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Smelling success

The Bhopal gas disaster saw several legal battles and struggles in the last 26 years. Vivek Trivedi meets Alok Pratap Singh, who was one among the few to start a fight soon after the gas leak

Right support

If RTI activists have been exposing corruption, it has also exposed them to violent attacks. In Mumbai activists are rallying together in the wake of a fresh attack, says Kavita Kanan Chandra

Financing women

It is a bank run by women for women. It is the first rural financial institution to receive a cooperative license from RBI. Kavita Kanan Chandra meets the driving force, Chetna Gala Sinha

Putting 'em on feet

Moved by the sight of a man crawling on all fours, Kiran Kumar vowed to help people with physical disabilities by becoming a doctor. Partho Burman is wowed by the orthopedician's commitment

Jewel of the desert

He is a brave heart of Rajasthan for neither money nor threats from menacing sand miners cowed him down. Partho Burman encounters Nityender Manav, winner of Godfrey Philips bravery award

The liberator

He turned down the first job offer and vowed that no one should ever do that work. But Bezwada Wilson’s work is still incomplete. Partho Burman meets the man behind Safai Karamachari Andolan

Call to save

After a 16-year-old cousin died in a road accident as medical help did not reach him on time, Piyush Tewari decided that he will not let another life go that way. Partho Burman finds out that the winner of the Rolex Award has more plans

A platform to learn

Five students wanting to educate street children did not let their plan derail for lack of a place. They settled down for a railway platform, from where Abhishek Pandey returns well informed

Labouring for children

Chirgu is an NGO that works to eradicate child labour. But one of its founders, Saroja, had overcome a series of personal tragedies to dedicate her life to the cause, says Sudha Narasimhachar

HELPers of a kind

Four friends in a law college are peeved over human rights violations. They decide to pick up cudgels on behalf of victims and form an organisation. Renitha Raveendran presents their case

Refusing to be a victim

It would have been the end for any girl sold into the sex trade. Not for Nikita. Santosh Narayan meets the young campaigner against child trafficking, who refused to take things lying down 

Giving teeth to rights

He cut his teeth in social activism while getting trained as a dentist. Now, Raja Muzaffar Bhat helps the people of Kashmir through his RTI movement. Jehangir Rashid finds out how he does it.

Never say die

Anyone with a conscience will like to meet her. Partho Burman did that and found that the gritty sister of Safdar Hashmi has no plans to retire until she ushers in communal harmony in Gujarat.

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