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Woman Entrepreneur's Swiss Holiday Leads to a Rs 15 Crore Turnover Innovative Body Warmer Brand

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Hailing from a business family, Bhavna V might have had the entrepreneurial streak in her blood. However, the true inspiration for her innovative venture, Warmee body warmers, came from a personal experience during a 2009 trip to Switzerland.

As the co-founder of Warmee, along with her husband, Bhavna has introduced a range of unique, air-activated, self-heating products that require no electricity or hot water.

Bhavna V's Swiss holiday with her family birthed the idea of Warmee (Photos: Special Arrangement)

The Warmee line includes hand warmers, body warmers, and foot warmers, all designed to act as portable human body heaters.

The concept of Warmee was born out of Bhavna's own need for warmth in the chilly Swiss climate, where she found herself staying indoors while her husband and son enjoyed the outdoors.

“I have always avoided cold places because I feel extremely cold. But during our Switzerland trip, while sitting in a cafe, I came up with an idea for a creative product that could keep people warm in cold climates. I discussed this idea with my husband, who's a chemical engineer," Bhavna shares.

Since Bhavna’s husband already had a chemical factory, he put his skills to use, experimenting with numerous chemicals. He eventually crafted several formulas capable of converting air into heat instantly when exposed.

"We tested these innovations thoroughly and then released the Warmee product line in 2013," Bhavna recounts.

"We were curious about the customer response. In the beginning, we had to invest time in educating the public about our one-of-a-kind products. Their popularity grew as customers experienced their benefits."

Bhavna along with her husband launched Warmee in 2013

Bhavna and her husband launched Warmee under Pantheon PharmChem. This novel product, initially a new concept in the market, now generates an annual revenue of Rs 15 crore.

These warmers are meant to keep the body warm. The product prices are: Body Warmers (Pack of 5 Pcs) at Rs. 562.50, Hand Warmers (Pack of 4 Pairs) at Rs. 720, and Foot Warmers (Pack of 3 Pairs) at Rs. 675.

Their first year saw revenue of Rs. 2 crore, and the business has been growing steadily ever since.

In 2022, the couple launched their e-commerce platform, Besides offering Warmee products, they introduced a new range called Blueheat, designed specifically for pain relief in various body parts.

Blueheat products are essentially heat therapy patches, meant to alleviate pain. Their product line includes BluHeat Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief (Pack of 8 Patches) for Rs. 480, BluHeat Cough Decongestion (Pack of 8 Patches) also for Rs. 480, and BluHeat Pain Relief Patches for Knee, Elbow & Ankle (Pack of 8 Patches) at Rs. 602.

They also offer Cramp Care patches for menstrual pain relief. "Our products, both Warmee and BluHeat, are designed to fit any body part. They are air-activated and start heating up by themselves. You don't need to carry anything extra, and they stay warm for eight hours," Bhavna explains.

The products, resembling patches, are crafted with advanced and natural heating technology, making them easy to carry and use.

Although similar products are available abroad, Nysh's products are unique. "Our products are specially tailored for Indian skin types," Bhavna adds.

Bhavna says her products help those who are accustomed to cold weather

Warmee is sold exclusively in India, catering to those living in or traveling to cold areas. "Most of our sales are from cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Ahmedabad,” shares Bhavna.

“Our target customers are those who aren't accustomed to cold weather but need to travel to colder regions for holidays, work, or studies."

Initially, the couple promoted their products in various shops, advertised in newspapers, and set up pop-up stores in multiple locations.

"We had to conduct many demonstrations to educate people about how to use these products, as they were a new concept in India," says Bhavna.

Initially, their products were available in around 400 stores across India, mainly in Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. "In our first year, we achieved a turnover of Rs. 2 crore, and since then, our growth has been steady," Bhavna shares.

Eventually, they expanded to other e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. "We began with Amazon and Flipkart when they started in India, becoming one of their early sellers. Now, our products are on almost every e-commerce platform," says Bhavna.

The shift to online sales significantly boosted their business. "Initially, we received 100 orders per month, but that has now increased by 500 times," Bhavna states.

Bhavna was the sole daughter in a large joint family with 11 brothers, including cousins

Their production facility is located in Tarapur, Boisar, roughly 120 km from their office in Lower Parel, Mumbai. The office, spread over a 2,500 sq ft area, is a hub for around 100 employees engaged in manufacturing, marketing, and sales.

Speaking of her family background, Bhavna reveals that she was the first girl born after 15 years in her family. Being the sole daughter in a large joint family, she received a lot of love and attention.

"I am the only girl in my entire family, with 11 brothers, including cousins. I grew up in a very protective, loving, and caring environment," Bhavna shares.

Bhavna's father and uncles ran a four-wheeler accessories business, operating around 17 stores across Mumbai.

Following her graduation in commerce from P.D Lions Dalmia College, Malad, Mumbai, Bhavna initially ran a two-wheeler dealership store, which she expanded to five multi-brand stores in Mumbai.

However, she shut down the business in 2005. "Having a business background, I was always keen on entrepreneurship. I started my business at a young age, driven by the desire to be independent," says Bhavna, who is now 45.

She was a trailblazer as Mumbai's first woman Direct Selling Agent for Citibank and ICICI Bank for two-wheelers, representing these banks in vehicle finance.

"I had to close the business when I had my son, wanting to devote my time to him. By the time of closure, the business was doing an annual turnover of around Rs. 2 crore," says Bhavna.

Bhavna has maintained her daily gym routine for 18 years

Though she stopped running the dealership, Bhavna continued to apply her analytical skills in managing her personal stock investments and trading while raising her son.

Since launching Warmee, she has experienced continuous growth.

Health and fitness are a big part of her life. Bhavna has maintained a steady gym routine for 18 years. "Missing a gym session makes my day incomplete. I am also quite passionate about playing badminton," she shares. - ©TWL

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