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Health & Wealth

Ridhima Arora gave up a fledgling corporate career to be near her father, who had been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. Now her father is not only well but she also owns a business that made Rs 1 crore under a year, says Sofia Danish Khan

Flash sale

Gaurav Kackar and Ankur Kackar launched a pre-owned furniture business on a Facebook page, using the driveway of their house as an open warehouse. They have scaled their homegrown business into a Rs 14 crore turnover company, says Usha Prasad

Labour of love

Pritesh Asher and Megha Asher, childhood buddies turned life partners were on the brink of bankruptcy when they launched Juicy Chemistry, a skincare products venture with Rs 5,000, which is now a Rs 25 crore turnover brand, says Sofia Danish Khan

A beautiful mind

Nikunj Bali, who hails from a small town in Haryana, studied in a government residential school. He is now a successful product scientist in the personal care industry drawing a whopping salary of Rs 20 lakh per annum, says Sofia Danish Khan

Fortune in glass

Born into a middle-class family, Md Shadan Siddique started a showroom selling different kinds of decorative glasses, investing Rs 3 lakh along with three others. His venture has now grown into a Rs 5 crore turnover company, says Gurvinder Singh

A silken touch

Former IBM engineer Anjali Agrawal quit her high paying job and started her own successful homegrown venture dealing with sarees, dupattas, and home décor made of traditional Kota Doria fabric investing Rs 25,000 in 2014, says Usha Prasad

Match fixing duo

Two college friends came together to launch a personalised matrimonial service investing Rs 4 lakh in 2015. Tying up with a few likeminded women with a wide social circle, they are fixing marriages and earning in crores, says Sofia Danish Khan

Fighting the odds

Mansi Gupta, who hails from the small town of Jammu, has always fought the odds to rise higher in life, right from moving to Pune to do her graduation as a teenager to building a Rs 19 crore turnover company from scratch, says Gurvinder Singh

Stitching in time

Engineering graduates and siblings Khalid Raza Khan and Akram Tariq Khan set up an online store for ethnic Pakistani suits with just Rs 60,000 and their bootstrapped venture has grown into a Rs 14 crore turnover company, says Usha Prasad

Making Logistics Logical

Diving into the logistics business at the age of 25 in 2007 with Rs 8 lakh, Ishaan Singh Bedi, who started with just three employees and a single truck, has built a 700 employee company with a turnover of Rs 98 crore, says Sofia Danish Khan

On the Go

A young IAS officer is initiating innovative projects wherever he is posted. The son of a kirana shop owner, Dr Alby John, is spearheading projects to increase the green cover in Chennai and changing the image of crime prone areas, says Usha Prasad

Daddy’s brave girl

For Caroleen Gomez, who lost her father to cancer, the bereavement changed her life so much that she fought the odds to launch her personal care startup at 28 and made it a Rs 50 lakh turnover venture in just two years, says Sofia Danish Khan