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Change or Perish

In this insightful excerpt from "Cleansing Moments: Developing Leadership Skills for All Times," author Dishan Kamdar explores the challenges of embracing change for leaders and the Kodak example as a warning of the consequences of failing to adapt

Savoring Success

Debaditya Chaudhury grew up cherishing the aroma of mouthwatering dishes of a Chinese restaurant near his house and dreamt of building his own restaurant some day. Bilal Khan traces his journey of building a Rs 150 crore turnover restaurant empire

On Fast Lane

Starting with Rs 25 lakh, Akash Gupta and his wife Rashi Agarwal founded a bike-sharing company in 2017, which has grown into a Rs 125 crore business, boasting a fleet of 12,000 electric scooters under the Zypp Electric brand, says Sofia Danish Khan

Pulling Ahead

Overcoming various hurdles, such as an e-rickshaw ban, Nitin Kapoor pioneered one of India's first e-rickshaw models that changed the lives of numerous rickshaw pullers. Today, the company has touched Rs 320 crore turnover, says Sofia Danish Khan

The Cargo King

From humble beginnings as an entry-level marketing executive earning Rs. 1,000 per month, Sudheer K. went on to build a Rs 2700 crore turnover cargo and freight business empire with about 500 employees and offices around the world, says Shyla F

Small-Town HR Hero

From humble beginnings in the small town of Begusarai in Bihar, Navneet Singh has created a thriving tech-enabled HR services company with an impressive Rs. 500 crore annual turnover, bridging the gap between job seekers and employers, says Shyla F

Braveheart Transforms Lives

In a heartwarming story, Nupur Lalvani from Mumbai has been living with Type 1 diabetes for 27 years while supporting and inspiring countless others facing the same condition through her organization Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation, says Bilal Khan

Business with Purpose

Leaving his lucrative job in the US, Anish Malpani, a young BBA graduate worked in a few social enterprises before launching his startup in India which makes sunglasses from chip packet waste materials and earned Rs 11 lakh in a week, says Shyla F

Discovering Authentic Travel

Starting with only one employee in 2016, Tejas Parulekar has transformed her company SaffronStays into a thriving Rs 45 crore turnover business, offering quaint private bungalows located in exotic destinations across India, says Sofia Danish Khan

Rising Laundry Legend

IIT graduate Arunabh Sinha faced a setback in the early days of launching UClean, his laundry brand, but bounced back to achieve a Rs 100 crore turnover in just six years. Despite facing challenges, he built a thriving laundry empire, says Shyla F

Riding on Dreams

Ishan Gupta grew up in the small city of Aligarh immersed in his family's bicycle distribution business. Later, he chose to chart his own path with three friends and set up a tech startup, whose turnover has touched Rs 15 core now, says Bilal Khan

Soaps to Riches

Kruthika Kumaran, a young Coimbatore-based housewife, turned her homemade soap for her daughter into a thriving business, Vilvah. Starting with about Rs 8,000-10,000, the brand with 70+ products now boasts a turnover of Rs 29 crore, says Bilal Khan

Game of Valuations

Discover 5 Indian companies that have achieved soaring valuations despite making losses. Priyanka Mashelkar, Author, 15 Sure-Shot Ways to Hit the Jackpot, unravels the surprising secrets behind their remarkable success in today's business landscape

Tutor to Tycoon

Trina Das started by tutoring children from underprivileged families during her college days, and has now grown her business to a Rs 102 crore turnover company that provides employment opportunities to blue collar workers, says Sofia Danish Khan