Vol 9 Issue 9, Feb 23, 2018 - Mar 01, 2018.


  • Winning teacher

    Winning teacher

    Vandana Suryawanshi, who teaches biology and earth sciences in a Pune school, becomes the first foreign teacher to be chosen for a prestigious US space programme
      Posted    01-Feb-2012    Vol 3 Issue 4
  • Service cited

    Service cited

    The full text of the citation awarded to The Weekend Leader Person of the Year 2011, V Venkatraman, who was honoured at a function held at VIT Chennai on 23 January 2012
      Posted    25-Jan-2012    Vol 3 Issue 3
  • Hero honoured

    Hero honoured

    The Weekend Leader took its mission of making role models of unsung heroes to the portals of VIT Chennai, where 'The Weekend Leader Person of Year 2011’ was honoured with the award and citation
      Posted    24-Jan-2012    Vol 3 Issue 3
  • Ponds dreams

    Ponds dreams

    The once - parched district of Dewas in MP has turned fertile with agriculture thriving, and buffaloes yielding more milk, after people started digging ponds everywhere, says Aparna Pallavi
      Posted    19 Jan 2012    Vol 3 Issue 2
  • Easy crab

    Easy crab

    In an island village of Chilika Lake, women have become financially independent by taking up crab cultivation, thanks to an initiative by a UK-based NGO ‘Jeevika,’ says Candace Rose Rardon  
      Posted    05-Jan-2012    Vol 3 Issue 1
  • Winning cult

    Winning cult

    Narrating a few success stories, Arindam Chaudhuri and A Sandeep tell us why we should not give up even if we fail repeatedly in our efforts. For, as they say, losers will rule this century
      Posted    30-Dec-2011    Vol 2 Issue 52
  • Dalit prosperity

    Dalit prosperity

    Kalpana Saroj, one among the successful Dalit women entrepreneurs that Mauli Buch met in Mumbai, once worked for a daily wage of Rs 2, but now heads a Rs 3000 crore business enterprise 
      Posted    19-Dec-2011    Vol 2 Issue 50
  • The motivator

    The motivator

    One ambition that is common to everyone is ‘to be successful’, says Roopleen Prasad, author of the book, ‘Principles of Success’. In an interview to Faraaz Kazi, she says ‘follow your heart’
      Posted    15-Dec-2011    Vol 2 Issue 50
  • Born to lead

    Born to lead

    As a child, Jyoti led protests at her orphanage when the quality of food and clothes dipped. Now, the 45-year-old MLA raises her voice against all forms of injustice, says Swapna Majumdar
      Posted    01-Dec-2011    Vol 2 Issue 48
  • Just being Nidhi

    Just being Nidhi

    Being on TV every night, grilling top politicians, and hobnobbing with the rich and the famous may seem glamorous, but Nidhi Razdan reveals the hard work her strenuous job demands
      Posted    25-Nov-2011    Vol 2 Issue 47
  • A social rebirth

    A social rebirth

    From a manual scavenger, deprived of all human dignity, Usha Chaumar has come a long way in life to land a decent job at a food production unit run by Sulabh International. Marianne de Nazareth tells us the incredible story of redemption
      Posted    24-Nov-2011    Vol 2 Issue 47
  • Rocket woman

    Rocket woman

    India’s ‘rocket woman’ Tessy Thomas, who is being compared to Abdul Kalam, is heading a project to develop Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, which can hit targets that are 5,000 km away 
      Posted    21-Nov-2011    Vol 2 Issue 46
  • Beyond her years

    Beyond her years

    Meet 11-year-old Vishalini whose IQ is around 225, higher than that of the Guinness record holder, whose IQ is around 210. Perachi Kannan who met the girl is amazed at her achievements 
      Posted    18-Nov-2011    Vol 2 Issue 46
  • Builder's secret

    Builder's secret

    Billionaire realtor Kushal Pal Singh of DLF almost sold his stake in the company for Rs.26 lakh, but later decided to fight back and today heads the Rs.32273 crore business empire
      Posted    16-Nov-2011    Vol 2 Issue 45
  • In the news

    In the news

    Mumbai’s leading tabloid Mid-Day featured The Weekend Leader in an article on new media players in the Indian market covering happy stories unfolding across India
      Posted    15-Nov-2011    Vol 2 Issue 45
  • My book

    My book

    TGC Prasad, author of “Unusual People Do Things Differently” (Portfolio, Penguin) and "Along the Way" (Rupa, Fiction) speaks to Faraaz Kazi on his books, life, and future. 
      Posted    11-Nov-2011    Vol 2 Issue 45
  • Giving back

    Giving back

    Sonya Sadhwani, an Indian origin businesswoman, whose grandfather arrived in Ghana in the 1920s and became a top businessman, wants to give back to society and is getting into charity work
      Posted    10-Nov-2011    Vol 2 Issue 44
  • King of farms

    King of farms

    An Indian-origin man, who started a peanut farm a few years back in Argentina, has scripted an agriculture success story in a short span, and now owns nearly 30,000 hectares of farmland
      Posted    08-Nov-2011    Vol 2 Issue 44
  • Media’s distaff side

    Media’s distaff side

    If the woman journalist has come a long way in India, it is not without aggressive networking. Manipadma Jena finds out how much of the gender gap has been closed in newsrooms over the years
      Posted    03-Nov-2011    Vol 2 Issue 44
  • Grand opening

    Grand opening

    The success of the Formula One Indian Grand Prix has given birth to a new culture of motorsport in a country that otherwise is obsessed with cricket, Bollywood and politics, says Anand Philar
      Posted    31-Oct-2011    Vol 2 Issue 43
  • Thanking the cops

    Thanking the cops

    Nobody talks about the cops when things go well. But Rahul Vaishnavi is all praise for the Delhi police personnel, who missed Diwali with their families to ensure the safety of Delhiites
      Posted    28-Oct-2011    Vol 2 Issue 43
  • Indians shine

    Indians shine

    Three Indian Americans - two of them with Chennai connections - have received America’s highest honours for their research and innovation from US President Barack Obama
      Posted    24-Oct-2011    Vol 2 Issue 42
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