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Clothing the poor

Identifying clothing as a basic necessity after food and shelter, a journalist couple, Anshu Gupta and Meenakshi, started a social venture, Goonj, providing ‘Cloth for Work’. Then they did more, reaching parts of 21 states, says Roohi Seghal

Bowled before play

Student outfit warns IPL against fielding Sri Lankan players in Chennai. Political parties echo the demand as the ‘Boycott Sri Lanka’ campaign gains momentum and casts its shadow on cricket

Historic moments

The Weekend Leader captures the ongoing students’ struggle in Tamil Nadu in photographs, even as the protests appear to be taking the shape of a popular movement for creation of Tamil Eelam

Tune of freedom

Buoyed by pro-Eelam freedom protests in Tamil Nadu, V Rudrakumaran, Prime Minister of TGTE, downplayed the US resolution in UNHRC and pitched for an independent Tamil Eelam, says Radhika Giri

Media’s turnaround

The student uprising in Tamil Nadu has not just shaken political parties, but also the sections of the media that treated the Lankan Tamils issue with scorn and contempt, says P C Vinoj Kumar

Game changer

The student uprising in Tamil Nadu demanding India’s support for Eelam has shaken political parties, and may see Jayalalithaa declaring her support for a Tamil nation, says Viduthalai Rajendran

Taking to jail

That women play a pivotal role in the struggle against Koodankulam nuclear project is known. But two of them opened the eyes of prisoners to the cause when incarcerated, finds out Senthalir

Banking and Laundering

Three leading private sector banks, HDFC, ICICI and Axis, have been accused of laundering black money. Their officials are caught on hidden camera giving suggestions to launder illegal money

Siege protest

Around 8000 fishermen in about 600 fibre boats laid siege to the controversial Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project, even as Sec 144, CrPC, has been enforced in areas in and around Kudankulam

Student power

In a knee-jerk reaction to the swelling support for the indefinite fast by students of Loyola College in support of Eelam, Tamil Nadu police evicted the protesters in a midnight operation

Chilling findings

For even routine complaints like abdominal pain, unscrupulous doctors are removing the uteruses of women from BPL families to avail of their health insurance money, finds Swapna Majumdar

We are foes

Sri Lanka is an enemy country and will remain so till justice is meted out to the Ealem Tamils, says Dr. V Maitreyan, AIADMK MP, while urging the UPA government to change its Sri Lanka policy

Dragon's agents

The Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka has come under the virtual suzerainty of China. Even as Colombo comes under the UNHRC scanner once again, Sam Rajappa identifies the Chinese proxies in India

A billion ways

The One Billion Rising campaign on Valentine’s Day is a movement without full stops, says Aditi Bishnoi, who spoke to women from different walks of life gathered in Delhi to be ‘over it’

It is confirmed

Farmers are killing themselves in Tamil Nadu due to crop failure. Though the government is denying it, a study by activists, S Kannaiyan and Jayaram Venkatesan, has confirmed the suicides

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