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Triple decker

Three students from Meerut have designed a three-floor bus and are looking for help to start production. In the 11 feet high vehicle that can seat 100 passengers, one floor could be reserved for women, one of the designers told Asad Ashraf

Homegrown scientists

Two green crusaders have proved that they can breed plants in limited space with higher yield. They even made it to the record books, but their work has not got its due recognition since they are not formal scientists, reports Sahana Ghosh

Rustic wheels

To help people in villages, an engineer from Delhi University, Abhinav Das, has developed a rural utility vehicle, which is economical and can also be used to generate power and draw water with some attachments. Kavita Kanan Chandra reports

Power of waste

Namakkal in Tamil Nadu is known for poultry, among other things. But not many know of a poultry owner generating electricity from chicken droppings, whose disposal was once a headache. P C Vinoj Kumar explains the innovation and the business

Fairy farms

Many farmers across India have managed to increase their production and also switch crops after getting training at the Indo-Israel Centre of Excellence for Vegetables, says Rahul Vaishnavi

Water Wheel

Fetching water takes such considerable time for rural women that they expend most of their time and energy on that. But ‘Water Wheel’, a recent innovation, is ushering a change in the lives of women in some villages, says Souzeina S Mushtaq

Trashing sound

A first year engineering student, Aditya Bali, used 6500 waste tetra packs, and loads of sawdust for building couple of sound proof rooms at the St. Mary’s School, Dwarka, says Deeksha Bhatia

That's app, man

SafetiPin, a map-based mobile app, designed for Delhi women's safety, has been launched. What now helps women access public spaces in Delhi sans fear will soon go places, says Anuradha Dutt

Habitual innovator

Co-founder of Aakar Innovations, Jaydeep Mandal, who has developed a low-cost sanitary napkin machine, is a born innovator. In school, he designed a water-lifting device used in irrigation. But his best is the new machine, says Roohi Sehgal

Power saver

The maker of ‘Superfan’ that consumes just about a third of the electricity other fans expend, Sundar Muruganandhan, is looking for investors to expand his plant to take his ‘i3’ award winning innovation to the masses, says P C Vinoj Kumar

Young innovator

The eco cab that can be spotted on Chennai’s Marina is an environment-friendly public transport. But the youth who innovated it is also keen on making its operation economically viable. In fact, he brims with more ideas, says P C Vinoj Kumar

Spy drone

A drone built by a computer science student in Kolkata is capable of camera surveillance, weather forecasting, and even attack and defence, but the DRDO is not responding, says Sahana Ghosh

Himalayan feat

The Forest Research Institute in the Himalayan foothills has created a hybrid eucalyptus that grows taller and faster. It is being seen as a boon to the paper industry. Rahul Chhabra reports

Green flush

In a cleanliness drive, Konkan Railway is set to go for eco-friendly bio-toilets in its stations. Not only is the technology for quick flushing economical but is also environment-friendly

Rejuvenating junk

Upcycling is a concept that is fast catching up, particularly with those like the portal, WorkshopQ, who see beauty in trash and do poetic justice to scrap, giving it life, says Shilpa Raina

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