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Fighter women

As violence against women spirals all around, we rarely find someone plunging in to save someone or call the police. Syeda Hameed writes about two such brave women Mohini Giri and Padma Seth

Proved again

That Sri Lankan military brutalizes Tamils is old hat. An excerpt from a new book by Trevor Grant, 'Sri Lanka’s Secrets: How the Rajapaksa Regime Gets Away with Murder', has more chilling facts

Sobering mothers

Weaning Assam’s tea workers from alcohol was not an easy task for members of the Mother’s Club when they launched a campaign. But they persevered and made a mark, says Azera Parveen Rahman

Double hurt

Armed conflict and environmental degradation affect all. But they hurt women more as Chetna Verma found in Mendhar district of Jammu and Kashmir where too many limbs had been lost to landmine

Parched pain

For women in Kashmir, water is a mirage. They have been trekking long distances, enduring pain to get a pail full for generations. Chetna Verma finds the scene quite close to the film, Jal

Fighting malnutrition

In Karnataka’s Bidar district, a community led initiative to address child malnutrition is ushering in change as schools and families develop their own kitchen gardens, reports Pushpa Achanta

What women want

UN Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, Lakshmi Puri, speaks to Rakhee Bakshee on the need for mainstreaming gender issues and ending violence against women

Just unfriendly

Public transport in the country is not friendly to people with disabilities, says Rupesh Dutta, citing as example Delhi’s insensitive crew, vehicles with no ramps and people sans awareness

Power women

In the Singrur-Sonbhadra-Singrauli region, known for power plants, local women took up the task of fighting for compensation for all they lost to industrial development. Rashme Sehgal reports

Childhood lost

In what is painted as paradise, childhood gets lost. With false promises, children are even now lured to work in Gujarat’s cotton fields, where torture is a norm. Prantick Majumder reports 

Toilets first

Four years ago, there was an attempt to provide toilets at homes in Badaun district. If it had fructified, the two girls might not have been raped and hung from a tree. Anjali Singh reports

The justice league

A group of young crusaders, many of them working professionals, are engaged in a campaign for a "rape free India" and expeditious justice to victims of rape and acid attacks, says Shweta Sharma

Unpicked votes

The vast army of rag pickers, who help keep Delhi clean, could not pick their candidates in this election as they have no ID proof to enroll as voters, say Shweta Sharma and Shradha Chettri

Backing studies

Founder of VIT University, G Viswanthan, has also found a way to give financial support to college students through Universal Higher Education Trust. P C Vinoj Kumar meets some beneficiaries

Nobody's issue

Despite a ban, manual scavenging continues. With no party or politician making it an election issue, scavengers themselves would go for a campaign for a dignified life, says Shradha Chettri

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