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Music to Ears

From installing coffee vending machines at MNCs to starting a lighting company, and then manufacturing musical instruments and building a Rs 85 crore turnover company, Siddharth Jhunjhunwala has come a very long way, says Sofia Danish Khan

Fortune in field

From a struggling salesperson in Mumbai, working for a salary of Rs 5000, he turned to selling vegetables and has built a Rs 2.5 crore turnover company. Today, Umesh has come a long way indeed and is providing jobs to many people, says Bilal Khan

Let Justice Prevail

Countries like France, Germany, and Sri Lanka that have been guilty of genocide need to not only acknowledge their odious crimes of the past but also pay economic reparations on time in its true sense and spirit of expiation, agues Vasanth Adithya

Zero to Hero

23-yr-old Rajan Nath from Silchar, Assam, launched a venture to help postal employees prepare for their promotion exams and built an edtech company that earned him a revenue of Rs 35 lakh with zero investment in just 10 months, says Usha Prasad

The Mountain Girl

Hailing from a remote village in the hill state of Uttarakhand, Geeta Singh grew up in the small town of Meerut. At 25, she started a PR agency with Rs 50,000, which has now grown into a Rs 7 crore turnover company, says Sofia Danish Khan

Rise of a Son

How Ankit Goel rebuilt his life after the death of his father, looking after his mother and sister, starting a career, and finally turning an entrepreneur is an inspirational story that can lift up the spirits of any person, says Sofia Danish Khan

15-Minute Magic

15 minutes early is probably the greatest medicine for a lot of stress-related issues in today’s world. It is the biggest antidote, stress buster to the present day neurosis and can help you live healthy, live well, says Niranjan Gidwani

The Close Shave

For days, I lay in my bedroom, washed in exhaustion, pain and hopelessness. Only the sounds and vibrations that came through the walls kept me connected with the life outside, writes Saborna Roychowdhury who won a battle against an unknown virus

A tea storm

His father wanted him to enter the civil services and become an IAS officer, but his destiny lay in Indore where at the age of 22 he started a chai shop, which has now grown into a Rs 100 crore turnover 145-outlet tea chain, says Sofia Danish Khan

Fuelling Your Passion

From landing in Delhi with just Rs 3,000 and finding a job in a city where he didn’t know a single soul, and acting in a movie that bombed at the box office, to turning a fuel entrepreneur, Usha Prasad traces A Vinodhraj’s interesting life journey

Bareilly’s oil King

As a 29-year-old, Ghanshyam Khandelwal started a mustard oil unit at Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, which used to be a real small town back in the 1980s. What started with Rs 10 lakh is now a Rs 2,500 crore turnover company, says Sofia Danish Khan

A glossy finish

Raised in a middle class family in a small town in Maharashtra, Harshal Jarode visited state capital Mumbai first time for his engineering counselling. Today, his two-year-old paint brand competes with giants in the industry, says Usha Prasad

Staying motivated

Growing up in a middle class family in a small town, Aunkita Nandi stayed motivated and overcame all the odds to build a USD 10 Million valued company that she started with rented computers along with her American boyfriend, says Partho Burman