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Power of positive thinking: Girl saves mother with love letters



Vol 2 | Issue 44

A little girl in Britain saved her cancer-afflicted mother's life through her affectionate letters after doctors declared there was hardly anything which could be done to cure the lady.

Doctors told Laura Binder, a mother-of-two, her cancer had spread from her breast to liver and there was nothing that could be done to cure it, the Daily Mail reported.

Power of Positive Thinking: Everyday Linzi wrote her mother a letter, urging her not to give up the fight. (Photo used for representation purpose only. Photo courtesy:

But Binder's nine-year-old daughter Linzi refused to give up. For next seven months everyday Linzi wrote her mother a letter, urging her not to give up the fight.

One read: "You are like the centre of a rose and you smell just like a beautiful red one. You can fight cancer. You can fight it. I love you!"

The single mother, 32, who lives in Norwich city with Linzi and her younger daughter Alicia, said: "It is really remarkable. I was so scared that I was going to die and leave my daughters without a mother.

"Linzi refused to give up on me and wrote me these wonderful letters every day ever since. She was determined that I wasn't going to die and I was going to get better. And her wonderful letters have helped a miracle happen."

Binder said: "It just brought tears to my eyes when I read Linzi's letters. To read such devotion was so inspiring. I was exhausted from the chemotherapy and I lost all my hair. But her letters gave me the strength to fight on."

Binder then went for a scan at the end of September, expecting to hear that the cancer had spread even further. But to her amazement the scan revealed no trace of any tumours.

A spokesman for Cancer Research UK said: "Occasionally it can happen that cancer goes completely into remission like this when it is thought there is no hope.

"The love from a daughter is a strong powerful thing. Positive thinking provides an incentive to get better. It's amazing how things like this can happen and there is no explanation for it." - IANS

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