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Creating Sustainable Life

Hailing from Bhilai in Chhattisgarh, Rahul Singh went to the US after his MBA and worked in major corporations before teaming up with Arvind Ganesan to create his own eco-friendly brand, which has now achieved Rs 280 crore turnover, says Bilal Khan

Dream to Empire

At age 17, Oney Seal started a DTP business in Kolkata with Rs 1.5 lakh. He went to the US for higher studies, and there started his own business, which is now grown into Seal Global Holdings, a Rs 1234 crore turnover conglomerate, says Shyla F

Dream to Reality

Ashish Kukreja transformed his childhood dream into reality by founding Homesfy, a financial advisory firm in Mumbai's real estate sector. Starting with Rs 10 lakh in 2011, he built Homesfy into a Rs. 1787 crore GMV business, says Bilal Khan

Chilling Success Story

From a Rs 2,000 monthly salary promoting Nescafe and Maggie, Sanjay Jain climbed to success, co-founding with Shashank Joshi and Ranjan Jain, Elanpro a leading commercial refrigeration company with a current turnover of Rs 221 crore, says Shyla F

Upcycling Plastic Profitably

Amita Deshpande's venture, reCharkha, transforms plastic waste into handcrafted items such as wallets, planters and lunch bags. Starting with a Rs 1 lakh investment, this eco-social brand now boasts a turnover of Rs 2 crore, says Somma Banerjjee

Rising Against Odds

Hailing from a village in Jharkhand, Gagan Anand started as a waiter at Pizza Hut with a salary of Rs 1500. He steadily grew in the corporate world, eventually earning Rs 26 lakh per annum, and then starting his own Popsicle brand, says Bilal Khan

Kimirica: Beauty's Triumph

Starting with a Rs 15 lakh bank loan from a 100 sq ft area in Indore, brothers Rajat Jain and Mohit Jain built Kimirica, a Rs 100 crore turnover cosmetics brand. They have now developed Pataa, a game-changing digital addressing app, says Shyla F

Vande Bharat Visionary

From encouraging co-workers to leading the groundbreaking Train18 project, Sudhanshu Mani has revolutionised train travel in India. Shyla F narrates the inspiring journey of Sudhanshu, the driving force behind India's Vande Bharat Express project

Banker’s Jewellery Bonanza

Dishi Somani, an MBA graduate, quit her well-paying banking job to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. With Rs 5,000 she dived into a jewellery business using a unique no-inventory approach and has now touched Rs 75 lakh turnover, says Bilal Khan

A Dream Run

At 23, Vineeta Singh rejected a Rs 1 Crore job from an investment bank. After her studies at IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad, she set out on her entrepreneurial path and went on to build a Rs 500 Crore cosmetic brand, inspiring women across India

Unlocking HerKey Success

Starting from the terrace of her house because the internet was not working at the workspace to a Rs 8.87 crore turnover now, Neha Bagaria has come a long way. Shyla F unveils the gripping story of how Neha built her bootstrapped startup, HerKey

Hair Raising Journey

Based in Hyderabad and sourcing hair from South Indian temples, the inspiring journey of sisters Raina and Richa Grover shines in the hair industry. Starting with Rs 60,000, the duo built a Rs 26 crore turnover hair extension brand, says Bilal Khan

Villa Rental Mogul

Amit Damani, once a school teacher, is now the force behind Stay Vista, a flourishing villa rental company with a turnover of Rs 110 crore. Shyla F traces his humble beginnings and how he transformed a family property into a nationwide venture

Resurgent Cosmetic Brand

Dheeraj Bansal and Rahul Sachdeva, a dynamic duo, braved the Covid-19 crisis to build Recode, into a Rs 26 crore beauty brand. They turned the tables with a Re 1 sale strategy, igniting exponential growth amid the pandemic chaos, says Bilal Khan

Voyage of Valour

Subish Surendran's journey resembles a fairy tale. Born into a modest family residing in a Mumbai chawl, he pursued a B.Com degree and then at age 21 moved to Dubai, where he has now built a Rs 220 crore turnover logistics company, says Shyla F

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