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Dealing dilemmas

Are you perpetually bogged down by the ‘to do this or that’ dilemma? Revathi Turaga offers tips to deal with the situation if you have no time to take a decision on your own

Look within you

Confidence lurks within you. But it has to be systematically harnessed for maximum benefit. Revathi Turaga has 10 simple tips to enjoy hot brewing cups of instant confidence

Stress out stress

Coming up with unique five-step technique to bust the six word killer, ‘stress’, Revathi Turaga guides you towards a path of happiness and helps discover ways to beat worry

Outrage unplugged

The anger against the perpetrators of the Mumbai triple blasts is justified. But we, as a nation, need to sharpen our conscience and cultivate a better sense of justice, says P C Vinoj Kumar

Humanity first

IPS officer Amitabh Thakur in this exclusive column makes a passionate plea to humanise the hierarchy conscious Indian police system, where senior officers behave in the most obnoxious manner

The right mix

Innovation and hard work is the mix that made Aachi Group of Companies achieve a turnover of Rs 400 crore in just 13 years, says founder A Padmasingh Isaac, who started with just Rs 50,000

Taking the plunge

Technologists and achievers will converge at TEDx Tirupur to figure out solutions for the future generation’s problems. Amar Naik reveals the plans and lessons learnt so far

Waiting with hope

Japan’s tsunami reminds Anjna Rawat Pratap of a two- night agonising wait for a call from her sister, who suddenly went missing one evening during the 2005 Mumbai floods


Defend, Offend, Neutralize and Exit and you can easily say DONE with an aggressor on the street, says KravMaga expert S Sreeram. Size won’t matter then, he says, giving tips for self-defence

True Love

Old school romance with its beautiful nuances will surely make a comeback, says Faraaz Kazi on this Valentine’s Day, as the world soaks in love, mushy verses, virtual roses, and text muahs.

Street Smart

Never be taken by surprise when an assailant strikes, says Krav Maga expert S Sreeram. An understanding of AOI (Ability, Opportunity, Intent) triangle will help thwart an attack effectively

Tamed, at last

Like bulls in a china shop, they cameraising a banner of animal rights, to stop the traditional sport, jallikattu. Now they have been tamed and the bull fights are on, says Senthil Kumaran

Street Smart

Violence should be the last resort, says S Sreeram, a KravMaga self defence expert. Deny, Delay, Diffuse & Divert are his 4 D's that can help one get out of a fight or not get into it at all

Street Smart

The prisons are filled with normal people like you and me, because of one aberration. They lost their sanity for just a few seconds.

From the heart

Indians of the year never hog headlines. They live in the hearts of other Indians. Amit Sengupta celebrates the indomitable spirit of a few such people who endear themselves to their customers not by their business acumen but their heart

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