Vol 8 Issue 51, Dec 15, 2017 - Dec 21, 2017.


  • Re-recycling waste

    Re-recycling waste

    What happens to the waste that recycling of paper throws up? In the hands of Sachin Mandavgane and Rahul Ralegaonkar, it turns into paper bricks that are all set to change the contours of Green Building technology, says Kavita Kanan Chandra
      Posted    13-Jul-2012    Vol 3 Issue 28
  • New bio-fuel

    New bio-fuel

    Villagers in Himachal Pradesh are earning up to Rs.40,000 selling pine needles to a cement plant, which is using it as a bio-fuel in its kilns along with charcoal, says Vishal Gulati
      Posted    10-Jul-2012    Vol 3 Issue 27
  • Perfect pot

    Perfect pot

    Poonam Kasturi Bir is a potter with a difference. Her earthenware converts kitchen waste to manure. Sapna Gopal finds out why the ‘compostwali’, whose ‘teen khambha’ has caught the imagination of people even abroad, loves to constantly experiment
      Posted    29-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 26
  • No water, yes wash

    No water, yes wash

    Observing World Water Day on March 22 in the most appropriate way, three youth launched a car wash service that uses not a drop of water. P C Vinoj Kumar comes clean on the process that now has about 200 car owners ‘satisfied’ in Coimbatore  
      Posted    22-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 25
  • Wonder rickshaw

    Wonder rickshaw

    A Kolkata innovator has designed a cycle-rickshaw that uses passenger load to push the vehicle, making it easier for the rickshaw drivers, who can ride longer distances with lesser effort
      Posted    15-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 24
  • Eco flight

    Eco flight

    Nordic carrier Finnair is planning to launch its first long-haul flight powered by bio-fuels to Asia, and possibly to India, a top official of the airline told Kavita Bajeli Datt at Helsinki
      Posted    14-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 24
  • Plastic smiles

    Plastic smiles

    When the sight of plastic waste littered on the roadsides has become so disgusting to environment lovers, brothers Rasool and Ahmed have made use of the same plastic to lay beautiful roads, says Sapna Gopal
      Posted    14-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 24
  • Power plough

    Power plough

    Mansukh Jagani, a farmer from Gujarat, has fabricated a power plough, replacing bullocks with a Bullet motorbike. It’s a case of necessity being the mother of invention, says Kavita Kanan Chandra, who spoke to the barefoot innovator
      Posted    01-Jun-2012    Vol 3 Issue 22
  • Land reclamation

    Land reclamation

    In a first of its kind initiative, the Assam government is drawing up plans to launch a mega project to reclaim the land the state has lost over the years due to erosion
      Posted    26-May-2012    Vol 3 Issue 21
  • Revolution in sky

    Revolution in sky

    The world’s largest solar powered plane, Solar Impulse, completed the first leg of its first-ever cross continent flight without using a drop of fuel and running purely on solar energy
      Posted    25-May-2012    Vol 3 Issue 21
  • Cool bra

    Cool bra

    In an interesting innovation, a Japanese firm has created the world's first ‘cooling bra’ that takes away excess heat from the body and leaves a pleasing sensation on the skin
      Posted    21-May-2012    Vol 3 Issue 20
  • United colours

    United colours

    Two men of differing political ideologies have joined hands to quench the thirst of people. Their unique water conservation method can be a model for entire Maharastra, they tell Ashwin Aghor  
      Posted    11-May-2012    Vol 3 Issue 19
  • Police guru

    Police guru

    Senior IPS officer from Tamil Nadu catches the attention of global management experts with his theory of 'Excenomics', which he claims is an alternative to Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism
      Posted    07-May-2012    Vol 3 Issue 18
  • Sunny flight

    Sunny flight

    Establishing a scientific breakthrough, a solar-powered plane will soon fly 2,500 km from Switzerland to Morocco. The Swiss-made Solar Impulse can fly day and night sans fuel and no emission
      Posted    26-Apr-2012    Vol 3 Issue 17
  • Tidal power

    Tidal power

    Gujarat is all set to develop India’s first tidal energy plant. The state government has approved Rs 25 crore for setting up the 50 MW plant at the Gulf of Kutch, reports Ankur Paliwal
      Posted    24-Apr-2012    Vol 3 Issue 16
  • Scientific mop

    Scientific mop

    Clearing oil spills on sea will be easier when the nanosponge developed by scientists from Rice and Penn Universities hits the market. It absorbs 100 times its weight in oil and can be reused
      Posted    20-Apr-2012    Vol 3 Issue 16
  • Ride with nature

    Ride with nature

    People in Manipur may be growing their own bicycles if the newly designed ‘bamboo bicycle’ captures their imagination. For, bamboo grows in their backyard and cycling will address health and environmental issues, says Kavita Kanan Chandra  
      Posted    13-Apr-2012    Vol 3 Issue 15
  • Age no bar

    Age no bar

    Assisted Reproductive Technology is changing the life of couples who lose children in accidents past their reproductive age. Now they become parents even in their sixties, says Jaideep Sarin
      Posted    05-Apr-2012    Vol 3 Issue 14
  • Diehard innovator

    Diehard innovator

    As a child, V Jayaprakash attended school for the free mid-day meals, but later developed a passion for science and innovation. Kavita Kanan Chandra met the maker of the portable smokeless stove, who has more innovations lined up for the future  
      Posted    30-Mar-2012    Vol 3 Issue 13
  • Barefoot engineers

    Barefoot engineers

    A soaring kite and a sewing machine inspired two brothers in rural Assam to fabricate a windmill to pump water. The windmills have helped the salt farmers in Gujarat, whose operational cost has reduced by 40 percent, says Kavita Kanan Chandra
      Posted    24-Mar-2012    Vol 3 Issue 12
  • Sensing touch

    Sensing touch

    Engineers in the University of Pennsylvania have developed a belt-based sensor device called 'viSparsh' that helps visually disabled persons walk freely without hindrances, says Nikhil Walia
      Posted    11-Feb-2012    Vol 3 Issue 6
  • One for rural roads

    One for rural roads

    When more SUVs are hitting the road, Abhinav Das plans to unveil his own RUV (Rural Utility Vehicle). Nikil Walia meets the 26-year-old from Delhi, who knows about the roads of rural India
      Posted    26-Jan-2012    Vol 3 Issue 4
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