The Weekend Leader - Manish Bansal and Father Manjit Bansal Build Window Magic into a Rs 125 Crore Fenestration Success in Delhi

How a Delhi Lad Revived a Sick Unit into a Rs. 125 Crore Turnover Windows and Door Empire

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Hailing from a business family in Delhi, Manish Bansal always had an entrepreneurial spirit. While studying for his BBA honours at the University of Kent in Canterbury, United Kingdom, he expressed his desire to his father to enter the manufacturing industry.

His father, recognising his son's aspirations, acquired a sick fabrication unit near Delhi that produced UPVC doors and windows, a product which was then new to the Indian market.

Manish Bansal took the plunge into business taking over a sick fabrication soon after his graduation (Photos: Special Arrangement) 

Upon completing his degree in 2008, Manish returned to India, ready to embark on his business journey. The early years were tough, with the business constantly incurring losses.

Aluminium products dominated the market, making it difficult for UPVC to gain a foothold.

The company continued to suffer losses until 2011. Facing the possibility of shutting down, Manish's father advised him to focus on expanding their client base to grow their fenestration business.

“My father told me until and unless you manage the quantity along with the quality, you won’t be able to scale up. From then on, we kept on adding more clients from various industries to our profile,” Manish recalls, highlighting the key strategy that steered their business towards success.

Today, Delhi-based Window Magic, under the leadership of Manish, aged 36, and his father Manjit Bansal, has grown remarkably in the fenestration industry over the past 15 years.

Their company has a strong presence in about 70 cities across India, with an annual turnover of Rs. 125 crore. Window Magic, which started with just 40 employees, now employs around 400 people, along with 250 contract workers across the nation for installation works.

Manish has been associated with the business since his undergraduate days

Their office in KG Marg, Delhi, spans a vast area of 2000 sq. ft. Window Magic's business extends from UPVC doors and windows to glass partitions and frames, serving clients like the Reserve Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, HP, and Reliance Industries Limited.

Born in Punjab's Moga district, Manish grew up in a family with a long history in diverse businesses. From manufacturing wheat threshers to trading in wooden logs and steel, his family has ventured into various sectors since the mid-1970s.

Manish's father played a pivotal role in managing the steel trading business from Delhi, and it is from him that Manish learned the essentials of business and financial discipline.

Despite coming from a well-off family, Manish was raised with the values of a middle-income household.

“My father taught us the importance of managing finances wisely. He always said that before making any expenditure a habit, one must ensure a consistent income to support it,” he recalls.

Manish also shares a memorable incident from their first international trip to Singapore in 2002, where his father’s refusal to buy a Rs. 150 deodorant taught him a valuable lesson about thoughtful spending.

Manish completed his Class 12 from Rosary Senior Secondary School in Delhi in 2005. In addition to his BBA honours from the University of Kent, he also holds a certificate from INSEAD Business School’s ‘Accelerated Leadership Program,’ completed in 2022.

During his undergraduate studies in 2006, Manish discussed his future plans with his father, expressing a keen interest in manufacturing.

His father bought a struggling UPVC doors and windows manufacturing unit in 2007. Manish was deeply involved in this venture, splitting his time between the UK and India.

Since 2019, Manish decided to focus more on government projects, which proved to be a game-changer

In 2008, after completing his studies, he returned to India full-time. The same year they set up a larger manufacturing plant in Manesar, Haryana, partnering with German company Kommerling for raw materials.

Manish vividly remembers his return to India in 2008, driving straight to the new factory from Delhi airport to join the installation team.

At their expansive 50,000 sq ft facility in Manesar, Window Magic boasts a production capacity of around one lakh windows and doors annually.

With an annual production capacity of about one lakh windows and doors, they have installed over 8 million sq ft of their products so far. The company caters to both B2B and B2C segments, with a larger focus on B2B, contributing to 80% of their business.

Their product portfolio includes an aluminium range featuring everything from economy to ultra-luxury and designer doors and windows, as well as various glass options.

Window Magic takes pride in being the pioneer of the UPVC range in India, offering a variety of designs including temple-shaped and arch corner windows. They also have a facade range, typically used in the exteriors of large buildings.

Following 2019, Manish led the company through a strategic shift, focusing more on government projects, which significantly accelerated their revenue growth post-COVID.

Manish loves travelling and is a foodie at heart

“2019 was my year, as this was the first time our turnover reached Rs. 70 crore, and it continued to rise, reaching Rs. 84 crore in 2020, Rs. 100 crore in 2021, and an impressive Rs. 125 crore in 2023. I never dreamt of crossing the Rs 100 crore mark,” he says candidly.

A unique aspect of Window Magic’s operations is their approach to inventory management. They operate without a warehouse, focusing solely on customisation.

Each product is tailor-made to the client's specifications, manufactured, and directly installed on-site, ensuring efficiency and client satisfaction.

In line with their commitment to customisation, the company has set up experience centres in Delhi and Punjab.

These centres allow customers to physically experience the products, aiding them in making informed choices for anything ranging from a single window to complete setups for apartments and farmhouses.

Although Window Magic has a network of 15 to 20 dealers across India, they have not yet ventured into franchising.

On the home front, Manish is supported by his family, including his wife Aanchal, who is the Executive Director of Window Magic, managing key areas such as branding and marketing.

Father and son with the core team members of Window Magic 

Manish is a foodie by heart and keeps visiting new restaurants in search of new flavours. He loves to travel but one of the main motives behind travelling is trying different cuisines.

He is a self-proclaimed workaholic and works for around 13 to 14 hours a day, his day starts at 6 a.m. with a morning walk.

In the coming years, Manish wants to venture out into the franchise model of Window Magic; they are already working on it and will soon expand their business to this mode. - ©TWL

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