The Hidden Gem

Chinu Kala left home at the age of 15 with just Rs 300 after an argument with her father. From earning Rs 20 daily as a salesgirl, she slowly climbed the ladder and eventually built a Rs 40 crore turnover fashion jewellery brand, says Bilal Khan

A Royal Deal

Fitness and gym enthusiast Bhavya Mehta, who was just 21 when he launched ethnic clothing brand ‘Royal Kurta’ on Snapdeal, starting with Rs 5 lakh, has now touched Rs 30 crore turnover with clients in many foreign countries, says Partho Burman

The Canadian Dream

Raman Dua is a child of the quintessential Canadian dream. Hailing from the small city of Rohtak, he landed in Canada with no idea of what he was going to do, but went on to build a Rs 18,000 crore turnover business there, says Sofia Danish Khan

On the bench

When you wish to fire your employee, it is key to make sure that you've considered all of your options. If you want to cut costs and trim the payroll, you still have a few different options to explore, says Chitiz Agarwal, founder of Company Bench

Burning with Passion

Hailing from the small town of Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Abhishek Pathak, a NIFT graduate and founder of Lucknow-based Greenwear Fashion, a Rs 2.5 crore turnover brand, has become India’s first solar vastra entrepreneur, says Bilal Khan

Wired for Success

Anil Gupta has taken his father’s Delhi-based electrical wire and cable business from Rs 70 lakh turnover to Rs 5000 crore turnover. The company has 2200 employees, 21 offices in India, and is exporting to 45 countries, says Sofia Danish Khan

Cashing on Credit

Credit cards are a tool of the modern financial world, and should be used smartly to maximize their benefits, says Priyanka Mashelkar, Author, 15 Sure-Shot Ways to Hit the Jackpot, offering 7 smart ways to use credit cards without paying interest

Surgical Strike

Dr Nachiket Bhatia was in medical college when he heard that his father’s medical coaching institute was on the verge of closure. Sofia Danish Khan explains how the young man plunged into the business and turned around its fortunes in a few years

Finding Your Feet

What the father started from scratch, rising from a life of poverty and building a successful footwear brand, the son has taken to a new level with his own brand of footwear, says Sofia Danish Khan, tracing the life of V Noushad, founder, Walkaroo

Leap of Faith

Varun Sarda, founder of wtfares, a Nagpur-based online travels and holiday company has an interesting backstory to his Rs 20 crore turnover business which he started with an investment of just Rs 6 lakh around eight years ago, says Bilal Khan

A Teetotaler’s Revenge

In 1932 a young man was banished from the state of Patiala for refusing a glass of wine in a celebratory party at the Patiala Palace. The young man, Gujarmal Modi, a teetotaler, left Patiala and created one of the largest business empires in India

Happening on Cloud

Ramya Ravi started RNR Donne Biryani along with her sister Shweta Ravi from a 200 sq ft cloud kitchen in Bengaluru in November 2020 with Rs 5 lakh. A year and a half later, the venture has crossed a turnover of Rs 8 crore, says Partho Burman

Investing in Cryptocurrency

With the latest tax rules clarifying many of the cobwebs around crypto investments, Priyanka Mashelkar, Author, 15 Sure-Shot Ways to Hit the Jackpot, lists the seven basics that you need to know before you decide to hop onto the bandwagon

Style in Success

Leaving his father’s real estate business, Danish Batra started his first salon with 11 employees from a basement. Today, Hair Masters has grown into a 30-outlet chain with a combined turnover of Rs 65 crore and 1100 employees, says Bilal Khan

Love at work

IIM Raipur students Alok Paul and Anusha Chandrashekar fell in love while doing their MBA and later launched apparel brand Berrylush with four machines and four tailors. Berrylush is now poised to touch a turnover of Rs 35 crore, says Bilal Khan

Milky Mist Cheese