All pumped up

With entrepreneurial ambitions from a young age and selling shawls and sweaters while doing his engineering, KS Bhatia has seen several ups and downs in building his business that has already crossed Rs 12 crore turnover this year, says Usha Prasad

The Uncontainable Man

Iqbal Thangal’s passion for entrepreneurship was uncontainable and after two failed businesses started a container home business. Now his company that has bagged projects during Covid has achieved a turnover of Rs 5 crore, says Sofia Danish Khan

Snack Time

When his father’s business suffered losses and the family fell into hard times, Manish Khungar was just 11 years old. How Manish started from scratch and built a Rs 10 crore turnover snack brand is an inspiring story, says Sofia Danish Khan

Powered by Passion

Karan Chopra quit a Rs 6 lakh per annum job at TCS in Mumbai and moved back to his hometown, where he first sold LED lights making a measly Rs 60,000 in one year. Today, he owns a Rs 14 crore turnover solar solutions company, says Usha Prasad

Flying High

Nine years ago a 24-year-old girl Kanika Tekriwal, who had just survived cancer, boldly ventured into the Indian aviation industry without owning a single aircraft. Today, she owns a Rs 150 crore turnover aviation company, says Sofia Danish Khan

The rich farmer

Overcoming a series of failures and financial losses, Vilas Shinde built a farmers’ collective in Nashik and with Rs 1 lakh formed a fruits and vegetables company. Today, the Rs 525 crore turnover company employs 1200 people, says Bilal Khan

A Kirana tale

Prasanna Kumar’s astounding rags-to-riches journey began at his village where his family lived in a tiny two-room house. Sofia Danish Khan narrates the story of founder of Vilcart, a Bengaluru based startup that works with rural kirana stores

Sid’s Milk Man

In 2011, Intel employee Kishore Indukuri at age 32 left a lucrative career in the US and returned to his roots in India to start a dairy farm with eight people, which has now grown into a Rs 44 crore turnover dairy brand, says Sofia Danish Khan

A village brand

Sindhu Arun, an MBA graduate from Warwick Business School, UK, created a cold-pressed oil brand based out of a village in Tiruppur district and took the family business from a turnover of a meagre Rs 10 lakh to Rs 6 crore, says Usha Prasad

The tough fighter

Asheesh Grewal grew up in his uncle’s house from the age of three, joined a residential sports school at nine years, gained weight in his 30s, and then created a fitness program that is now a Rs 3.3 crore turnover business, says Sofia Danish Khan

Romancing life

Deba Kumar Burman and Pranamika were just 21 and still in college when they tied the knot. The couple started a momo outlet in Guwahati with Rs 80,000 and have built it into a Rs 6 crore turnover 21-outlet eatery chain, says Sofia Danish Khan

Growing Organically

Software engineer Madhu Chandan quit a thriving business in the US and returned to India to take up organic farming in Karnataka’s Mandya district. Today, he works with 1,200 farmers and owns a Rs 25 crore turnover retail chain, says Bilal Khan

On Cloud nine

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Aravind Arasavilli quit his high-paying job in the US and returned to his hometown Vijayawada. Nine years later, he is the owner of two companies with a cumulative turnover of Rs 30 crore, says Sofia Danish Khan

Red Ripe Mangoes

A farmer from a village in Madhya Pradesh is cultivating mangoes that are sold at Rs 2.5 lakh per kg in the global market. His income is expected to skyrocket once the Miyazaki variety mangoes start yielding in thousands, says Sofia Danish Khan

The Price Warrior

Prabhu Gandhikumar dived into the soft drinks business, a field dominated by giants like Pepsi and Coca Cola, but he targeted consumers with low-priced products and has built a Rs 35 crore turnover business in just five years, says Usha Prasad

Milky Mist Cheese