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How an Office Boy in Infosys Learned Animation and Built a Rs 1.8 Crore Turnover Design Firm

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Vol 14 | Issue 47

Growing up in Sangvi Patan, a small village in Maharashtra, Dadasaheb Bhagat's journey began in a humble farmer's family. With his parents working hard as farmers and labourers, he grew up amidst many challenges.

After completing his schooling at a local government school, Dadasaheb pursued a one-year ITI course. Starting his professional life as an industrial worker and later as an office boy, he eventually found his true calling in art and technology.

Dadasaheb Bhagat, founder, DooGraphics, used to work in Infosys as an office boy (Photos: Special Arrangement) 

His company, Ninth Motion, specialising in animated design and digital art, began with selling innovative animated fire and smoke designs on third-party websites while he was taking bed rest following an accident.

Dadasaheb started Ninth Motion all by himself in 2016. Later, he set up an office in Pune by 2018 and expanded his team, bringing on board 10-15 employees who specialised in animated designs.

The company showed steady growth, earning Rs. 48 lakh in 2018-19, Rs. 38 lakh in 2019-20, Rs. 32 lakh in 2020-21, and the turnover reached Rs. 1.8 crore this year.

Dadasaheb, who is now 32 years old, vividly remembers the struggles of his childhood. He says, "My father had less than one acre where he would grow paddies for our own consumption and then worked in the farms of other people for six months during the sugarcane season. He would move to different villages for farming work during these months.”

Despite achieving success, he has not forgotten these humble beginnings. When the pandemic forced him to close his office and go back to his village, he utilised this time to create DooGraphics, an innovative AI-driven platform for graphic design.

This AI-based design platform offers a range of graphic templates, mainly for social media, that are easy to use. Users can simply drag and drop elements to customise designs before downloading them.

Dadasaheb developed DooGraphics during the Covid lockdown from his village

The platform is designed to help users effortlessly produce professional-looking graphics, enhancing their brand visibility and driving sales.

"In villages you don't have regular electricity and good internet connectivity. So, I set up an office with tents on a hillock near my house and that's where we built Doographics," Dadasaheb recalls.

In 2020, for about seven months from April to November, he and his team of 6-7 people from his village, Sangvi Patan, worked there, rarely going home. Today, DooGraphics is used by over 1 lakh people globally. Later in 2020, Dadasaheb moved to Pune and rented a 1100 sq.ft office.

Dadasaheb attributes his success to a lifelong passion for learning and pushing beyond his comfort zone.

He says, "I have always been keen on learning new things. Doing the same thing repeatedly bores me, so I try to bring uniqueness to my work. This approach helped me better utilise my skills in design and technology."

Since childhood, Dadasaheb loved drawing, often sketching scenes like morning landscapes, women drawing water from wells, or farmers in fields after his school hours. He started his career at Yazaki India Pvt Ltd in Pune as an industrial worker after finishing his ITI course, making Rs. 4500 monthly.

Later, Dadasaheb moved to a better-paying job as an office boy in Infosys, earning Rs. 8000 per month. "I took the job at Infosys for the money, but I kept it a secret from my family and villagers," Dadasaheb recalls. He worked as an office boy at Infosys from 2008 to 2010.

It was at Infosys that he got intrigued by people working on laptops, which made him curious about technology. "Seeing them work made me want to learn about technology and excel in life," he explains.

Dadasaheb did a diploma in multimedia while doing the night shift at Infosys

Whenever he had free time, Dadasaheb would immerse himself in his favourite hobby: sketching various drawings. “One day, someone noticed my artwork and told me I could have a successful career in design. That's when I realised my hobby could actually be a great career choice," he says.

While juggling his job as an office boy at Infosys, Dadasaheb enrolled in a year-long diploma in multimedia at the Pune Institute of Information & Technology. "My routine was working at Infosys from 8 pm to 8 am, and then attending my multimedia classes from 10 am," he explains.

In 2009, Dadasaheb cleared his Class 12 by only appearing for the exams, without attending the classes.

Dadasaheb's skills landed him a job in Mumbai as a Roto Artist at Prime Focus World, where he worked on Hollywood movies like "Narnia" and "Starwar."

He then worked at Reliance MediaWorks Ltd. in Hyderabad as a COMP Artist from April 2011 to June 2012, working on animation for TV serials like Ninja Hattori.

Next, he moved to Magic N Colors Inc in Mumbai as a Visual Effects Artist, working there from July 2012 to June 2013. His next role was at Digitales Studios in Mumbai as a Visual Effects Supervisor from July 2013 to November 2014.

Dadasaheb at his village, where he developed DooGraphics along with his team

He then joined Prime Focus Technologies in Pune as a Motion Graphic Specialist, where he worked for two years until November 2016.

In 2015, while at Prime Focus Technologies, Dadasaheb bought a Pulsar 150 bike. Unfortunately, he met with an accident that same year, which required him to rest for 15 days.

During this time, he explored freelance design, creating unique animations like fire and smoke, and selling them on third-party websites. "I created the designs in eight days and uploaded them online, unsure if they would sell. But after a few months, I started seeing sales," Dadasaheb says.

His designs, including about 8-10 variations of animated fire and smoke, were purchased multiple times by major companies. He saw a significant increase in his earnings, making more from his designs than his salary of Rs. 28,000 per month.

Encouraged by this success, he left his job in 2016 to focus on his design work full-time, eventually starting his own venture, Ninth Motion.

Dadasaheb with his team members

Dadasaheb's success not only brought financial stability but also allowed him to fulfill some personal dreams. "I built a bungalow-like house in my village. In 2016, I bought a Lancer car, and two years later, a Chevrolet Cruze. My parents were really proud of what I achieved," he shares with a sense of accomplishment.

In 2018, Dadasaheb's personal life also took a happy turn when he married Priyanka Khilare, a B.Sc graduate who now plays a key role in the management of his company. Together, they have a daughter who is five years old and currently in the UKG class. - ©TWL

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