Vol 11 Issue 8, Feb 21, 2020 - Feb 27, 2020.


  • Triumph of love

    Triumph of love

    Looking for a denouement to a fairytale love, they return to where it started. The sandy beach that once triggered a passion to start a life of togetherness remains the same though they have changed. Then hope intervenes, says Faraaz S Kazi
      Posted    08-Sep-2011    Vol 2 Issue 36
  • Being human

    Being human

    Kind hearted people are donating blood at the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, where victims of the Delhi High Court blast are being treated. Others are offering help on Twitter and Facebook
      Posted    07-Sep-2011    Vol 3 Issue 35
  • Knockout love

    Knockout love

    Boxing champion Akhil Kumar even makes bed coffee for his wife and that is the moment she cherishes most in the relationship. Ajay Rana meets Poonam to get a ringside view of a boxer’s wife
      Posted    12-Aug-2011    Vol 2 Issue 32
  • Express(ing) love

    Express(ing) love

    Love travelled miles, in lightning speed, crossing seas and mountains, in the form of flowers from Mexico to Haridwar in time to reach Laura Cantu on her birthday. A real life love story
      Posted    03-Aug-2011    Vol 2 Issue 30
  • A fairy tale

    A fairy tale

    For would-be mommy Aishwarya Rai, it was a fairy tale journey into the world of glamour after winning the Miss World title in 1994. And now the Bachchan bahu is all set to enjoy motherhood
      Posted    28-Jun-2011    Vol 2 Issue 25
  • Wildlife guardians

    Wildlife guardians

    Adopt-an-animal scheme at Bhopal’s Van Vihar National Park is a huge success. The scheme got a boost after cricketers Dhoni and Zaheer Khan adopted a tiger each recently at Mysore Zoo.
      Posted    23-Jun-2011    Vol 2 Issue 24
  • Women’s show

    Women’s show

    A TV travel show has supermodel Indrani Dasgupta and actress Sugandha Garg trying to unravel the persona of Indian men. They travelled around India and met men from all walks of life
      Posted    09-Jun-2011    Vol 2 Issue 22
  • Tamanna rescued

    Tamanna rescued

    It was a community effort that rescued 5-year-old Tamanna from the clutches of her kidnappers. Tamanna’s family hit the streets with their friends and did not rest till they found the girl.
      Posted    23-May-2011    Vol 2 Issue 20
  • Take her seriously

    Take her seriously

    Never take your woman for granted, and show her that you care. These are two tips that Kushbhu Sundar, TWL’s Features Editor, gives for men who would like to prevent their women from straying
      Posted    2011/05/20    Vol 2 Issue 20
  • Didi at home

    Didi at home

    Revered as didi by millions of supporters, Mamata Banerjee is an ideal sister to her own brothers too. Ajitha Menon finds out that W Bengal’s CM in waiting is also a responsible woman at home
      Posted    13-May-2011    Vol 2 Issue 19
  • Keen to keep him?

    Keen to keep him?

    Are men incorrigible flirts? If you think so but want to keep your man away from other women’s charm, do not worry. TWL has simple tips for possessive women to prevent their men from straying
      Posted    2011/05/13    Vol 2 Issue 19
  • Firm family

    Firm family

    IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt is a harried man after he spoke the truth about Narendra Modi. But even as the establishment in the land of Gandhi bays for his blood, he remains firm just because his family stands by him, says Kavita Kanan Chandra
      Posted    13-May-2011    Vol 2 Issue 19
  • Discovery of India

    Discovery of India

    Inspired by ‘Motorcycle dairies’, a young couple go on a road trip on a Rs 500 a day budget. Lesley D Biswas meets Saurav Jha and Devapriya Roy, whose book will be published by Harper Collins
      Posted    07-Apr-2011    Vol 2 Issue 14
  • Lining with children

    Lining with children

    Striving for rights of children, Anuradha Sahasrabudhe brought the child helpline to Pune. Though she strayed into the line by accident she has stayed put for 25 years, says Divya Mangwani
      Posted    25-Feb-2011    Vol 2 Issue 8
  • A human issue

    A human issue

    She facilitates adoption but doesn’t find a child for couples; it’s more a family for the child. Marianne de Nazareth meets Aloma Lobo, who views adoption as a human issue and not a legal one
      Posted    11-Feb-2011    Vol 2 Issue 6
  • Love in India

    Love in India

    The present generation is lucky. Mills and Boon has now come out with a novel set in India offering a romantic treat for young readers. Partho Burman speaks to the Indian author, Milan Vohra
      Posted    07-Jan-2011    Vol 2 Issue 1
  • Love sans borders

    Love sans borders

    An Indo-Pak alliance in Tasmania. Yes, it can happen if you have a heart. Jane Rankin Reid figures out what happened between Varun Khetarpal and Uzma Qureshi after they met at a dance class
      Posted    12-Nov-2010    Vol 1 Issue 11
  •  Mothers' friend

    Mothers' friend

    Not wanting other women to suffer like her when she came from the US to settle down in Chennai, Bhavani Raman has started a networking website for mothers. Hema Gopalakrishnan checks it out
      Posted    08-Oct-2010    Vol 1 Issue 6
  • United, they triumph

    United, they triumph

    It was the delightful reunion in tennis history. When Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi fought for India at Chennai, tennis fans cherished the moment. Not because the duo won but because they were together again. Anand Philar has the story
      Posted    24-Sep-2010    Vol 1 Issue 4
  • Exclusive:  A brave heart

    Exclusive: A brave heart

    It is a tale straight out of a celluloid potboiler.  A woman going alone into the badlands of Chambal to rescue her husband from dacoits. Though the media did not celebrate her courage, the dacoits were wowed. Partho Burman confronts her.
      Posted    10-Sep-2010    Vol 1 Issue 2
  • Compatriots of success

    Compatriots of success

    The woman, who was shattered when told that her baby suffered from cerebral palsy, now considers herself fortunate for the support from others. Sudha Narasimhachar has the incredible story.
      Posted    03-Sep-2010    Vol 1 Issue 1
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