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Bird watching

In Dehradun, where half of India’s known bird species have been documented, plans are on to make the 4th edition of The Great Himalayan Bird Count a great success, reports Kavita Kanan Chandra

Turn to turtle

In a bid to save the endangered Olive Ridley turtles, a ‘festival’ is on in the Konkan coast, which blends conservation with tourism. Kavita Kanan Chandra meets people excited by the event

A natural love

Belying the popular notion that IT professionals prefer a fast urban lifestyle, a young couple from Bengaluru takes to farming on alternate weekends. Sudha Narasimhachar speaks to the unusual couple, bonded naturally, on their passion

A modern wonder

Stepping into the fifth floor terrace of a building in Bangalore, Marianne de Nazareth was stunned. There in front of her was a hanging garden, a modern-day wonder, in garden city

Save the wetlands

A last ditch battle to save a bird habitat from extinction is on in AP, where the government has cleared a thermal power project in an ecologically sensitive spot, says Marianne de Nazareth

Minding the mangroves

A group of fishermen in Mumbai have turned eco activists. In a bid to protect 1042 hectares of mangroves along the Thane creek, they have taken up the task of creating an awareness on the issue in their community, says Kavita Kanan Chandra

Green hero

C Srinivasan and a team of 48 members are trying to create a forest on the barren hills of Vellore in Tamil Nadu. Cynics may call it a pipedream. But, the project is already showing results, claim the locals. P C Vinoj Kumar has the story

Green mission

Inspired by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Foundation, many people across India have embarked on a mission to plant trees. Rama Devi Menon tells us the significance of Project Green Hands

Butterfly boy

Can a childhood singing idol help a youth discover his passion? It happened to Monsoon Jyoti Gogoi, a nature photographer, who especially loves shooting butterflies, says Kavita Kanan Chandra

Beauty and nature

The first Indian to win the Miss Earth crown, Nicole Faria, is a nature lover herself. Marianne de Nazareth finds that beauty is not skin deep in Faria, who is into conservation

Devoted to nature

Mazhar Asif Ebrahim is a lucky man. For, his passion is also his profession. Kavita Kanan Chandra treks with the founder of Nature Knights that organises adventure events for nature lovers

Gritty woman

She sees trees as brothers. By tying 'rakhi', she has saved many trees from being felled. Kavita Kanan Chandra meets the woman, whose brand of eco-feminism has earned accolades worldwide

Green roof

In the concrete jungle, a couple will not let their dream of having a garden wither away just for want of land. Rama Devi Menon walks through the greenery on the roof of a house in Hyderabad

A flutter of idea

Chasing butterflies is every child’s play. But for Arjan Basu Roy their conservation is a passion. He tells Lesley D Biswas why butterflies should flutter around and what he has done for it

Green Dream

When drought hits the farm town to which he had just moved in, what can an engineer do? He embarks on a journey into farming. Sharada Balasubramanian takes a walk down memory lane with him

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