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Urban management

A new university is coming up near Bangalore to train people in managing the emerging urban India. V S Karnic elaborates on the project, for which Nandan Nilekani has contributed Rs 50 crore

Radio speaker

For the last two decades, 59-year-old Raj Narayan Mishra has functioned as a one-man radio station from his hometown near Lucknow. He has no studio or transmission towers to broadcast news

Musical fizz

Coke Studio is a platform to promote fusion music. Outside the cinema industry, it makes a bid to promote a refreshing new genre of music. Shilpa Raina meets the key people behind the show

Facebook cops

Chandigarh Police’s Facebook account not only serves as a healthy platform for Police – Public interaction, but has also provided an opportunity for vigilant citizens to expose errant cops

Cool potter

Refrigeration without electricity may sound incredible. But Mansukhbhai Prajapati has invented an eco-friendly cooler without letting his lack of formal education come in the way of his determination. Kavita Kanan Chandra meets the potter

Illuminating villages

Returning from US, Gyanesh Pandey realised the need to electrify his remote village in Bihar. Kavita Kanan Chandra throws light on the mission of the man, who lighted up places untouched by government power cables through an innovative project

Flying car

NRI businessman Subhash Shihora becomes the first Indian to own a flying car that he can drive from home straight to the airport and take off into the air. Kavita Kanan Chandra spoke to him

Futuristic phone

Paper thin mobile phones are set to hit the market soon. If reports are to be believed, like the dial phones, button and touch screen phones too will be passé soon, says Kavita Kanan Chandra

Democratic media

By making many-to-many communication possible, FB and Twitter have made dissemination of news more democratic and forced mainstream media to co-opt them in their operations, says Stalin K

A whodunit mystery

Riti’s Murder Mystery has been helping corporate executives hone their management skills. Marianne de Nazareth cracks the mystery behind M D Riti’s evolution from a journalist to a trainer

Comedy engineers

Five students of IIT-Bombay have given a new meaning to E=mc² even as they turned humour into a career and laughter into profit. Kavita Kanan Chandra meets the engineers behind Humorbeings

Kind teacher

Attending elite schools in various countries, Shaheen Mistri remained insulated from Indian realities once. Kavita Kanan Chandra meets the founder of Akanksha Foundation and Teach For India

A house for Mr Kondar

Just 220 km away from Mumbai in Purushwadi village, building a house is a totally different ball game. What people watch out for is not interest rates but the rains, says Tejaswi Damaraju

Prospering the poor

Inspired by the Grameen Bank of Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Ram and Smita returned from UK to start Rang De, a social enterprise that offers small loans to the rural poor.  P C Vinoj Kumar reports

Independent farmer

Travelling across rural India on a Grassroutes fellowship, Akshat Shukla met Kishen Da in Chaukhuta village in Uttarakhand. The farmer crusades for self reliance in the mountainous village

Milky Mist Cheese