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A Dream Run

At 23, Vineeta Singh rejected a Rs 1 Crore job from an investment bank. After her studies at IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad, she set out on her entrepreneurial path and went on to build a Rs 500 Crore cosmetic brand, inspiring women across India

Unlocking HerKey Success

Starting from the terrace of her house because the internet was not working at the workspace to a Rs 8.87 crore turnover now, Neha Bagaria has come a long way. Shyla F unveils the gripping story of how Neha built her bootstrapped startup, HerKey

Hair Raising Journey

Based in Hyderabad and sourcing hair from South Indian temples, the inspiring journey of sisters Raina and Richa Grover shines in the hair industry. Starting with Rs 60,000, the duo built a Rs 26 crore turnover hair extension brand, says Bilal Khan

Villa Rental Mogul

Amit Damani, once a school teacher, is now the force behind Stay Vista, a flourishing villa rental company with a turnover of Rs 110 crore. Shyla F traces his humble beginnings and how he transformed a family property into a nationwide venture

Resurgent Cosmetic Brand

Dheeraj Bansal and Rahul Sachdeva, a dynamic duo, braved the Covid-19 crisis to build Recode, into a Rs 26 crore beauty brand. They turned the tables with a Re 1 sale strategy, igniting exponential growth amid the pandemic chaos, says Bilal Khan

Voyage of Valour

Subish Surendran's journey resembles a fairy tale. Born into a modest family residing in a Mumbai chawl, he pursued a B.Com degree and then at age 21 moved to Dubai, where he has now built a Rs 220 crore turnover logistics company, says Shyla F

Style Supremo's Success

From selling surplus shirts in his final year of college to launching a Rs 220 crore turnover fashion brand, Anant Tanted's entrepreneurial journey started with a loan of Rs 10 lakh and four people in a small office in Bangalore, says Bilal Khan

Crafting Wooden Dreams

From selling clothes and kitchen items in a rented stall, Vijai Subramaniam eventually built his own furniture brand, with a staggering 150 retail stores, a workforce of more than 2000 people and a current turnover of Rs 600 crore, says Shyla F

Designing Dream Homes

Prachi Bhatia, who hails from a middle-class family, defied societal norms and financial constraints, transforming her Rs. 1 lakh savings into a thriving Rs. 35 lakh home decor business, with courage, and relentless perseverance, says Bilal Khan

Wheels to Wealth

Embarking on an inspirational journey that began with building bus bodies, the JCBL Group, under Rishi Aggarwal has metamorphosed into a Rs 1685 crore turnover business empire with stakes in automobile manufacturing to insurance, says Shyla F

Designing a Legacy

Amidst his mother’s illness and personal turmoil, Sammeer Pakvasa dropped out of college to look after his father’s business, Eleganz Interiors, and built it into a Rs 240 crore turnover company in an inspiring story of resilience, says Bilal Khan

Organic Pet Treats

Yashika Arora, founder of Paw Petisserie, transformed her love for pets into a thriving business. Offering cakes, ice creams, and other items like breads, and brownies, for pets, she has built a Rs 40 lakh turnover business, says Abhishek Isaac

Cycle of Success

From tutoring students while studying in college to running a coaching centre, Rajib Gangopadhyay pivoted to his passion for e-bikes. He launched his own brand in 2020, accelerating it into a Rs 200 crore business in just three years, says Shyla F

Expanding Magic Shoes

Satyajith Mittal’s range of innovative shoes that expand with children's growing feet has not only come as a blessing for millions of middle-class families, the business achieved a turnover of Rs 80 lakh in just eight months, says Chaithra Srinivas

Change or Perish

In this insightful excerpt from "Cleansing Moments: Developing Leadership Skills for All Times," author Dishan Kamdar explores the challenges of embracing change for leaders and the Kodak example as a warning of the consequences of failing to adapt

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