Vol 9 Issue 13, Mar 23, 2018 - Mar 29, 2018.


  • Daring duo

    Daring duo

    A victim of robbery, Sailesh Bhatt vowed not to let others fall prey to criminals infesting the 20 km Palghar-Manor stretch in Maharastra. Kavita Kanan Chandra checks out what he is doing
      Posted    22-Oct-2010    Vol 1 Issue 8
  • Conscience stirrer

    Conscience stirrer

    Sanjeeba’s street plays stir the conscience of not just the viewers but also the authorities, impelling them to take action against wrong-doers. Abhishek Pandey finds out that some plays had helped people get justice in the last 18 years
      Posted    22-Oct-2010    Vol 1 Issue 8
  • Corporate Race

    Corporate Race

    The 10000 m race in the CWG gave P C Vinoj Kumar a sense of déjà vu. He could draw a parallel to the races in the corporate turf and see in the winner Moses an extraordinary staying prowess
      Posted    15-Oct-2010    Vol 1 Issue 7
  • Rights and courage

    Rights and courage

    After using RTI to fight corruption, Akhil Gogoi is in the vanguard of a movement against building dams across Brahmaputra. Pranjal Baruah learns that actor Aamir Khan may too join in soon
      Posted    08-Oct-2010    Vol 1 Issue 6
  • Commonwealth Saviour

    Commonwealth Saviour

    As New Delhi waits for Commonwealth Games to start, one activist is concerned about India's image taking a beating with autorickshaw drivers fleecing visitors. Partho Burman meets the 'no honking man', who teaches autodrivers to behave
      Posted    01-Oct-2010    Vol 1 Issue 5
  • Against all odds

    Against all odds

    For the guards at the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam protecting endangered species is more a duty and a passion. They do it by sacrificing their personal comforts, feels Pranjal Baruah
      Posted    24-Sep-2010    Vol 1 Issue 4
  • A fighter and mediator

    A fighter and mediator

    She fights and also pacifies. Laila Ollapally, known for PILs, also runs a mediation centre. She is keen on creating awareness about settling cases out of court, says Sudha Narasimhachar.
      Posted    17-Sep-2010    Vol 1 Issue 3
  • A road to change

    A road to change

    An idea strikes four students of Birla Institute of Technology and Science while on a picnic in a sandy village near Pilani. And it led them to a road that Roohi Saluja Sehgal retraces.
      Posted    10-Sep-2010    Vol 1 Issue 2
  • A recipe for success

    A recipe for success

    An IIM graduate marketing street food in Ranchi may sound incredible. But then  22-year-old Tanishk Shyamya preferred it to an air-conditioned office. Santosh H K Narayan finds out the reason.
      Posted    03-Sep-2010    Vol 1 Issue 1
  • Unusual destination

    Unusual destination

    It is not a place that everyone visits. But Reena Kaushal skied her way to the bottom most point of planet Earth. Aditi Uberoi finds out what made her set out to such an unusual destination.
      Posted    27-Aug-2010    Vol 0 Issue 0
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