Vol 10 Issue 49, Dec 06, 2019 - Dec 12, 2019.


  • Fish Farms

    Fish Farms

    Haryana is promoting fish farming by offering incentives for farmers who shift to fish rearing. Farmers who have taken to fish farming are getting better remuneration than what they earned from the wheat-paddy cultivation, reports Jaideep Sarin
      Posted    15-Jul-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Winning by Helping

    Winning by Helping

    Kaushlendra, an MBA topper from IIM Ahmedabad, started a non-profit to train the farmers in Bihar in better farm practices and later ventured into selling their products in the market, which is a Rs 5 crore business now. G Singh has his story
      Posted    13-Jul-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Becoming a Millionaire

    Becoming a Millionaire

    A poor girl from a Telangana village, who grew up in an orphanage, was married off at 16, and forced to work in the paddy farms for a daily wage of Rs 5, is now the owner of a USD 15 million turnover company. Ajuli Tulsyan unravels her story
      Posted    01-Jul-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Shining like Gold

    Shining like Gold

    At age 10, Chand Bihari Agarwal helped his mother sell pakoras from a cart in the bylanes of Jaipur. Later he came to Patna, where he sold saris on the footpath. In the same city he now owns a jewellery shop. G Singh tells how it all happened
      Posted    24-Jun-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Magician of Rajkot

    Magician of Rajkot

    Hailing from a middle class family, he found his first job while doing his diploma in computer engineering for a monthly salary of Rs 1,000. Masuma Bharmal Jariwala has the story of Jitendra Joshi who now owns a LED screen factory in China
      Posted    22-Jun-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Bike crazy

    Bike crazy

    In China bike-sharing firms are seeing unprecedented growth as people prefer to hire bikes for short distance rides within the city. The rental bikes have GPS trackers and can be unlocked by scanning a barcode on the frame with your phone
      Posted    17-Jun-2017    Vol 8 Issue 22
  • Smart entrepreneurs

    Smart entrepreneurs

    Three young entrepreneurs have launched a start-up that makes products which control operation of electronic devices through smart phones. Taking on big names in the industry, they have achieved a turnover of Rs 6.5 crore, says Asad Ashraf
      Posted    05-Jun-2017    Vol 8 Issue 21
  • Getting Spoon Fed

    Getting Spoon Fed

    Hyderabad based entrepreneur Narayana Peesapati has developed edible spoons that he says is a healthier and better alternative for the plastic ones. He tells Ajuli Tulsyan how he created the spoon that sells for around Rs 2 crore annually today
      Posted    03-Jun-2017    Vol 8 Issue 21
  • The Smart Investor

    The Smart Investor

    Hailing from a village, Palani G. Periasamy studied in Tamil medium till SSLC. P C Vinoj Kumar profiles the professor of Economics who went to the US in 1968, where he became wealthy and today heads a Rs 1,000 crore turnover group of companies
      Posted    31-May-2017    Vol 8 Issue 21
  • Runaway Success

    Runaway Success

    At 13 he ran away from his home in Udipi, Karnataka, and went to Mumbai, where he washed dishes at a canteen for a salary of Rs 18. Bilal Handoo tells the story of how this boy later became the owner of a Rs 70 crore turnover restaurant chain
      Posted    27-May-2017    Vol 8 Issue 21
  • Titan of tours

    Titan of tours

    He came to Chennai to become a superstar like Rajnikanth. Far from it he was forced to spend many hungry nights in the Egmore railway station which became his home. P C Vinoj Kumar met the man who now owns a Rs 100 crore turnover company 
      Posted    17-May-2017    Vol 8 Issue 20
  • Strong as bamboo

    Strong as bamboo

    The search for a sofa-set took a young couple in Hyderabad on an adventurous trail to a village in Tripura, where a business idea was born. Ajuli Tulsyan has the inspiring story of bamboo house builders Prashant Lingam and Aruna Kappagantula
      Posted    02-May-2017    Vol 8 Issue 18
  • Student housing

    Student housing

    Three young entrepreneurs Shubha Lal, Karan Kaushish and Nidhi Kumra, have launched a new venture that aims to disrupt the student housing market by providing premium facilities - plus comfort and safety that feels like home, says Gokul Bhagabati
      Posted    28-Apr-2017    Vol 8 Issue 18
  • The Comeback Entrepreneur

    The Comeback Entrepreneur

    He has faced it all, penury during his younger days and a ten-crore loss when his business was picking up, but nothing could keep him down. G Singh met Sarat Kumar Sahoo, who rose from a tiny food stall to build a Rs 250 crore turnover company
      Posted    24-Apr-2017    Vol 8 Issue 17
  • A humble billionaire

    A humble billionaire

    He worked at a canteen in a cinema hall, where he also did odd jobs like sticking film posters, and door-keeping, all for a monthly salary of Rs 90. The founder of a Rs 1,800 cr turnover company tells his life story to Masuma Bharmal Jariwala
      Posted    19-Apr-2017    Vol 8 Issue 16
  • Taste of Odisha

    Taste of Odisha

    Debasish Patnaik sensed a business opportunity when he saw that there were no restaurants in Odisha serving the State cuisine. In 2001 he started one which has now grown into a seven-outlet chain with around Rs six crore turnover, says G Singh
      Posted    15-Apr-2017    Vol 8 Issue 16
  • The Complete Man

    The Complete Man

    With an investment of Rs 50,000 P. D. Shylendra opened his first textiles shop in Bengaluru and later opened a Raymond franchise store, which was a runaway success. Usha Prasad profiles the entrepreneur heading a Rs 22 crore turnover company 
      Posted    07-Apr-2017    Vol 8 Issue 15
  • Hair to Riches

    Hair to Riches

    What happens when your family’s financial situation hits rock-bottom? If you were Gaurav Rana, you would fight back. Gaurav made cow-dung cakes for his home kitchen, worked as a barber, and later launched a company of his own, says Bilal Handoo
      Posted    06-Apr-2017    Vol 8 Issue 14
  • Happily single

    Happily single

    A first generation entrepreneur in Tiruppur, India’s textile hub, Raja M Shanmugam, has been supplying garments to a single client in Germany for 16 years, and grown along with his client to touch a turnover of Rs 80 crore, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    24-Mar-2017    Vol 8 Issue 13
  • Money tree

    Money tree

    For Amar Singh, who was driving an auto for a living, an investment of Rs 1,200 in 60 amla saplings changed his life forever and made him an icon in his village. Partho Burman profiles the rural entrepreneur whose annual turnover is Rs 26 lakh
      Posted    23-Mar-2017    Vol 8 Issue 12
  • The thrifty scientist

    The thrifty scientist

    For India’s top space scientist Mylswamy Annadurai, whose low-cost missions to the moon and Mars has won him many accolades, thriftiness comes naturally. P C Vinoj Kumar has the story of how young Annadurai outsmarted poverty with his ingenuity  
      Posted    11-Mar-2017    Vol 8 Issue 11
  • An Ideas Man

    An Ideas Man

    Abhishek Rungta started his website hosting venture, which is now a Rs 55 crore turnover company, hiring a stall in an IT exhibition spending Rs 3,000 from his pocket and another Rs 50 for printing leaflets about his services, says G Singh
      Posted    10-Mar-2017    Vol 8 Issue 11
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