Vol 11 Issue 13, Mar 27, 2020 - Apr 02, 2020.


  • All from home

    All from home

    RUR, a green initiative by some homemakers in Mumbai, is a roaring success. Among other things, it made a cooperative’s retail outlets cut plastic bags by 70 per cent. Kavita Kanan Chandra tells us the full story, scripted by Monisha Narke
      Posted    14-Jun-2013    Vol 4 Issue 24
  • Drip by drip

    Drip by drip

    Though drip irrigation has been hailed a water-efficient method long time ago, small farmers found the required infrastructure expensive. Now a farmer has found a way out, says Kundan Pandey
      Posted    03-May-2013    Vol 4 Issue 17
  • Lizard regained

    Lizard regained

    After 135 years, scientists spotted a tiny lizard, Geckoella Jeyporensis that was given up as extinct, in the Eastern Ghats, raising the hopes of all those searching for other extinct species
      Posted    29-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 13
  • Eco saviours

    Eco saviours

    In the Sundarbans, things have turned upside down with women planting trees instead of cutting mangroves and sundari trees. Now they know the importance of their ecosystem, says Saadia Azim
      Posted    22-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 12
  • Colour cotton

    Colour cotton

    Indian scientists have developed coloured cotton with spinnable fibre quality and fairly good yield. But releasing it for commercial cultivation will take some more time, reports Aparna Pallavi
      Posted    15-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 11
  • Herbal touch

    Herbal touch

    By expanding the scope and reach of traditional healthcare system through networking and training, Rashtriya Guni Mission has restored people’s faith in herbal medicines, says Ravleen Kaur
      Posted    01-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 9
  • Organic states

    Organic states

    Sikkim is all set to achieve a ‘complete organic agriculture status’ by 2015. Madhusree Chatterjee found proof of it at the Sikkim International Flower Show, 2013, held at the Saramsa Gardens
      Posted    01-Mar-2013    Vol 4 Issue 9
  • Eco is also economy

    Eco is also economy

    For Ishita Khanna, ecology and economy are two sides of the same coin. Wowed by the Himalayas, she has been helping the rural people of Spiti in Himachal find a livelihood even as they protect the fragile ecosystem, says Kavita Kanan Chandra
      Posted    23-Feb-2013    Vol 4 Issue 8
  • Rail farms

    Rail farms

    Mumbai’s lifeline, the railway tracks, is lined with farms. Kate Chaillat and Samrat Mukherjee check out the green tracts, whose produce is good, and they also help keeping encroachers at bay
      Posted    15-Feb-2013    Vol 4 Issue 7
  • Inspiring farmer

    Inspiring farmer

    R Jeganathan’s organic farm in Pakkam, a village near Chennai, is drawing youth, who wish to take up farming even if it means giving up careers. Farming can be profitable if it is integrated with dairy and poultry, he tells P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    15-Feb-2013    Vol 4 Issue 7
  • Green hospital

    Green hospital

    A hospital in Ahmedabad cheers up its cardiac patients with natural light. Anupam Chakravartty checks out with the architect, Surya Kakani, whose eco-sensitive design has also reduced costs
      Posted    15-Feb-2013    Vol 4 Issue 7
  • Cozy coir

    Cozy coir

    Kerala has developed a range of coir based products from coir bouquets (Rs.75-100) to necklaces and earrings (Rs.750 -1000). The items are displayed at the ongoing Coir Expo in Alappuzha
      Posted    07-Feb-2013    Vol 4 Issue 5
  • Reviving Beri

    Reviving Beri

    Essentially a pitcher–shaped shallow well, Beri is a traditional rain water harvesting structure. By reviving it, people in drought-hit villages of Thar even cultivate crops now, says Shehfar
      Posted    26-Jan-2013    Vol 4 Issue 4
  • Power, costly

    Power, costly

    The government is pressing for an increased generation of renewable energy, but electricity distributing companies are worried about hiking the power tariff for consumers, says Gaurav Sharma
      Posted    26-Jan-2013    Vol 4 Issue 4
  • Educated farmer

    Educated farmer

    A youth, holding degrees in engineering and management from foreign universities, committing to agriculture may sound incredible. But Ashmeet Kapoor has done just that, changing the lives of many farmers in a positive way, says Akash Bisht
      Posted    18-Jan-2013    Vol 4 Issue 3
  • Die not, dye

    Die not, dye

    By reviving the use of natural dyes, Rashmi Bharti enabled communities like Bora Kuthalia and Shauka in Uttarakhand hills to not just conserve a traditional art form but also triggered a local economic revolution, says Kavita Kanan Chandra
      Posted    11-Jan-2013    Vol 4 Issue 2
  • Butterfly chase

    Butterfly chase

    Research has helped identify new species of butterflies in India and one of them is ‘Nilgiri Grass Yellow’, says Smetacek, who has brought out a book ‘Butterflies: On the Roof Of the World’
      Posted    22-Dec-2012    Vol 3 Issue 51
  • Pond of fondness

    Pond of fondness

    A pond in Lakholaav in Rajasthan not just provides clean water to villagers throughout the year but also binds the local community. Manu Moudgil traces its past and finds its relevance today
      Posted    30-Nov-2012    Vol 3 Issue 48
  • Wild management

    Wild management

    Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala was adjudged the best managed protected area in India. Tiasa Adhya finds out from the sanctuary’s deputy director, Sanjayan Kumar, how they earned the accolade
      Posted    30-Nov-2012    Vol 3 Issue 48
  • Winged visitors

    Winged visitors

    Heralding the arrival of winter, migratory birds have started arriving in the wetlands of the Kashmir valley from Siberia, eastern Europe, China and the Philippines, says Sheikh Qayoom
      Posted    20-Nov-2012    Vol 3 Issue 46
  • A joint triumph

    A joint triumph

    In Rajasthan, you may not expect a forest. But what is more surprising is that it is protected by the local community, whose members enjoy the fruits of conservation. Manu Moudgil explains
      Posted    09-Nov-2012    Vol 3 Issue 45
  • Women in farm

    Women in farm

    That women are at the vanguard of food security for villages is evident from a visit to the tribal district of Koraput in Odisha, says Sarada Lahangir, giving examples of hard working farmers
      Posted    26-Oct-2012    Vol 3 Issue 43
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