Vol 11 Issue 13, Mar 27, 2020 - Apr 02, 2020.


  • Money from Pineapple

    Money from Pineapple

    In a state affected by decades of militancy, it is an achievement of sorts for an entrepreneur to launch a business that would exploit the potential of the humble pineapple, which has now grown into a Rs 15 crore company, says Reena Nongmaithem
      Posted    09-Sep-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Holiday Homes

    Holiday Homes

    The mind of an entrepreneur spots a business opportunity at the first instance. That’s how Roshan D’Silva got the idea to build what is now a Rs 53 crore turnover venture looking at his sparingly used family bungalow. Usha Prasad tells the story
      Posted    06-Sep-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Way to Riches

    Way to Riches

    He is now a multi-millionaire, but grew up as a child in poverty in a tough neighborhood. Pursuing his dream job on the way to becoming a millionaire he had even slept many times in a public bathroom with his toddler son, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    05-Sep-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Style and Substance

    Style and Substance

    Celebrated designer Anita Dongre, who works closely with artisans in villages and has two stores in New York, tells Sugandha Rawal that the reason she works with the rural artisans is to bring their indigenous skills into mainstream fashion
      Posted    02-Sep-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Lakh to Crores

    Lakh to Crores

    In 2012, when the 25-year-old, who was earning Rs 70,000 per month, decided to quit his job to start his own business, his family was worried. Today, his bootstrap started with Rs 1 lakh is set to achieve Rs 10 crore turnover, says G Singh
      Posted    30-Aug-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • The Good Doctor

    The Good Doctor

    A barefoot village boy who only owned a pair of clothes and lived on a single meal during his MBBS days, came up the hard way to become an eye surgeon, and today runs a 30-bed hospital in Kota with a turnover of Rs five crore, says Partho Burman
      Posted    26-Aug-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Against All Odds

    Against All Odds

    Hers is not the ordinary rags-to-riches story. She had not only seen poverty, but became a refugee in her own country. G Singh narrates the gripping story of how Monica Liu battled the odds to build a Rs 10 crore turnover restaurant business
      Posted    17-Aug-2017    Vol 8 Issue 33
  • Harvesting Profit

    Harvesting Profit

    At a time when the media is full of reports of farmers’ distress, a 37-year-old chartered accountant has scripted a success story in farming near Ranchi, and has achieved a Rs 40 lakh turnover through a unique business model. G Singh met him
      Posted    14-Aug-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Urban Farmers

    Urban Farmers

    A bunch of youngsters in Chennai are trying to create an urban farming revolution through their hydroponics start-up that supports soilless cultivation. Founder Sriram Gopal tells P C Vinoj Kumar that they will triple their turnover this year
      Posted    11-Aug-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • The Golden Touch

    The Golden Touch

    At 15, he sold soda at a bus stand. Today, he is known as the pioneer of self-locking earring clasp design in India, and runs a gold and diamond accessories business in Rajkot with an annual turnover of Rs 90 lakh, says Masuma Bharmal Jariwala
      Posted    08-Aug-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • A Meaty Story

    A Meaty Story

    When two young men quit their high-income corporate jobs to venture into the meat business, many eyebrows were raised. Not anymore. Usha Prasad explains how the duo grew their business rapidly and touched Rs 15 crore turnover in just two years
      Posted    01-Aug-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Pioneer Entrepreneur

    Pioneer Entrepreneur

    In insurgency-ridden Manipur, Dr Thangjam Dhabali has built a Rs 40 crore turnover business empire that comprises a diagnostic chain and two star hotels. Reena Nongmaithem profiles the doctor who was raised in a lower middle class household
      Posted    29-Jul-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Farming with pigs

    Farming with pigs

    He started working at the age of 12 and later plied a cycle-rickshaw for a living. But his life changed after he invested his hard-earned savings of Rs 3,000 in a piggery business, which has now touched a turnover of Rs 1 crore, says G Singh
      Posted    25-Jul-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • C’mon Women

    C’mon Women

    The Indian Women’s Cricket team has given women’s sport in the country a shot in the arm by entering the world cup final, says Veturi Srivatsa, who also celebrates the women stars who have emerged in sports like wrestling, boxing and gymnastics
      Posted    22-Jul-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • The Virus Fighters

    The Virus Fighters

    From repairing calculators as a teenager to running a global software business whose turnover has crossed Rs 350 crore, Kailash, with his brother Sanjay, has come far from the days when their family used to live in a chawl. Prachi Bari reports
      Posted    21-Jul-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Fish Farms

    Fish Farms

    Haryana is promoting fish farming by offering incentives for farmers who shift to fish rearing. Farmers who have taken to fish farming are getting better remuneration than what they earned from the wheat-paddy cultivation, reports Jaideep Sarin
      Posted    15-Jul-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Winning by Helping

    Winning by Helping

    Kaushlendra, an MBA topper from IIM Ahmedabad, started a non-profit to train the farmers in Bihar in better farm practices and later ventured into selling their products in the market, which is a Rs 5 crore business now. G Singh has his story
      Posted    13-Jul-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Becoming a Millionaire

    Becoming a Millionaire

    A poor girl from a Telangana village, who grew up in an orphanage, was married off at 16, and forced to work in the paddy farms for a daily wage of Rs 5, is now the owner of a USD 15 million turnover company. Ajuli Tulsyan unravels her story
      Posted    01-Jul-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Shining like Gold

    Shining like Gold

    At age 10, Chand Bihari Agarwal helped his mother sell pakoras from a cart in the bylanes of Jaipur. Later he came to Patna, where he sold saris on the footpath. In the same city he now owns a jewellery shop. G Singh tells how it all happened
      Posted    24-Jun-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Magician of Rajkot

    Magician of Rajkot

    Hailing from a middle class family, he found his first job while doing his diploma in computer engineering for a monthly salary of Rs 1,000. Masuma Bharmal Jariwala has the story of Jitendra Joshi who now owns a LED screen factory in China
      Posted    22-Jun-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Bike crazy

    Bike crazy

    In China bike-sharing firms are seeing unprecedented growth as people prefer to hire bikes for short distance rides within the city. The rental bikes have GPS trackers and can be unlocked by scanning a barcode on the frame with your phone
      Posted    17-Jun-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Smart entrepreneurs

    Smart entrepreneurs

    Three young entrepreneurs have launched a start-up that makes products which control operation of electronic devices through smart phones. Taking on big names in the industry, they have achieved a turnover of Rs 6.5 crore, says Asad Ashraf
      Posted    05-Jun-2017    Vol 8 Issue 21
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