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Success is more about mental toughness than competence and hard work

Roopleen Prasad


Vol 0 | Issue 1

Everyone wants to be a winner in life. But the road to success is not all smooth sailing. It is paved with challenges and hardship; every now and then life throws you in the deep end. When difficulties and failure knock you off balance even the best can crack under pressure.

The reason why some people can rise to the occasion while others fail miserably is not their superior competence, knowledge or talent. It is their sheer mental strength that helps them to push through in trying times and keeps them afloat even in the face of the most challenging circumstances.

Call it guts, will, courage or toughness. This mental ability to withstand pressure when hardest hit, is an important but often overlooked factor in achieving success.

Mental toughness is, in fact, the common denominator of all successful people that has put them at the pinnacle of success by providing them the strength to stay in control, outlast every obstacle in their path and survive the last mile.

Those who are deemed mentally tough and fit give their best when pushed to the brink.

Success in life is more about mental toughness than competence and hard work put together. Mental toughness is what keeps you going and gets you pumped.

It gives you an edge that enables you to be consistent, confident and strong-minded during high pressure situations. It can mean the ultimate difference between success and failure.

Obstacles and hardships can be discouraging and can put you down but mental toughness serves as the intrinsic motivator that keeps you determined and makes you stick to your goals even when things get tough.

Much of mental toughness is simply attitude and self esteem. For the mentally tough, giving up is never an option. When faced with difficulties, they focus on finding the solution to the problem rather than run away from the problem.

Being mentally tough is empowering yourself. When you are mentally tough, the problems and setbacks that knock you down cannot knock you off for long.

You get back to your feet and get in the game again. The essence of mental toughness is thus not being affected by anything and not letting anyone break you.

Success is not something that just happens. It is a state of mind. The strength and the courage to win is an internal mind game. To reach your goals and be successful, you must train yourself to be mentally tough and back yourself.

Let go your fears and focus on your goals. Mentally prepare yourself to stay strong in the face of failure, hardships or adversity. Remember, smooth seas do not make skilful sailors. It is the strong and the mentally tough who survive and sail through.

As Karras rightly said, ‘Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in the muscles.’

The Author is a Motivational counselor, Speaker, Ophthalmologist, and Author of 'Principles of Success made easy-14 easy steps to climb the ladder of success.'

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