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The Success Code

Success doesn’t come on a platter. It comes to people like Mitul Bid who fought against the odds to graduate from IIT Bombay. He failed in several businesses before starting Coditas, which is now a Rs 120 crore company, says Sofia Danish Khan

Building on legacy

It takes a lot of passion to build on the foundation laid by your parents in a family business. Paras Kumar did it exceptionally well when he took over the reins of Hathi Brand, which is now a Rs 170 crore turnover company, says Sofia Danish Khan

Ten Rupee Doctor

Noori Parveen, a 29-year-old MBBS doctor is being hailed as ‘Mother Teresa of Kadapa’ for her service to the community in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, through her 25-bed hospital where she is charging a consultation fee of just Rs 10, says Bilal Khan

Call of Destiny

For Sushant Gupta, opportunity arrived in the form of a call from a friend in the US who wanted to outsource data analytics work to a company in India, says Sofia Danish Khan tracing Sushant’s journey in building a Rs 141 crore turnover company

Speed thrills

For Ansar, life has been on a fast track ever since he started hanging out as a kid at mechanic shops hoping to get free bike rides. Today, he not only owns high end bikes but has built a Rs 10 crore turnover riding gear brand, says Usha Prasad

A farmer's friend

Aalok Rajput’s parents migrated to Patna from their village seeking a better future for their children about 25 years ago. Today, Aalok is creating jobs for youth and also providing stable income for more than 100 farmers in Bihar, says Bilal Khan

Drunk on Smoothies

Starting with a single outlet in Hyderabad, Samrat Reddy, founder of Drunken Monkey, has grown exponentially in the last five years embracing the franchise model and built a Rs 60 crore turnover 110 outlet smoothie chain, says Sofia Danish Khan

Journey of Transformation

Working at a tractor showroom as an office boy for a salary of Rs 1,500, Santosh Manchala found better jobs, moved to the US where his earnings went up to Rs 1 crore per annum and has now set up his own business in India, says Usha Prasad

It's Women Empowerment

Till recently, while women were making a mark in the fields of education, healthcare and research, there were few successful women entrepreneurs in India. But today Indian women have broken the glass ceiling and stormed into entrepreneurship. 

A smooth finish

At 26, with no business background, Akriti Verma started a wall putty manufacturing company in Patna with Rs 15 lakh after quitting her well-paying job in Singapore. In three years she has built a Rs 1 crore turnover brand, says Sofia Danish Khan

10 Successful Entrepreneurs

Today there are many Indian entrepreneur success stories that are inspiring the youth. The state and central governments too have launched programmes to support entrepreneurs. It might just be the right time to start your own business.

Crafting Success

When Nidhi Yadav realised that her interests lay in fashion she immediately quit her job at Deloitte and enrolled for a fashion course. Sofia Danish Khan tells the story of how she went on to build a Rs 137 crore turnover women’s wear brand

To the Tea

Born into a family of modest means in a village in Tamil Nadu, Joseph Rajesh’s hunger for success brought him to Chennai, where he opened a tea shop with Rs 50,000 and built it into a Rs 7 crore turnover business with 78 outlets, says Bilal Khan

All pumped up

With entrepreneurial ambitions from a young age and selling shawls and sweaters while doing his engineering, KS Bhatia has seen several ups and downs in building his business that has already crossed Rs 12 crore turnover this year, says Usha Prasad