Vol 9 Issue 50, Dec 07, 2018 - Dec 13, 2018.


  • Riot stoppers

    Riot stoppers

    When the Cauvery row between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka spiralled out of control last week, with Tamil drivers bearing the brunt of mob violence in Karnataka, two Bengaluru residents came together and rescued 150 truckers, says Usha Prasad   
      Posted    19-Sep-2016    Vol 7 Issue 38
  • Seeding change

    Seeding change

    A bus conductor in Coimbatore, M Yoganathan, has been meeting school children and encouraging them to plant trees. He tells P C Vinoj Kumar that he has planted 3 lakh trees in last 30 years
      Posted    03-Sep-2016    Vol 7 Issue 36
  • The protector

    The protector

    To pursue his passion for wildlife, Imran Siddiqui reared chicken and sold it on the streets of Hyderabad. T P Venu tracks the silent work of the green warrior who recently stopped construction of a road through a wildlife sanctuary with a PIL
      Posted    03-Sep-2016    Vol 7 Issue 36
  • Towering cop

    Towering cop

    Serving in Rajkot Traffic Police, assistant sub-inspector Dhansukh Mensibhai Kachot discharges his duty without fear or favour. He has collected a record Rs 2.16 crore fine amount from traffic offenders in last 10 years, says Narendra Kaushik
      Posted    27-Aug-2016    Vol 7 Issue 35
  • Shaping officers

    Shaping officers

    P Kanagaraj failed to make it to the IAS in spite of reaching the interview stage twice. Undaunted, as a professor of political science, he is quietly churning out IAS and IPS officers through his free coaching classes, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    20-Aug-2016    Vol 7 Issue 34
  • Green guru

    Green guru

    A spiritual guru in saffron robes is the last man you would expect to get into a dirty river overflowing with sewage to clean it. But Balbir Singh Seechewal did just that to transform the Kali Bein beyond imagination, says Narendra Kaushik
      Posted    01-Aug-2016    Vol 7 Issue 31
  • Traffic tamer

    Traffic tamer

    To prevent an accident, similar to the one that killed her daughter, 59-year-old Dorris Francis has been regulating traffic since last six years at the spot where a car rammed their auto. Partho Burman profiles the braveheart from Ghaziabad
      Posted    09-Jul-2016    Vol 7 Issue 28
  • Driven by passion

    Driven by passion

    G Annadurai, who is perhaps Chennai’s most loved auto driver, is today a much sought after motivational speaker who travels all over India and inspires MNC employees, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    04-Jul-2016    Vol 7 Issue 27
  • Special centre

    Special centre

    The rehabilitation centres of Tamahar Trust are a godsend to parents bearing the yoke of bringing up special children. Trust founder Vaishali Pai tells Smita Deohar why she had to start it  
      Posted    25-Jun-2016    Vol 7 Issue 26
  • Sworn benefactor

    Sworn benefactor

    At the funeral of his brother in 1963, Deo Kumar Saraf swore not to let poverty-struck people die due to lack of medical care. Today, his Anandalok group of hospitals challenge corporate hospitals with their affordable charges, says G Singh
      Posted    18-Jun-2016    Vol 7 Issue 25
  • Conviction to kids

    Conviction to kids

    Nirajalaxmi Mohapatra is a loving mother for children of convicts. The hostel she set up for kids of jail inmates in Bhubaneswar has helped many children study and even enter medical college
      Posted    11-Jun-2016    Vol 7 Issue 24
  • River revival

    River revival

    Noyyal, the river that fed the fertile western Tamil Nadu, is today polluted and dry most of the time. To rejuvenate the dead Noyyal, Vanitha Mohan is on an eco-mission. P C Vinoj Kumar profiles her on the occasion of World Environment Day
      Posted    04-Jun-2016    Vol 7 Issue 23
  • Wigs of compassion

    Wigs of compassion

    A cancer patient’s elation over the wig he had made for her changed Marishetty Kumar’s life.  The wigmaker who made wigs for actors now sells his creations for a discounted price to those who lose hair due to chemotherapy, says Usha Prasad
      Posted    30-May-2016    Vol 7 Issue 22
  • Maternal mission

    Maternal mission

    Providing 24-hour maternal healthcare in a remote area of Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh for 31 years is health worker, Kaushalya. Vishal Gulati tells us about her celebrated dedication
      Posted    25-Apr-2016    Vol 7 Issue 17
  • Kind chaperon

    Kind chaperon

    A school teacher’s dedication to prepare a few homeless girls for a better future by taking them under her wings completely received support from hawkers at Dum Dum railway station, which has given a new life to the girls, finds out G Singh
      Posted    14-Mar-2016    Vol 7 Issue 11
  • A free lunch

    A free lunch

    An ordinary simple middle class couple has been serving free lunch to 34 senior citizens in Mumbai since 2012. Somma Banerjjee finds out why Yvonne and Mark D’Souza are so selfless in service
      Posted    15-Feb-2016    Vol 7 Issue 7
  • Not by profit

    Not by profit

    Arunachalam Muruganantham, who invented a low-cost sanitary napkin making machine, sees success not in the company’s accounts book but in the number of beneficiaries, says P C Vinoj Kumar  
      Posted    08-Feb-2016    Vol 7 Issue 6
  • Doctor Poor

    Doctor Poor

    A doctor extraordinaire, 33-year-old Sunilkumar Hebbi treats patients for free and has conducted over 650 medical camps in and around Bengaluru, benefitting 30,000 poor people. Usha Prasad tells us how a beggar inspired him to serve the poor
      Posted    08-Feb-2016    Vol 7 Issue 6
  • Caring the carer

    Caring the carer

    People caring for patients in government hospitals often stay hungry. But a Good Samaritan acknowledges their service and takes care of them too by providing them food, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    02-Feb-2016    Vol 7 Issue 5
  • Space to farm

    Space to farm

    In the US, Rikin Gandhi aspired to be an astronaut but landed in the pastoral fields of India to develop Digital Green, an initiative that helps farmers. He now feels “people can choose agriculture and be prosperous.” Partho Burman reports
      Posted    23-Jan-2016    Vol 7 Issue 4
  • Master potter

    Master potter

    In a government school in Tamil Nadu, students are not just taught but trained to be achievers. Like a potter churning vessels from clay, the headmaster M Karunanithi shapes children from poor homes for big things. P C Vinoj Kumar checks out
      Posted    16-Jan-2016    Vol 7 Issue 3
  • People's monk

    People's monk

    The Roti Bank, started by Tara Patkar and few others, has brought down begging in Uttar Pradesh’s Bundelkhand region. Narendra Kaushik tells us the story of the journalist-turned social activist who is changing the lives of the local people
      Posted    11-Jan-2016    Vol 7 Issue 2
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