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Bamboo cutters

Two men in Mizoram have together fabricated a machine that strips bamboo and also makes splints. In the northeastern state, where bamboo grows in abundance, the innovation has made life much easier for local people, says Kavita Kanan Chandra

Young and bright

Designing a trash bin with streetlight and CCTV camera took 15-year-old Priyanka Mathikshara to Rashtrapati Bhavan for an 'In-residence scheme for writers/artists/innovators', with 13 others

Palm fuel

After running a Tata Ace pick-up truck on coconut oil for one year, scientists in Kerala want to commercialise the biofuel that has proved to give better mileage than diesel, says Sanu George

Green cobblers

Inspired by a man making sandals out of used tyres in the US, Jay Rege and Jothsna came to India to turn eco-conscious shoemakers, launching ‘Paaduks’. The social entrepreneurs also share their profit with their cobblers, says Rohan Potdar

A terminator

Learning that his mother’s swollen legs were caused by mosquitoes, Ignatius Orwin Noronha always wanted to exterminate the blood sucker. Now, he has developed MozziQuit, which promises to make India mosquito free by 2019, says Partho Burman

Easy boiling

Devipur Usna, a new device that makes rice par boiling easier, has helped farmers save 50 per cent of their yield that used to get destroyed when heated the traditional way, says Saadia Azim

Social technology

When technologists with social conscience innovate, society benefits by getting amazing products that change the life of common people. Bhanu Priya Vyas writes about four innovations showcased at the recent India Social Good Summit in Delhi

Tender idea

One reason carbonated soft drinks score over tender coconut is the packaging. A new machine innovated by Vinod Mahadeviah, which breaks and instantly cools tender coconuts, may make the natural drink more popular, feels Kavita Kanan Chandra

Water swipe

In two districts of Rajasthan, people draw potable water from ATMs. Anil Sharma explains the Jeevan Amrit Project that supplies 20 litres of water for Rs 5 in the otherwise parched region

Sounds good

A device to detect hearing impairment in newborns will hit the market by 2016. Afsana Rashid spoke to designer Neeti Kailas, who explains how her innovation will help children born with hearing disability by facilitating an early intervention

Versatile rubber

Making use of rubber’s versatility, some scientists in Bhubaneswar have developed a ‘rubberised’ check dam. Kavita Kanan Chandra checks out the benefits of replacing concrete and cement with rubber and where all the new technology is going

Solar auto

Engineer turned green activist Rabelli Naveen plans to embark on a 10,000 km transnational expedition on a solar-powered autorickshaw that he has built, which when fully charged can travel 105 km non-stop at 45 km per hour, says Fakir Balaji

Triple decker

Three students from Meerut have designed a three-floor bus and are looking for help to start production. In the 11 feet high vehicle that can seat 100 passengers, one floor could be reserved for women, one of the designers told Asad Ashraf

Homegrown scientists

Two green crusaders have proved that they can breed plants in limited space with higher yield. They even made it to the record books, but their work has not got its due recognition since they are not formal scientists, reports Sahana Ghosh

Rustic wheels

To help people in villages, an engineer from Delhi University, Abhinav Das, has developed a rural utility vehicle, which is economical and can also be used to generate power and draw water with some attachments. Kavita Kanan Chandra reports

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