Vol 9 Issue 9, Feb 23, 2018 - Mar 01, 2018.


  • Gem of an idea

    Gem of an idea

    The idea of one man changed the face of an obscure Rajasthani village called Nagla Sirsiyan, which now has 25 gem polishing units. Earlier, the men went to Jaipur for jobs, says Anil Sharma
      Posted    20-Oct-2011    Vol 2 Issue 42
  • Dream house

    Dream house

    Rubina Ali, one of the popular child actors in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, who used to live in a slum till not too long ago, will soon move to a posh flat in the upmarket locality of Bandra West
      Posted    17-Oct-2011    Vol 2 Issue 41
  • Development tale

    Development tale

    A World Bank Project has worked wonders in about 600 villages in Himachal Pradesh, where villagers are earning more, sending their children to school and have set up a milk cooling facility
      Posted    10-Oct-2011    Vol 2 Issue 40
  • The hungry man

    The hungry man

    Steve Jobs delivered an inspiring speech at Stanford University in 2005. If you ever wondered where this amazing man got the drive to do the things he did, your search stops with this article
      Posted    06-Oct-2011    Vol 2 Issue 39
  • Tribute to a legend

    Tribute to a legend

    Steve Jobs, the man behind the iPhone, was a college drop-out. He was a game changer and had put his own stamp on everything from the personal computer to the music industry, says Arun Kumar
      Posted    06-Oct-2011    Vol 2 Issue 39
  • Visa matter

    Visa matter

    Following a media uproar, the US Consulate, which rejected Magsaysay award winner Neelima Mishra’s visa application Friday, has done a U-turn and granted the visa to the social activist
      Posted    03-Oct-2011    Vol 2 Issue 39
  • Record recruitment

    Record recruitment

    A record number of 1820 students at VIT got job offers on a single day from Cognizant. VIT’s current batch has found dream offers with salaries ranging from Rs.4.5 to Rs.10.5 lakhs per annum
      Posted    22-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 37
  • Push the limits

    Push the limits

    Laila Ali, former boxing world champ and daughter of legendary boxer Muhammed Ali, has an incredible 24-0 record with 21 knockouts. She tells Anu Gulmohar how she pushed the limits to get ahead
      Posted    16-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 37
  • Quiz of succour

    Quiz of succour

    It is more a fairytale: A 27-year-old widow, deep in debts, answering Amitabh Bachchan’s questions and walking away with Rs 640,000. Mauli Buch meets Aparna Malikar for whom KBC was godsend
      Posted    15-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 37
  • Create history

    Create history

    Bestselling author, Rashmi Bansal, who has interviewed many successful people, tells us not to give up hope while pursuing our passions, even if others laugh at the idea, dubbing it foolish
      Posted    08-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 36
  • A friend forever

    A friend forever

    Make hope a friend in life’s journey, says Revathi Turaga, who lists out a few scientifically and psychologically researched practical benefits of hope, urging us to have a grip on reality
      Posted    08-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 36
  • Never give up

    Never give up

    Likening life to a roller-coaster, which also goes down at times, Roopleen Prasad cites examples of success stories of people, who refused to give up, underlining the fact that hope triumphs
      Posted    08-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 36
  • Gut feeling

    Gut feeling

    While setting goals one should go by his or her gut feeling, as more often than not it will be right, says a new study which also claims that the unconscious mind is smarter than we think
      Posted    05-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 35
  • Inspiring readers

    Inspiring readers

    US-based author Saborna Roychowdhury finds hope in the support of readers, most of whom she had not even met. Otherwise, she cannot be doing what she wants to do, that is writing full time
      Posted    01-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 34
  • Changing cops

    Changing cops

    IPS officer, Prateep V Philip, hopes to change the police. A common man helping him when he was injured in the bomb blast that killed Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 gave him the hope to go for change
      Posted    01-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 35
  • Healthy vision

    Healthy vision

    Prathap Reddy brought world class healthcare to India when no one had thought about it. It was just hope, as the founder of Apollo Hospitals himself says, that made him return from the US
      Posted    01-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 35
  • Incredible India

    Incredible India

    India may seem to be a functional anarchy to a curious visitor. But Sankarshan Thakur has hope that its democracy is on a firm ground as things happen between the positives and negatives
      Posted    01-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 35
  • Move mountains

    Move mountains

    Hope can move mountains is just a cliché. It does much more to individuals, says P C Vinoj Kumar as TWL marks its First Anniversary by dedicating two weekend issues to look at hope from the perspective of those who hoped and moved mountains
      Posted    01-Sep-2011    Vol 3 Issue 35
  • Community enterprise

    Community enterprise

    Women from the fishing village of Worli in Mumbai are reaching out to markets worldwide through jewellery created from fallen wood, glass and the like, thanks to entrepreneur Tarun Thadani
      Posted    30-Aug-2011    Vol 2 Issue 34
  • A taste of change

    A taste of change

    A sweet revolution is on in the sugarcane fields of Maharashtra’s Aurangabad district, where best management practices have been ushered in, helping women farmers, says Nitin Jugran Bahuguna
      Posted    18-Aug-2011    Vol 2 Issue 33
  • Coffee lady

    Coffee lady

    After founding a coffee bar at Ramallah, Huda El-Jack broke the glass ceiling and become the first CEO of a publicly traded Palestinian business. Abigail Klein Leichman profiles the woman
      Posted    12-Aug-2011    Vol 2 Issue 32
  • From the heart

    From the heart

    Supermarkets are part of the upmarket urban landscape. But Nadeem Jafri took his retail chain to the city’s underbelly and villages creating rural entrepreneurs, says Kavita Kanan Chandra
      Posted    12-Aug-2011    Vol 2 Issue 32
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