Vol 11 Issue 4, Jan 24, 2020 - Jan 30, 2020.


  • Taste of Odisha

    Taste of Odisha

    Debasish Patnaik sensed a business opportunity when he saw that there were no restaurants in Odisha serving the State cuisine. In 2001 he started one which has now grown into a seven-outlet chain with around Rs six crore turnover, says G Singh
      Posted    15-Apr-2017    Vol 8 Issue 16
  • The Complete Man

    The Complete Man

    With an investment of Rs 50,000 P. D. Shylendra opened his first textiles shop in Bengaluru and later opened a Raymond franchise store, which was a runaway success. Usha Prasad profiles the entrepreneur heading a Rs 22 crore turnover company 
      Posted    07-Apr-2017    Vol 8 Issue 15
  • Hair to Riches

    Hair to Riches

    What happens when your family’s financial situation hits rock-bottom? If you were Gaurav Rana, you would fight back. Gaurav made cow-dung cakes for his home kitchen, worked as a barber, and later launched a company of his own, says Bilal Handoo
      Posted    06-Apr-2017    Vol 8 Issue 14
  • Happily single

    Happily single

    A first generation entrepreneur in Tiruppur, India’s textile hub, Raja M Shanmugam, has been supplying garments to a single client in Germany for 16 years, and grown along with his client to touch a turnover of Rs 80 crore, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    24-Mar-2017    Vol 8 Issue 13
  • Money tree

    Money tree

    For Amar Singh, who was driving an auto for a living, an investment of Rs 1,200 in 60 amla saplings changed his life forever and made him an icon in his village. Partho Burman profiles the rural entrepreneur whose annual turnover is Rs 26 lakh
      Posted    23-Mar-2017    Vol 8 Issue 12
  • The thrifty scientist

    The thrifty scientist

    For India’s top space scientist Mylswamy Annadurai, whose low-cost missions to the moon and Mars has won him many accolades, thriftiness comes naturally. P C Vinoj Kumar has the story of how young Annadurai outsmarted poverty with his ingenuity  
      Posted    11-Mar-2017    Vol 8 Issue 11
  • An Ideas Man

    An Ideas Man

    Abhishek Rungta started his website hosting venture, which is now a Rs 55 crore turnover company, hiring a stall in an IT exhibition spending Rs 3,000 from his pocket and another Rs 50 for printing leaflets about his services, says G Singh
      Posted    10-Mar-2017    Vol 8 Issue 11
  • Farmer's friend

    Farmer's friend

    Biplab Ketan Paul, who developed a water harvesting system that has benefited farmers around the country, received The Weekend Leader – VIT Person of the Year (2016) Award from  India’s ‘moon man’ Dr Mylswamy Annadurai, director, ISRO, Bengaluru
      Posted    06-Mar-2017    Vol 8 Issue 10
  • India's Flower Mogul

    India's Flower Mogul

    In 1994, a 25-year-old young man invested Rs 5,000 in a flower shop in Delhi along with a friend who put in Rs 2.5 lakh and later withdrew. Today, the business has grown into a Rs 200 crore turnover flower retail chain, says Bilal Handoo   
      Posted    01-Mar-2017    Vol 8 Issue 9
  • Just Fresh Juice

    Just Fresh Juice

    Two friends started a fruit juice shop in a 26 sq ft rented space in 2014 and have now grown into a six-outlet chain. Operating on a no-frills model and even selling on carts, they are inching toward a one crore turnover mark, says G Singh
      Posted    08-Feb-2017    Vol 8 Issue 6
  • A Winning Formula

    A Winning Formula

    When a man who created a business empire that is today valued at Rs 3,600 crore from a small investment of Rs 1 lakh talks about success strategies, you would want to listen. Usha Prasad did, and took away 10 Success Mantras from his speech
      Posted    06-Feb-2017    Vol 8 Issue 6
  • Success with Coffee

    Success with Coffee

    He dropped out of college to start a business and did not give up after his profitable trade went bust. The founder of a Rs 15 crore turnover coffee chain had suffered losses and underwent humiliations before achieving success, says Usha Prasad
      Posted    28-Jan-2017    Vol 8 Issue 5
  • A Winner's Journey

    A Winner's Journey

    K R Raja landed in Coimbatore with just Rs 25 in his pocket as a 16-year-old and had even slept on the pavement. Today, he owns three biryani outlets and a lodge in the heart of the city that is worth more than Rs 10 crore, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    25-Jan-2017    Vol 8 Issue 4
  • Winning forties

    Winning forties

    At an age when people start planning for their retirement, three 40-plus men from Kolkata decided to set up a company with their PF and gratuity money. Sixteen years later, two of the co-founders look back and tell their story to G Singh  
      Posted    10-Jan-2017    Vol 8 Issue 1
  • Building on dreams

    Building on dreams

    Somma Banerjee gives a blow-by-blow account of how V P Lobo, the son of a daily wager, who came to Mumbai from a village near Mangaluru with just Rs 50, built a business that has achieved a cumulative turnover of Rs 75 crore in six years
      Posted    06-Jan-2017    Vol 8 Issue 1
  • Good deals

    Good deals

    A first generation entrepreneur, Yuvraj Aman Singh, who entered the refurbished mobile phone market eight years ago selling his products outside a Sony Ericsson outlet in Delhi, has now reached a turnover of Rs 150 crore, says Narendra Kaushik  
      Posted    03-Jan-2017    Vol 8 Issue 1
  • A Caffeine Kick

    A Caffeine Kick

    Two friends started a coffee shop with an investment of Rs 12 lakh in the small town of Vadodara in 2008. They are now one of the fastest growing coffee chains in the country with an annual turnover of Rs 8.3 crore, says Kavita Kanan Chandra 
      Posted    28-Dec-2016    Vol 7 Issue 52
  • Waste to wealth

    Waste to wealth

    Jaideep Sajdeh buys discarded hotel bed sheets from the US and gives them a new lease at his factory in India, where they are made into colourful shopping bags. He made a whopping Rs 4 crore from the business last year, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    19-Dec-2016    Vol 7 Issue 51
  • Flower power

    Flower power

    As a 16-year-old Bollapally Srikanth left his hometown in Telangana and came to work in a flower farm in Bengaluru for a monthly salary of Rs 1,000. He is a leading floriculturist today with an annual turnover of Rs 70 crore, says Usha Prasad
      Posted    09-Dec-2016    Vol 7 Issue 50
  • Taste of success

    Taste of success

    An ice cream brand in Kolkata hit rock bottom and the owner’s family ran into a personal debt of Rs 30 lakh. But the family’s elder son, then just 22, rebuilt the business with tasty fruit ice-creams made from natural ingredients, says G Singh
      Posted    07-Dec-2016    Vol 7 Issue 49
  • Fortune from pens

    Fortune from pens

    The founder of a Rs 350 crore turnover company, the third largest pen maker in the country, Surajmal Jalan, arrived in Kolkata from his village in Rajasthan virtually penniless, riding on a third-tier general class railway coach, says G Singh
      Posted    02-Dec-2016    Vol 7 Issue 49
  • Money in chai

    Money in chai

    A young chartered accountant, Robin Jha, started a chai shop in Delhi 3 years ago with his hard-earned savings and some contributions from his friends. Today, his 21-outlet chain does Rs 50 lakh business every month, says Narendra Kaushik  
      Posted    23-Nov-2016    Vol 7 Issue 47
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