The Weekend Leader - Aman Jain's Doodhvale Story: Building a Dairy Dynasty from Scratch

The Corporate Dropout Who Built a Rs 30 Crore Dairy Brand Starting With Two Cows and Scaling Up

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Vol 15 | Issue 9

Born into a family that always placed a premium on the quality of milk consumed at their home, it is no wonder that Aman J. Jain stepped away from a promising corporate career to dive into the dairy industry, creating his own venture, Doodhvale, which now stands as a Rs 30 crore turnover entity.

Relocating to Delhi from Ujjain, where his family traditionally relied on milk from their own buffaloes, Aman's parents struggled to find pure milk in the city, where adulteration was rampant.

Aman Jain, co-founder, Doodhvale, quit his job at OYO to focus on his dairy business fulltime in 2023 (Photos: Special Arrangement) 

“Even in the early 1990s, Delhi had its share of small gaushalas and buffalo sheds. My parents made sure to either witness the milking process themselves or rely on a milkman from Gannaur, a small town near Delhi. This milkman made daily trips to the city for delivery,” Aman recalls.

Occasionally, Aman's mother would face the ordeal of travelling around 2 km from their home to procure fresh milk directly from a cow ranch, ensuring the family's milk supply remained uncontaminated.

Aman's career journey began at Bosch Consulting Group as a strategic consultant, followed by roles at Accenture Strategy and an extended period at OYO.

“I worked with BCG, Accenture Strategy and OYO across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and internationally in Sweden, Mauritius, and the US,” says the 34-year-old entrepreneur.

Serving as Head of Operations at OYO for nearly seven years, from mid-2016 to 2023, Aman played a crucial role in the company's rapid growth phase.

His responsibilities included overseeing revenue management, mergers and acquisitions, and enhancing the business's growth. He was directly involved in projects like OYO Townhouse, OYO Wizard, and their loyalty program.

Aman and his other co-founder Sanjay Kumar Jain started Doodhvale in 2018

In 2023, Aman quit OYO to fully immerse himself in Doodhvale, the dairy enterprise he co-founded with Sanjay Kumar Jain in 2018. "I knew Sanjay from our mutual connections several years ago,” says Aman.

After completing his B. Tech in Electronics and Communications from State Engineering College, Haryana, in 1998, Sanjay worked in some of the top multinational IT companies.

He has been part of teams at AVL GmbH Austria, Navis LLC USA, Liveops LLC USA, Quark Media House USA, and Infogain India Pvt Ltd. In these companies, Sanjay worked in various roles related to software development, managing projects, and designing solutions.

“Back in 2018 we started from a farm in the Delhi outskirts, near Rohini, about 22km from the city, with two Holstein Friesian cows and an investment of Rs. 2 lakh,” Aman recounts.

However, the dairy venture faced a significant setback when their only employee was caught diluting milk with water, contradicting Doodhvale's mission to supply pure milk to its customers.

They could scale up the business only after Aman resigned from OYO, paving the way for a more commercial approach. In 2023, they established an automated processing farm on a 2.5-acre leased plot in Sonipat, Haryana.

“With an investment of about Rs 2 Crore, we set up our automated facility equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our operations expanded to include 50 Holstein Friesian cows and about 40 employees,” Aman elaborates.

Doodhvale adopted a farm-to-doorstep approach, initially focusing on milk delivery across Delhi-NCR, and then gradually expanded its offerings to include Dahi, Paneer, Ghee, and Cream.

Doodhvale has plans to enter the retail market in Delhi-NCR region in a big way this year

The expansion didn't stop there, as they ventured into Fresh Bakery items and Breakfast Products, like Dosa Batter. The latest additions to their catalogue are Desi Treats, featuring traditional sweets, and refreshing Fresh Beverages such as Icy Latte and Masala Buttermilk.

They began their marketing efforts through distribution of pamphlets within the local communities, which helped in building the brand recognition for Doodhvale.

“We wanted to position Doodhvale as a consumer brand that stands for quality and reliability. Our aim was to deliver fresh milk with love, and it's heartening to see that we still serve 40-50 of our original customers from 2018,” shares Aman.

As Doodhvale's business expanded, their revenues shot up, reaching its current turnover of Rs 30 crore.

Aman has been impressed with European practices that emphasise the well-being and happiness of cattle, and has efficiently integrated these standards into his dairy business.

"In Europe, it's quite common to see cattle roaming freely without being tied, a practice we have heartily embraced. Our 'Loose Housing' system allows our cattle the freedom to roam freely, ensuring they are both happy and healthy,” says Aman.

“This approach impacts the quality of milk that the cows produce, making it more nourishing. The milking process on our farm is conducted with utmost care. We utilise machines to ensure that the milking process is painless for the cattle."

Doodhvale operates five farms, spread strategically across the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR), ensuring a widespread and efficient distribution network.

Their farms are located in Ghaziabad and Noida (Uttar Pradesh), Sonipat, Gurugram, and Faridabad (Haryana). They follow strict operating procedures at their farms to make sure their milk and other products are of the best quality.

Doodhvale has introduced many products in recent months

Each cow gives about 12 to 15 litres of milk a day. "Our milk is not just good quality, but it's also from happy and healthy cows, making sure it's very fresh. We have around 2,000 cows in total, and together, they give us more than 20,000 litres of milk every day," says Aman.

Doodhvale offers milk in modern pouches, as well as traditional glass bottles.

A litre of cow's milk costs Rs. 70. The milk is sold in special environmentally friendly pouches that come in half-litre, one-litre, and 250ml sizes.

Customers can order their products online and the products would be delivered at their doorsteps. Doodhvale has around 150 delivery boys working for them who carry the products in insulated bags and travel by bikes.

While milk remains their top selling product, paneer is the second favourite among customers, followed by other traditional dairy products such as ghee and dahi.

With control over just 1% of the Delhi-NCR market, Aman has big plans to grow their presence by stepping into the retail space. They have already set up four Doodhvale stores in Delhi and have ambitious plans to open 50 more stores over the next year.

Aman is the eldest sibling in his family, followed by his younger brothers, who are identical twins. They are both civil servants. Abhinav J Jain is in the IAS, while Abhishek J Jain serves as an IRS Officer.

Aman with wife Garima and daughter Dhriti

Their father, Jai Parkash Jain, is a mechanical engineer and owns a fabrication and engineering firm in Delhi. Their mother, Meena Jain, who holds a master's degree in political science, is a homemaker.

Aman’s wife Garima, who has an M. Tech in Computer Science, is a talented artist and runs her own art studio. The couple is blessed with two children; their son Avi, who is just 3 weeks old, and their daughter Dhriti, aged three.

“I am more of a daddy person, and really love to spend time with my daughter and son," Aman shares warmly. - ©TWL

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