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Fear not

Elucidating the devastating effects of fear on people’s life, Roopleen Prasad shows us the ways to overcome fear by quoting successful people who have looked fear on the face

Travel easy

People with diabetes can bid farewell to their anxieties while travelling if they take adequate precautions, says Dr. C M Batra, giving them a check list of do’s and don’ts

Stand and wait

Giving a formula for success, Roopleen Prasad lists perseverance as the main ingredient by citing examples of sportspersons like Yani Tseng and politicians like Nelson Mandela

Know your strength

There are seven forms of human intelligence. Find out what is yours and focus on it to be successful and happy, says Rekha Shetty, in her advice to the youth and parents

You can overcome

Overcoming hardships, failures and adversity needs a resolve to accept responsibility of your life, says Roopleen Prasad, applauding Yuvi’s steely resolve to fight cancer

Doomsday 2012

Indian space scientist and former ISRO chairman, U R Rao, rubbishes predictions of Doomsday or “Pralaya” destroying the earth in December 2012 calling it totally false, mischievous, and unfounded

Crack — the whip

Communications Minister Kapil Sibal wants to regulate posts on Facebook and other social media network. Prasanto K Roy gives five reasons why he won’t be able to succeed in his effort 

Real threat

Notwithstanding Walmart’s pledge to “buy more from small and mid-sized farmers around the world,” Mahazareen Dastur cites global statistics to show how supermarket chains destroy small farmers 

Turn tough

By being mentally tough, you will stand out. You alone can rise to the occasion and be a winner ultimately, says Roopleen Prasad, giving you tips on surmounting life problems

Be passionate

Love what you do and do it with passion. This is the mantra for success, says Roopleen Prasad, advising you to put your heart and soul into work so that it inspires others too

Media's mirror

In a first of its kind article by a senior journalist, Sutanu Guru, holds up a mirror to the Indian media, pointing out that its claim of being objective, fair, and unbiased is just horseshit

Dump the potatoes

Are you carrying ‘rotten potatoes’ in your life? Get rid of them before the stink starts affecting you, and you start losing your peace of mind, says Revathi Turaga welcoming a beautiful week

All the best

If you think ‘I can’, then you can, says Roopleen Prasad, guiding you on a path to success and helping you surmount the obstacles that come up in the form of negative thought

Be a salesperson

Plan to work from home? Samuel Eddy lists eight basic traits you need to get cracking, and gives you tips on steering clear of pitfalls. But then you need to be a salesperson

Green check

Sunita Narain calls the bluff of govt agencies that blame environmentalists for holding up development. Her research shows projects are being cleared in a hurry and targets have been surpassed

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