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Vol 9 Issue 17, Apr 20, 2018 - Apr 26, 2018.


  • Where they care

    Where they care

    Not too far from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore’s IT hub, there is an abode of peace, providing palliative care to those needing comfort. Marianne de Nazareth visits Karunashraya that has been doing yeoman service for the past 12 years
      Posted    20-May-2011    Vol 2 Issue 20
  • Corruption buster

    Corruption buster

    With the Lokpal bill and Anna Hazare in the news, the role of Lokayukta in Karnataka came under scrutiny. Gauri Lankesh checks out how Justice Santosh Hegde has fared in the past five years
      Posted    20-May-2011    Vol 2 Issue 20
  • She dared

    She dared

    When the media is seen as superficial and elitist, there are journalists who get to the bottom of issues that face real India. One of them, Neha Dixit dared to foray into Naxal territory to get the true picture, says Kavita Kanan Chandra
      Posted    06-May-2011    Vol 2 Issue 18
  • Friend of Dalits

    Friend of Dalits

    Dalits, facing caste discrimination in a village, found a saviour in a young police officer recently. But Asra Garg has taken on even politicians in the past, says P C Vinoj Kumar  
      Posted    06-May-2011    Vol 2 Issue 18
  • A deal with God

    A deal with God

    In the dingy confines of a prison, he struck a deal with God seeking another chance. Keeping his word to God, Auto Raja has been serving the destitute for 14 years, says Marianne de Nazareth
      Posted    29-Apr-2011    Vol 2 Issue 17
  • True to policing

    True to policing

    But for the few police officers with a conscience, the Nazi style operation of the Gujarat government could not have been exposed so well. Nachiketa Desai explains what those bold men have done to tell the world of the anti-Muslim pogrom
      Posted    29-Apr-2011    Vol 2 Issue 17
  • Inspired by Mother

    Inspired by Mother

    What Mother Teresa did in Kolkata, a 25-year-old man is now doing in the holy town of Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu. Sharada Balasubramanian profiles Manimaran, who takes care of 51 leprosy patients and is always prepared to help the needy
      Posted    22-Apr-2011    Vol 2 Issue 16
  • The daring four

    The daring four

    Change is in the air. Taboos are being broken. Two tribal villages in Orissa are seeing a social revolution as four young girls dared to defy customs and educate other children. Sarada Lahangir brings the story of change in rural India
      Posted    01-Apr-2011    Vol 2 Issue 13
  • Living with tigers

    Living with tigers

    Moved by a wildlife scientist’s narration of the woes of tigers in India, a 16-year-old boy turned to conservation. Akash Bisht meets Upamanyu Raju, who later founded Tiger Protection Group
      Posted    01-Apr-2011    Vol 2 Issue 13
  • It's a cycle

    It's a cycle

    When Mathew Cherian started using the humble bicycle as a mode of transport 15 years ago, people looked at him differently. Today, the 43-year-old is trim and fit, says Marianne de Nazareth
      Posted    25-Mar-2011    Vol 2 Issue 12
  • Daughter of Manipur

    Daughter of Manipur

    Irom Sharmila has become the face of Manipur in the decade that she spent without swallowing even a drop of water. Amit Sengupta, along with Sadiq Naqvi, reviews the situation in the troubled State to figure out the merits of Irom’s protest
      Posted    18-Mar-2011    Vol 2 Issue 11
  • Corruption combat

    Corruption combat

    What he failed to do as an IPS officer, he does with aplomb as a lawyer. Kavita Kanan Chandra meets Y P Singh, who quit the services to continue his fight against corruption with more vigour
      Posted    04-Mar-2011    Vol 2 Issue 9
  • Police activist

    Police activist

    He has been fighting for rights of people from within the system. Now, IPS officer Amitabh Thakur wants IIT, Kanpur, to implement labour laws in letter and spirit, says Kavita Kanan Chandra
      Posted    18-Feb-2011    Vol 2 Issue 7
  • Fighting poachers

    Fighting poachers

    In an effort to protect tigers in Ranthambore, Dharmendra Khandal reached out to traditional hunting tribes and won their confidence. Now Moghiya tribe leads a better life as the poachers are in jail and the tigers safe, says Akash Bisht
      Posted    04-Feb-2011    Vol 2 Issue 5
  • Media's darling

    Media's darling

    Mosin Khan is just 22, but he is a good parent and a sincere employee at workplace. The media in Hyderabad went gaga over the mentally challenged youth after he won a national award recently
      Posted    19-Jan-2011    Vol 2 Issue 2
  • Taking on father

    Taking on father

    Congress leader N D Tiwari disowned a son borne by his girlfriend. Now the son is out to prove that Tiwari is his father. Akash Bisht meets Rohit Shekhar, who wants the word bastard amended
      Posted    14-Jan-2011    Vol 2 Issue 2
  • First person

    First person

    Taking a trip down memory lane, the person of the year, Tanishk Shyamya recounts the journey that landed her in the streets of Ranchi to help roadside food vendors who were at the crossroads
      Posted    24-Dec-2010    Vol 1 Issue 17
  • Bold girl

    Bold girl

    A college girl started a campaign to make Kolkata streets safe for women after a humiliating experience. Rina Mukherji has the story of Brinda Dasgupta who will not only take things lying down but will not let others harassed on the roads
      Posted    16-Dec-2010    Vol 1 Issue 16
  • Veils yanked

    Veils yanked

    The Niira Radia tapes brought to light the links some journalists had with power brokers. On the flip side, it is a moment for journalists to introspect. P C Vinoj Kumar speaks to Hartosh Singh Bal of Open magazine on a wide range of issues
      Posted    03-Dec-2010    Vol 1 Issue 14
  • Mom's fight

    Mom's fight

    She could not be bought over or cowed down in her fight for justice. She will not rest till those who sodomised her daughter in school and caused her death are brought to book. Abhishek Pandey profiles the brave mother, Sonu Singh of Kanpur
      Posted    19-Nov-2010    Vol 1 Issue 12
  • Soldiering on

    Soldiering on

    Captain Gulia is against alms to children. He has never given a coin to the kids he encounters at traffic signals in Gurgaon. But then, he knows them all by their name. Ritu Pandey checks out
      Posted    12-Nov-2010    Vol 1 Issue 11
  • A daredevil

    A daredevil

    When Lt Col Satyendra Verma took a plunge to create history by being the first Indian to do a BASE jump, his family was immersed in prayer. Padmaja Shastri asks Verma if at all he was scared
      Posted    04-Nov-2010    Vol 1 Issue 10
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