Vol 9 Issue 50, Dec 07, 2018 - Dec 13, 2018.


  • Teacher Amma

    Teacher Amma

    A school teacher, who believes she is a mother to her students, G Sripriya, affectionately called by her students as ‘Priya Amma’ runs 29 tuition centres for underprivileged children through her team of volunteers, says P C Vinoj Kumar
      Posted    2014/10/04    Vol 5 Issue 40
  •  Eyeing options

    Eyeing options

    Where millions suffer from eye disorders, a young ophthalmologist has set up a clinic to bring eye care within the reach of the poor and the rural population. Akash Bisht spoke to Parveez Ubed, who started ERC Eye Care 3 years ago in Assam
      Posted    2014/09/29    Vol 5 Issue 39
  • No kid's play

    No kid's play

    What started with 15 street boys is now an NGO touching the lives of 300,000 children in 3,000 locations in 19 states. Santosh Rao meets Mathew Spacie, who cranked the Magic Bus 15 years ago
      Posted    06-Sep-2014    Vol 5 Issue 36
  • The challenger

    The challenger

    It challenged the idea of Ice Bucket Challenge itself. Manju Latha Kalanidhi, a journo from Hyderabad, changed the course of a charity wave, turning it more relevant to Indian context. Akash Bisht spoke to the Rice Bucket Challenge pioneer
      Posted    06-Sep-2014    Vol 5 Issue 36
  • Being the change

    Being the change

    At an age of 28, Arun Daniel Yellamaty is already a known social worker, whose Youngistaan Foundation is into a plethora of activities in Hyderabad. P C Vinoj Kumar finds out from the former journalist how he changes the life of urban poor
      Posted    30-Aug-2014    Vol 5 Issue 35
  • Fight for toilet

    Fight for toilet

    Many summer ago, in an obscure village in Odisha, a lone woman asked her in-laws for a toilet. Later when she built one, the entire village was inspired by her. Rakhi Ghosh meets Kabita Nayak
      Posted    25-Aug-2014    Vol 5 Issue 34
  • Wrestling rights

    Wrestling rights

    Villagers of Balali in Haryana may now cheer at Phogat sisters for bringing laurels to India from Commonwealth Games. But when the girls took to wrestling, they opposed it, says Abhishek Roy
      Posted    16-Aug-2014    Vol 5 Issue 33
  • Teacher-student


    A girl from Mumbai sets out to teach English to Ladakhi children but ends up learning about life in the border, realizing how she has taken her peaceful life for granted, says Kulsum Mustafa
      Posted    26-Jul-2014    Vol 5 Issue 30
  • Touching base

    Touching base

    New York-born Ajaita Shah once applied for fellowship to work in India. Then she came back and also launched Frontier Markets to serve base of the pyramid households. Souzeina S Mushtaq spoke to the 29-year-old who knows the needs of villages
      Posted    19-Jul-2014    Vol 5 Issue 29
  • Donor par excellence

    Donor par excellence

    P Kalyansundaram, who donated his lifetime salary for charity, has inspired social workers in Tamil Nadu for years. P C Vinoj Kumar meets the happy man whose name is synonymous with simplicity
      Posted    19-Jul-2014    Vol 5 Issue 29
  • People’s doctor

    People’s doctor

    Dr V Shanta heads the Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai. Active even at 87 years, she talks to Manasa Ramraj about her childhood inspiration, adding: ‘Doctors must learn to treat their patients as human beings and not as mere commodities.’
      Posted    12-Jul-2014    Vol 5 Issue 28
  • Turn crafts

    Turn crafts

    Jharcraft saved ethnic arts and crafts of Jharkhand, stopped traditional weavers and artisans from migrating to cities and gave a sheen to silk production. Kavita Kanan Chandra reports the miracle, attributed to IFS officer Dhirendra Kumar
      Posted    21-Jun-2014    Vol 5 Issue 25
  •  For farmers

    For farmers

    Two IITians, Shashank Kumar and Manish Kumar, went to villages and set up a social enterprise that has touched the lives of hundreds of farmers in Bihar. Kavita Kanan Chandra tells us about their work and innovative agricultural management
      Posted    14-Jun-2014    Vol 5 Issue 24
  • Mama's home

    Mama's home

    Nirajalaxmi Mohapatra’s home has 54 children of convicts, who might have gone astray with none to take care of them. Rakhi Ghosh finds two of them set to join engineering or medical courses
      Posted    07-Jun-2014    Vol 5 Issue 23
  • Wild bird care

    Wild bird care

    Animal lovers may abound, but birds from the wild get no medical treatment if they were to meet with an accident. Filling the gap are Nadeem Shazad and Mohammad Saud, who have treated 3000 incapacitated birds in 12 years, says Asad Ashraf
      Posted    07-Jun-2014    Vol 5 Issue 23
  • Lake cleaner

    Lake cleaner

    Besides striving to bringing sparrows back, volunteers of Environmentalist Foundation of India clean urban lakes and beaches. P C Vinoj Kumar meets the founder, who earlier worked for Google
      Posted    31-May-2014    Vol 5 Issue 22
  • Once upon a spy

    Once upon a spy

    A former RAW officer is now on a mission to rehabilitate a community of people, known to eat rat and called Musahars in Bihar. Realizing that they were joining naxalities, J K Sinha started educating the children. Souzeina S Mushtaq reports
      Posted    24-May-2014    Vol 5 Issue 21
  • Positive woman

    Positive woman

    It was a positive attitude that enabled Kousalya Periasamy overcome tragedies in life and take up activism. P C Vinoj Kumar meets India’s first woman to openly declare her HIV positive status and finds out about her work among women like her
      Posted    10-May-2014    Vol 5 Issue 19
  • People's media

    People's media

    If journalism is a pillar of democracy, what do you have to say about democratized journalism? CGNet Swara is an innovative media that touches the lives of tribes in central India. Souzeina S Mushtaq meets its founder, Shubhranshu Choudhary
      Posted    03-May-2014    Vol 5 Issue 18
  • No kid stuff

    No kid stuff

    Two kids have been chosen for "Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards", a school-level recognition programme for volunteer community service. Shilpa Raina meets Aakash Pawar and Maneka Sharma
      Posted    26-Apr-2014    Vol 5 Issue 17
  • Banking women

    Banking women

    She realised that banks are not women-friendly when she was an employee in Jorhat. So Lakhimi Baruah started her own urban cooperative bank, says Ratna Bharali Talukdar
      Posted    21-Apr-2014    Vol 5 Issue 16
  • Helping widows

    Helping widows

    In the city of widows, where women are just dumped by relatives after the husband's death, there is an air of despair and helplessness. But there is one ray of hope, too: Laxmi Gautam, an academician in Vrindavan. Afsana Rashid spoke to her
      Posted    21-Apr-2014    Vol 5 Issue 16
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