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Hail science

Rural Maharashtra is waking up to the wonders of science. People are finding solutions to their problems through modern technology and learning to lead a healthy lifestyle, says Sahana Ghosh

AIDS still kills

As India celebrates the low rate of HIV infection at present, due to various reasons, Syed Mohammad Afsar cautions us against lowering the guard. It is more about lives than numbers, he says

Poor's mahal

In the city of Taj Mahal, the poor and homeless were shivering in the open at night as mercury began dipping until a few Good Samaritans started a night shelter recently, says Brij Khandelwal

Women survivors

Women and children bore the brunt of Muzaffarnagar riots in August. The Joint Citizens Initiative that visited relief camps found that many women are unable to return home, says Anjali Singh

Judgement reversed

In 1997, the Ranvir Sena gunned down 58 dalits in Bihar. Survivors of the massacre are shocked at the recent high court verdict that acquitted all the accused in the case, says Manisha Prakash

Tribal trouble

Around the world, tribal women suffer in the hands of the ‘civilised world’. They are also the same in their courage to fight intruders. Joanna Eede has some stories with telling vignettes

Not any more

Naam Thamilar party would not glorify self-immolations for the Tamil cause, its founder Seeman told P C Vinoj Kumar, however, making it clear that past sacrifice of youth cannot be belittled

Start in schools

With violence entering the school system, lessons on gender safety and equality have been introduced in classrooms with modules that enable teachers to work with students, says Aditi Bishnoi

Live to fight

Looking back at the numerous self-immolations for political causes that the world has seen so far, Muthuvel Janakarajan says: Let’s live, propagate, act, struggle, fight and change the world

A right campaign

A group of organizations is demanding public toilets for women in Mumbai. They plan to file a PIL saying that lack of toilets violates a woman’s right to live with dignity, says Vibhuti Patel

Stop suicides

As more activists kill themselves to press for political demands in Tamil Nadu, M Punitha Pandiyan decries the dangerous trend, terming it an insult to the virtues of traditional Tamil valor

Far from fashion

Fashion designer Jaskeerat Bedi is participating in one of the world’s toughest mountain biking events, not to win any title but to spread awareness about breast cancer, says Vishal Gulati

Ugly side

There is a dark under belly to the multi-billion beauty business, says Tarannum, pointing fingers at the problems faced by sales assistants who have to wear make-up and also stand long hours

Farmers’ woe

A move to give a concrete lining to a canal in Tamil Nadu has angered the farmers of Erode, Tiruppur and Karur districts as the region would turn into a desert, says Karthikeya Sivasenapathy

A real win?

As the TNA is set to win the provincial polls, exemplifying the unfaltering support for self-determination, Ana Pararajasingham fears that it could undermine the interest of Eelam Tamils

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