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Tech-Enabled Dairy Brand Happy Nature Secures $300K in Pre-Series A Funding


Vol 14 | Issue 46

D2C brand, Happy Nature that delivers direct-to-customer farm fresh milk, dairy and breakfast essential products, has raised $300,000 in a pre- series A funding round led by IPV. This investment will further propel Happy Nature's mission of providing high-quality, ethically sourced milk, dairy and breakfast essential products to its consumers.

The funds raised will be used for expanding Happy Nature's sales, marketing and branding efforts. The investment will be allocated to accelerating sales growth, enhancing branding activities, and further strengthening customer engagement initiatives.

Happy Nature is led by the dynamic duo of Vikas Singh and Vishal Rastogi

Happy Nature is a tech-enabled company in India's dairy industry, the world's largest milk producer. It addresses challenges faced by small farmers, providing them access to resources and markets.

Happy Nature is guided by a dynamic team of entrepreneurs: Vikas Singh, with a background in banking and entrepreneurship, is the CEO and Financial Controller of the company and Vishal Rastogi, Founder Director, having experience in managing large-scale IT projects, builds the technology platform and manages the backend operations of the company.

Together, they are a strong team, dedicated to driving Happy Nature's success through passion, innovation, and a shared commitment to delivering pure and sustainable farm-to-fork delights.

“Breakfast has always been considered the most important meal of the day. Dairy is an important component of the breakfast and consumers today are more aware and have stated clear preference for 100% clean label, preservative free and organic dairy products,” Rahul Wagh, Managing Director, Inflection Point Ventures.

“Happy Nature is emerging as a preferred D2C brand for thousands of consumers as it is using a tech-enabled platform to help farmers sell their products to newer catchment areas.”

Happy Nature currently has business operations in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Karnal, Panipat, Ludhiana, Ambala, Zirakhpur, Panchkula, Chandigarh and Mohali serving more than 1,00,000 customers with over 15,000 orders processed daily.

Happy Nature's strengths lie in its own dairy farm ecosystem, ensuring fresh, high-quality milk, dairy and breakfast essential products. Their tamper-proof packaging ensures food safety, while an in-house last mile delivery system guarantees seamless and reliable service to consumers.

“We are excited to announce that Happy Nature has successfully raised new funds to accelerate our growth! With this infusion, we will strategically expand sales through impactful ATL and BTL activations,” says Vikas Singh, CEO, Happy Nature.

“Additionally, we're committed to enhancing our processing plant infrastructure, investing in cutting-edge technology upgrades, and optimizing the customer journey for a seamless and delightful experience.”

Happy Nature won "Knights of Supply Chain" award from the TieCon Delhi Chapter earlier this year, recognizing it as one of the top 3 companies in India and was ranked 9th by INC42 in its Fast42 D2C 2022 league table, which recognizes top 42 fastest growing D2C start-up brands in India.

With a TAM of 110 million households, Happy Nature aims to achieve an annual revenue of INR 1,500 crores in next 5 years by targeting a Serviceable Addressable Market of 55 million households and capturing a Serviceable Obtainable Market of 3,00,000 households. - TWL Bureau

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