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Toy bike made by Meerut mechanic zips at 60km/hour

Asit Srivastava   |   Meerut


Vol 2 | Issue 27

Asif, a mechanic, created the miniature motorcycle for his four-year-old son Shaan. He never thought it would become such a rage.

The gear-less toy bike measures around 1.3 feet from the ground, while its length is slightly over three feet. It is limited to a speed of 60 km/hour. From disc brakes, alloy wheels to double silencers - Shaan's bike features them all.

Driving crazy: The miniature mobike created by Asif has become a rage in Meerut 

The multi-coloured toy bike has become the talk of the town with people offering Rs.1 to Rs.2 lakh to take it home. When Shaan comes riding on it, his friends as well as older people crave for a test ride.

"I am being flooded with offers. People are ready to pay me in lakhs to own the toy bike I created for my son with an investment of over Rs.20,000. Though in terms of speed it would not match a sports bike, but in looks, pick-up, mileage or any other feature, the toy bike will not let you down," says Asif.

"As I created the bike for my son, at present I am in no mood to sell it. My son loves riding it. As he is a kid, I always accompany him whenever he rides the bike," added Asif, 35, who has been running an automobile repairing shop in the Shyamnagar area for the last 15 years.

"Considering its small size, only one person can sit comfortably on the bike. However, I always ensure an adult accompanies Shaan every time he takes out the bike," said Asif, claiming that the bike gives a mileage of 60 km/litre.

It took around six months for Asif to come up with the mini bike he gifted to his son.

"As I wanted to gift the bike to my son, the first thing that I kept in my mind was that the bike should have a low height so that a kid doesn't face any difficulty in riding it. It was also decided that the weight of the bike should also be very less so that my son could balance it," he said.

"Besides the generator engine, most of the parts used in the toy bike have been prepared by me," he said.

Asif said he moulded several items normally left abandoned at a mechanic's shop to use for the toy bike. - IANS

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