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Being positive

Mahantesh Mali was reduced to a mere skeleton after he was detected with AIDS in 1994. But thanks to his strong will, he is alive today, and is helping HIV positive children live a happy life

Self help

Without looking elsewhere for socio-economic uplift, women in West Bengal’s Birbhum district prospered doing the traditional jobs, says Ajitha Menon, tracking the success of Self Help Groups

A miracle for Laura

Doctors told Laura Binder her cancer could not be cured, but her 9-year-old daughter refused to give up and wrote her encouraging letters everyday for next 7 months till she was totally healed

Tough cookie

Sampat Devi Pal heads a gang of women activists who have beaten up men for wife bashing, and fought for women’s rights. She is now the Congress candidate for Manikpur Assembly seat in UP

Reformed dons

Bihar’s once-dreaded political dons, now in jail, are drawing inspiration from books and lives of great leaders. One is doing PhD on Jain non-violence and few others are reading religious books

Daring act

Anurag Breja will be the first paraplegic participant in the 2500 km Maruti Suzuki Raid-de-Himalaya rally that will cut across some of the most rugged and inhospitable Himalayan terrain

Defying the Grim Reaper

The loss of a leg and a part of his lung to cancer did not let 19-year-old Jothy Rosenberg give up on life. 36 years later, Jothy’s thrilling achievements are an inspiration to many

Resilient Chandigarh

At Chandigarh, which lies at an altitude of 10,000 feet in Himachal Pradesh, families from near the China border who were resettled here post 1962 India – China war have rebuilt their lives

Fighting Parkinson’s

When the 34-year-old woman was told that she has Parkinson’s disease, she did not go into depression. Instead, with the support of her family, she soldiers on, living life to the full. Sudha Narasimhachar is wowed by the brave woman, Shelly

Amazing journey

She had to discontinue school due to poverty. Her father was a drunkard. But nothing could stop her success. The story of a 32-year-old Dalit woman’s journey to the Andhra Pradesh legislature

Turbaned Tornado

At 100, the world's oldest half marathon runner Fauja Singh, wants to keep running till he drops. His biography ‘Turbaned Tornado’ is slated for a July release in London, says Jaideep Sarin

Rana on track

Good news for actor Rajinikanth’s fans. Co-producer of Rana, Murali Manohar, rubbished reports that Rana would be abandoned. He said the film’s shooting is likely to resume from September

Recovering women

An Austrian social scientist is in Mumbai to help women survivors of bombings. Mehru Jaffer finds out why Edit Schlaffer, founder of Women Without Borders, is into imparting skills to women

A special school

Savera School for special children gives dignity to students by helping them earn as they learn to cope with life. Naunidhi Kaur is wowed by the dedicated work of the staff and volunteers

A survivor’s tale

She did not expect it when she set out to look for wild tigers. But the abduction by militants has not deterred Pallavi Chakraborty from continuing her career in wildlife, says Teresa Rehman

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