The Weekend Leader - How Founder Pritika Singh Built Mohh into a Rs 3.7 Turnover Crore Brand

Delhi Girl Turns Entrepreneur, Achieves Rs 3.7 Crore Turnover with Online Furniture Brand

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Growing up in a business family, it was not surprising that Pritika Singh thought of becoming an entrepreneur after having a job for just about two years.

Pritika was only 26 when she discussed her business ideas with her father in early 2020. Her father advised her to look at a business that could make use of the manpower and resources of his retail fixtures and fit-out company, as well as an allied business in the wayfinding (signage) space.

Pritika Singh started Mohh in early 2020 with just five employees (Photos: Special Arrangement) 

The furniture business came out as a natural extension, and Pritika took the plunge with an investment of Rs 40 lakh in March 2020. Four years later, she has built a furniture brand called Mohh, achieving a turnover of Rs 3.7 crore solely by selling products on her own website.

Pritika entered the market by keeping prices low and avoiding bespoke luxury furniture. She hired five people for her team: three product designers, a design engineer, and a sales team member. Pritika herself was the sixth member.

The registered name of Pritika’s company is Satin Neo Dimensions Pvt. Ltd, and its head office is in her father’s office in Sector 44 of Gurugram.

When Pritika’s team initially moved in, they had to share the space with her father's 40-member workforce. Four carpenters from her father's existing employees were assigned to work specifically for Mohh.

The designers on the Mohh team were instructed to design furniture that could be developed using the available capabilities and resources.

"We began with just 15 products that included consoles, dining tables, chairs, and side table storage," says Pritika. "Right from day one, I was clear that we would do only online sales because it is the most effective and easiest way to reach customers. Compared to an online store, physical stores always have the burden of maintenance and costs.”

Pritika says they are keen on working with wood alternatives to make furniture 

They began working on engineered wood, MDF (Medium-density fibreboard), and laminates. “We have experimented with wood alternatives made from agricultural waste as a more sustainable option in furniture,” Pritika elaborates on their focus on sustainability.

“We are constantly on the lookout for new materials which not only add a unique dimension to the design but also add to its aesthetic. If it’s recycled, reclaimed, or part of the circular economy – then it’s the cherry on top of the cake!”

However, she is quick to concede that nothing comes close to the organic beauty of wood. “The hues, grains, texture, and quality all make it the finest choice for furniture. We use a variety of woods such as Acacia, White Ash, White Oak, Steam Beech, and Ghana Teak,” she says.

Pritika completed her 12th from Modern School, Barakhamba Road in 2012, and then joined Bhagat Singh College under Delhi University for her B.Com, finishing it in 2015.

In 2016, she joined Ernst & Young, where she worked in the assurance department with a salary of Rs 22,000 per month for about a year. She later went to King's College London for an M.Sc. in International Marketing.

After returning from London, she joined Laboratories Grand Fontaine, an international healthcare company, in March 2018 and worked there until January 2020.

“I was working in the marketing and communications department. When I left the organisation in January 2020, my salary was Rs.50,000.” It took her a couple of months to get everything ready to launch her business.

“I clearly remember that it was 22nd March 2020 when the website was ready and we wanted to shoot pictures of the products for uploading. But on 23rd March 2020, India went into lockdown. The situation worsened in a matter of 2-3 weeks,” she recalls.
Pritika and her team came out with WFH series of desks and tables during the Covid lockdown

“My team and I went into WFH mode, as it was just coming up as a new normal. While working from home, the team realised that we needed to design study tables and desks to make work from home easier.”

Pritika and her team turned a situation that most would have seen as a bad omen to their advantage. They started working on designs digitally and created 8 to 10 study tables/desks, naming it the WFH series.

"We were still in WFH mode and getting the product photoshoots done became a difficult task. So, my design team came up with the idea of using computer-generated images, or CGI. These are 3D models of the products. You won't believe it, but we went live on the website with these CGI images in mid-May of 2020,” says Pritika excitedly.

On the third of June, Mohh got their first order from Bangalore. It was a study table that cost Rs 19,000. The first order gave them the validation that they were on the right track. They got 30 orders in the very first month of June.

Mohh did good business month on month. Right in the first month, they sold furniture worth Rs 3.5 lakh, then Rs 5.5 lakh, Rs 6.5 lakh, and in the fourth month, they were at Rs 7 lakh.

In the last four years, they have sold around 8,000 pieces in the D2C category with an average ticket size of Rs 30,000.

Mohh is a 100% online model that works on a made-to-order basis right from day one till now. They don’t have any brick-and-mortar stores, nor do they sell from any other e-commerce website.

Mohh started with 15 SKUS, but now have a range of around 900 

Other than serving customers directly through their website, Pritika also undertakes furniture projects for various properties. They have designed furniture for a co-working space in West Delhi, DLF Gurgaon, Greater Kailash 3, and also for The Wellbeing Nutrition office in Mumbai, Shiv Nadar School in Delhi, and BITS Pilani.

Mohh started with 15 SKUs and now has around 900. Their employee count has also increased from 5 to 10, apart from the 300 shared factory employees who work for Pritika and her father's firm.

The minimum-priced product at Mohh is an incense stick holder that costs Rs 500, while the maximum-priced product is a bar unit costing Rs 89,000. Mohh also offers customisation options for its customers in terms of choosing the wood and fabric.

To give their customers a touch and feel of Mohh furniture, Pritika opened their first experience studio in mid-2021. It is spread over 250 sq. ft. at her father's office in Sector 44 of Gurugram.

Mohh gets the maximum number of customers from Delhi NCR. Besides this, they also cater to customers in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Patna, and parts of Rajasthan.

On the personal front, Pritika is single. She is a reading nerd and reads fiction to relax. While she is traveling, she gets into non-fiction mode and startup stories.
Pritika insists that entrepreneurs need to learn the skill of firefighting 

"My father is still my go-to person in terms of any decision-making or opinion that I need. If I am navigating a tough situation, I always fix up a time with him at home or office and get it sorted," she reveals.

Pritika’s suggestion to upcoming entrepreneurs is, "Learn the skill of firefighting as much as possible. It’s an underrated but crucial characteristic for a founder. At every stage, multiple things will go wrong, and as a leader, your role is often to put out those fires, come up with a new game plan, and have two backup plans to keep moving forward.” - ©TWL

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