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Broker to Tycoon

Starting as a property broker in 1997, Indore-based Sunil Agrawal went on to build a business in real estate marketing and construction through his firm ‘Sunil Agrawal & Associates’, which is now a Rs 100 crore turnover company, says Shyla F

Homegrown Burgers

Ankush Arora, a Chandigarh-based electrical engineering graduate, took over a local street food kiosk investing about Rs 2 lakh and went on to build Uncle Jack’s chain of eateries that serve varieties of American street food, says Somma Banerjjee

Waste to Wealth

Ratnesh Tiwari has built a Rs 1.5 crore turnover company helping to generate cooking gas, power, and organic manure from cow dung, poultry and agriculture waste, cooked and uncooked food waste, and other biodegradable waste, says Partho Burman

Lessons on Wealth

The rich are just like us – except when it comes to their money. That’s where the two paths diverge, says Priyanka Mashelkar, Author, 15 Sure-Shot Ways to Hit the Jackpot, listing the 7 life changing lessons that you can learn from the wealthy

A Heady Walk

Born into a Marwari business family, Veena Ashiya decided to strike out on her own after working for a few years with international brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Versace, says Sofia Danish Khan tracing the success journey of Monrow Shoes founder

Dreams come true

With the dream of becoming an entrepreneur, Rakesh Mishra chose the hard path after graduation starting as a floor manager in McDonald’s and climbing the career ladder to eventually starting a successful coffee chain in Delhi, says Partho Burman

See what Sticks

Hailing from a modest family in Bareilly, and educated in a government school, Jitesh broke barriers throughout his life to climb the ladder of success, says Shyla F, tracing the journey of wall sticker brand ‘WallMantra’ founder Jitesh Agarwal

Making the Pitch

Vanan Online Services, a 12-year-old company offering translation, transcription, voice-over, captioning and subtitling services with offices in Chennai and Virginia, US, is offering 20% equity in the company on an investment of $10 Million

Riding the Wave

Suraj Morajkar remained in his village in Goa and became a successful realtor, builder, and hotelier riding the wave of the real estate boom that swept the state in the 1990s, and completing projects worth more than Rs 3000 crore, says Vidhi Bubna

High on Rugs

As a child, Ankit Vijaivargia had seen his father struggling as a small businessman making jute rugs in Jaipur, but today he has taken the business to new heights entering foreign market and building a Rs 8 crore turnover brand, says Bilal Khan

The Spice Route

Rohit Tekriwal was just 24 when he joined his father’s marketing and distribution company, but went on to lift the turnover of their company from Rs 20 crore in 2009 to Rs 236 crore in 2022, says Sofia Danish Khan and finds out how he did it

WFH Moms Company

HR professional Anamika Singh started Litsa Services, a RPO company, with the vision of finding WFH jobs for women with children. She has found jobs for more than 500 people and her company made Rs 2.5 crore in the last fiscal, says Partho Burman

Stock Market Prodigy

Sankarsh Chanda, a 23-year-old from Hyderabad, started investing in the stock market from the age of 17, and today his net worth has skyrocketed to Rs 100 crore. He dropped out of college to focus on stock trading full time, says Bilal Khan

A Cake Walk

From working part-time after school hours in a bakery to support his family, to building a Rs 13.5 crore turnover 40-outlet pancake chain, Mumbai-based Vikesh Shah has come a long way as a self-made entrepreneur, says Sofia Danish Khan

Getting the Glow

Based out of a small city in Tamil Nadu, Arthi Raghuram, founder, Deyga Organics, has built a Rs 30 crore turnover brand in the highly competitive personal care industry that is dominated by big names, that too at the age of 28, says Bilal Khan

Milky Mist Cheese