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Natural paper

Two paper makers are using elephant dung as the main raw material. Roohi Saluja Sehgal learns from Mahima and Vijendra how they discovered the potential of ‘waste’ during a trek to a shrine

News breaker

Voice of Village is the eponymous name given to the news service. Mohd Faisal Fareed finds that the novel method of news reading over the mobile phone is a hit in the village in Uttar Pradesh. For the rendering is in local Awadhi dialect

Flooring Obama

He impressed Barack Obama with his innovative business model though he hails from a state not known for entrepreneurship. Kavita Kanan Chandra talks to Irfan Alam, the social entrepreneur 

Save the child

A spate of kidnappings has underscored the need for parents and school authorities to devise new safety measures. Sreeram, an instructor of Krav Maga, a practical self defence art form, from Chennai tells us how we can protect our children

Silk sans guilt

‘Live and let live’ was the maxim that drove Kusuma Rajaiah to think about a new way to weave silk saris that involved no violence to the moths. Rama Devi Menon tells us about ‘ahimsa silk’

Light up your life

Tribals of Dalbhanga village, near Jamshedpur, have taught a lesson for India on self-reliance. When they wanted power, they set up their own plant. Santosh H K Narayan throws light on it

One-time wonder

What is the secret behind the success of Rajinikanth’s Robot – Enthiran in Tamil and Robo in Telugu? P C Vinoj Kumar checks it out with Sreedhar Pillai, noted journalist and trade specialist

Living like Tarzan

Realising a childhood dream to live in a jungle like Tarzan, Mohan Chabba built an abode amidst trees. He then opened it for all nature lovers. Neha Ghosh meets the Captain at his Captans

The job seeker

In 18 years, he changed 20 jobs, each of a different kind, and wants to pick up more skills and crafts. Renitha Raveendran learns more about Rajeevan, for whom every job provides a new high

Herbal puffs

An herbal cigarette offers hope to smokers who may be struggling to quit the habit. It can help people quit smoking, claims S Radhakrishnan, the herbal cigarette maker from Coimbatore.  P C Vinoj Kumar checks out the man.

Oh! water idea

Does the word nanotechnology flummox you? Kavita Kanan Chandra discovers that the branch of science can help a traditional idea bloom into a fantastic home appliance to solve your water woes.

No hard nut to crack

A barefoot innovator, 28-year-old Mushtaq Ahmad Dar has already wowed technocrats. And still fabricates devices that will make life easy for Kashmiri farmers. Afsana Rashid cracks the mystery

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