Shooting guns

Turning murder weapons into productive tools is not just a lofty idea for Bihar police, who have been practising it by converting seized pistols into hoes and hedge clippers, says Imran Khan

The making of Jugnu

Fifty IIT-Kanpur students worked day and night to make Jugnu, a nanosat that was launched recently. It was built through out-of-the box thinking and plenty of sacrifice, recall the students

Cool deal

Now, you have a solar cap to keep you cool when you are out in the sun! At Rs.400 the cap has no recurring cost, since the tiny fan fitted in the cap runs on solar power, says Mauli Buch

Road to glory

A major plan is on the anvil to spruce up Bangalore roads to international standards. The unique public-private initiative will see the involvement of corporates like Biocon and Infosys

Historic launch

Chennai based SRM University is set to make history by launching a nano-satellite designed and built by its students to monitor greenhouse gases from Sriharikota today. A report

Innovating the wheel

Picking parts from the scrap heap, Sandeep Kumar fabricated a foldable cycle, ‘SANDSIMA’, which is not just a boon to cycling enthusiasts but also for whom the bicycle is a part in their scheme of commuting to work, says Kavita Kanan Chandra

Tyre to rubber

Every year a billion tyres are discarded worldwide with the bulk going into landfills, placing a burden on the environment. Scientists have now found a way to make rubber products from them

Whiz stick

To prevent visually impaired friends bumping into walls, Shantanu Gangwar made a walking stick that warns of an obstacle a foot ahead and won a CSIR award for inventions by school children

Precious Nano

A not-for-sale, ‘fully functional’ model of the Tata group’s Nano car, has been made with 80 kg 22 carat solid gold, 15 kg silver, and studded with diamonds, rubies, and other gemstones

Kids' joy

Ajit Narayanan’s speech device for spastic kids has brought tears of joy to parents. It helps users to construct phrases that are spoken out by an artificial voice through built-in speakers

Barefoot inventor

A humble Gujarati farmer’s innovation, Chetak, has revolutionised cotton industry, cutting down the cost of cotton stripping 20 times. Kavita Kanan Chandra meets the barefoot inventor, Mansukhbhai Patel, who is now a successful businessman

Women's dream

A Bengali woman, with an MBA, is helping poor women through a retail selling system that is giving jitters to supermarket chains. Soma Mitra finds out the secret of Aparna Banerjee’s dream