Vol 11 Issue 13, Mar 27, 2020 - Apr 02, 2020.


  • Giving life

    Giving life

    This is the amazing story of Bhaiyaram, a 40-year-old farmer in Uttar Pradesh who turned to planting trees after he lost his wife and only son. Bhaiyaram has planted over 30,000 saplings
      Posted    18-Oct-2011    Vol 2 Issue 41
  • Betray, in short Bt

    Betray, in short Bt

    That all claims about GE crops are humbug has been proved once again through research by Navdanya and US Union of Concerned Scientists, says Vandana Shiva, who explains how it helps only MNCs
      Posted    29-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 39
  • Tree lover

    Tree lover

    For Shobha Menon, protecting trees is a passion. Lamenting the absence of a Tree Act in Tamil Nadu, she explains to Fehmida Zakeer the activities of Nizhal, her six-year-old NGO in Chennai
      Posted    15-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 37
  • Tiger's den

    Tiger's den

    Celebrating its 75th year, the Jim Corbett National Park, which is home to 200 plus tigers, or almost 1 in every 8 of the big cats surviving in India, is a success story in tiger conservation
      Posted    14-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 36
  • Kerala's own Fidel

    Kerala's own Fidel

    Like his hero, the Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Sobhindran Mash to his admirers, believes in devoting his life to a cause, which is planting trees to ‘save the earth’. Meet Kerala’s own Fidel
      Posted    07-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 35
  • Green doctor

    Green doctor

    Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh who has treated thousands of cleft-lip patients, including Pinki Sonkar, the lead character of Oscar winning documentary ‘Smile Pinki’, is now on a ‘green earth’ mission
      Posted    08-Aug-2011    Vol 2 Issue 31
  • Naturally beautiful

    Naturally beautiful

    If you wish to avoid looking older than your age, try a home remedy – start relishing grapes. A new study has found this fruit could protect against skin cancer and prevent premature ageing
      Posted    05-Aug-2011    Vol 2 Issue 31
  • Green with love

    Green with love

    A government school in Rajasthan has created a green campus by following a unique tradition of making their students plant tree saplings as a payback to their teachers before they pass out
      Posted    28-Jul-2011    Vol 2 Issue 29
  • Destination Coorg

    Destination Coorg

    Coorg is a fascinating holiday destination with some pristine trekking trails, picnic spots, waterfalls, wildlife, forests, and some mouth watering cuisine. Arvind Padmanabhan has the details
      Posted    23-Jul-2011    Vol 2 Issue 29
  • Ahead of pilgrims

    Ahead of pilgrims

    A group of ‘mountain cleaners’ are heading to Mount Kailash ahead of the pilgrimage season for a repeat of what they did last year: Clearing garbage. Vishal Gulati meets the group’s leader
      Posted    22-Jul-2011    Vol 2 Issue 29
  • Futuristic city

    Futuristic city

    An Indian journalist Richa Sharma brings us the story of the world’s ecological model city, Freiburg, the Green capital of Germany, where solar energy is the main source of power
      Posted    13-Jul-2011    Vol 2 Issue 27
  • Turned turtle

    Turned turtle

    Conservation of Olive Ridley turtles along the Chennai coast is now a social movement with the fishing community fully supporting it. Hema Vijay profiles Supraja Dharini, the driving force
      Posted    08-Jul-2011    Vol 2 Issue 27
  • Green court

    Green court

    The National Green Tribunal that was formed last year to deal with environment related cases will soon have regional benches. India is only the third country to have a dedicated green court
      Posted    05-Jul-2011    Vol 2 Issue 26
  • King of fruit

    King of fruit

    The mango festival in Bhopal witnessed a collection of mangos of all shapes and sizes, and tastes and flavours. One mango that stole the show weighed 3.5 kg, making it India’s largest
      Posted    30-Jun-2011    Vol 2 Issue 25
  • Tiger lover

    Tiger lover

    She saw a tiger first as a 3-month-old and photographed one at age 17. Tigers still fascinate 58-year-old Belinda Wright, founder of Wildlife Protection Society of India. Akash Bisht met her
      Posted    17-Jun-2011    Vol 2 Issue 24
  • Back green

    Back green

    To chase greenbacks, the easiest way is to go the green way, feels Ritu Primlani, who runs an NGO in California. Anjua Agrawal tracks the route of her successful venture inspired by a woman
      Posted    03-Jun-2011    Vol 2 Issue 22
  • Wealth in waste

    Wealth in waste

    ‘Gold from garbage’ is the motto of Vellore Srinivasan, whose innovative waste management programme has been launched in Bangalore. While providing jobs to many women, the project also produces organic manure, finds Marianne de Nazareth
      Posted    27-May-2011    Vol 2 Issue 21
  • Tiger’s friend

    Tiger’s friend

    Unlike the run of the mill politician, Jyoti Mirdha is keen on addressing the ecological and administrative concerns of tiger conservation. But she has a humane approach, says Akash Bisht
      Posted    27-May-2011    Vol 2 Issue 21
  • On fast track

    On fast track

    Cycling enthusiasts in Mumbai are excited at the city’s first cycling track, a 12 km stretch, that was declared open Sunday at BKC. Kavita Kanan Chandra reports the excitement from the spot
      Posted    25-Apr-2011    Vol 2 Issue 16
  • Green cyclist

    Green cyclist

    Computer engineer Vaibhav Desai quit his job to hit the road on his bicycle and explore the world. Now, he is on a cycling mission to promote sustainable living, says Sharada Balasubramanian
      Posted    13-Apr-2011    Vol 2 Issue 14
  • Tiger's roar

    Tiger's roar

    The recent Tiger census has reported an increase in the number of tigers in the country, but tiger lovers cannot be complacent and relax their vigil, say Upamanyu Raju and P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    30-Mar-2011    Vol 2 Issue 12
  • Sparrow heroes

    Sparrow heroes

    The ‘unsung heroes’ working for environment, and conservation of the humble sparrow, got their due recognition when they were conferred with the Sparrow Awards, says Rama Devi Menon
      Posted    23-Mar-2011    Vol 2 Issue 11
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