2016, the population of wild birds will go up when vultures belonging to three critically endangered species, which are now being bred in captivity, will be released, says Vishal Gulati   

Care for birds

A computer engineer by calling, Arundhati Malhar Yatish Mhatre’s heart goes out to birds. Her passion is on display at her seventh floor flat in Mumbai, where winged visitors fly in for breakfast, lunch, dinner and rest, says Afsana Rashid

Wolf’s woes

‘Cry wolf’ means false alarm. But we have taken even the real wolf for granted that it has landed in the list of endangered wild animals. Quaid Najmi reports on the wolf conservation efforts

Sunny future

Solar power is essential to provide electricity to the entire nation, feel the honchos at Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy, who find the off-grid solar targets achievable

Winter home

Pong Dam wetland has emerged as a favoured winter resort for migratory birds, especially the endangered bar-headed geese. The man-made wetland hosted over 130,000 birds, says Vishal Gulati

Forest vigil

Women’s groups in various villages have resolved to guard the forests in the Himalayan terrain of Lahaul valley, which, as Vishal Gulati found out, has kept poachers and wood cutters at bay

Jack of fruits

Paying encomiums to the jackfruit, Sany George explains how in Kerala the fruit can be a meal, a snack, dish, curry and dessert. Its seed, thick skin and also leaves, too, have their own us

Clean air

An eponymously named company, Breathe Easy, brings clean air to the indoors of Delhi buildings through an innovative green technique involving indoor plants. Vishnu Makhijani takes a breath

Rooftop technicians

To meet the ever growing demand for ‘solar technicians’ with more rooftop photovoltaic systems being installed, a training program has been launched in Gujarat, reports Killugudi Jayaraman


Despite the September floods ravaging Kashmir, over 300,000 migratory birds have landed in the valley, their winter home, even as efforts are on to restore the reserves, says Sheikh Qayoom

Palm delight

As it ushers in a process to phase out liquor, Kerala is set to introduce ‘neera’, a packaged non-alcoholic drink tapped from coconut trees, much to the delight of farmers, says Sanu George

Saving falcons

Flying 22,000 km, a million Amur falcons visit Nagaland every year with some getting killed. Now the government and civil society plan to make the sanctuary safer for them, Sujit Chakraborty

Tree ritual

What began as an experiment in 1995 to plant a tree when a girl gets married in a Uttarakhand village has now spread to 3000 villages triggering a green revolution, says Nitin Jugran Bahuguna

Nature's warning

The latest deluge in Kashmir was Nature’s message to the people. Too much of messing with the environment have happened that some water bodies reclaimed their territory, says Sheikh Qayoom

Spice land

In the plantation town of Kumily, Sudhamahi Regunathan revels in the fragrance of cardamom and learns everything that one should know about the spice that is a must in most traditional dishes

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