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Prioritise and take charge of your own time

Revathi Turaga


Vol 0 | Issue 1

To do this, or to do that?

Now how confusing can this question be, especially in today’s working environment where everything is urgent and important and where the demands on each person’s time is extremely high?

It is becoming very difficult for working professionals to decide which tasks to focus on and which to keep for later, which to give more importance right now, and which to let go off!

Mull over the following questions.

Have you found yourself so busy that you did not want to take the time to plan?

Were there times when you had so much to do, but did not know where to start?

Were there times when you had just no idea whether to start task A or task B or neither and ended up multitasking?

Well, the answer is simple – it is to prioritize!

Here are a few tips to prioritize your work:

1. Daily planner – Though it looks like a simple enough task to do, those who do this will tell you that planning can take as much time as finishing one or two tasks in the list of planning. However, this activity will save a lot of time later. Maintain a daily planner to list all the tasks you need to accomplish.

2. Have to or want to? – You have to be clear whether this task is something that really needs to get done at this point in time, or is it just something that you like to do. Move any unessential wants to the bottom of the list.

3. Delegate – Remember, you don’t need to do everything yourself in order to get it done right. Learn to help others learn how to do things as well as you do them, and delegate.

4. Timelines – Studies have always shown that one works better and accomplishes more when one works under certain time frame. Deadlines are external and set by others whereas timelines are set by the individual. Identify deadlines and timelines for each task.

5. Focus – When once you start off on a task, do not go on thinking about the other tasks that need to be completed. Focus your energies on only the task at hand.

6. Say No to Interrupts – Find a way to close the door for a while. Keep the phone off the hook. Let the answering machine take any calls. Learn to be able to say no when you wish to do so. Eliminate any interruptions or distractions.

7. Start – Sometimes too much planning and thinking can lead to the task never getting started. Know when to stop thinking and planning. Get started with what is in front of you.

Knowing which task to do now, and which later, reduces stress, gets you in control of yourself, your time, your career, and your life.

When you prioritize, you are in charge of your time. You get more done in less time and thus become more successful and peaceful!

Revathi Turaga is an International Trainer & Inspirational Speaker. She can be reached at [email protected]

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