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Street Smart

Violence should be the last resort, says S Sreeram, a KravMaga self defence expert. Deny, Delay, Diffuse & Divert are his 4 D's that can help one get out of a fight or not get into it at all

Street Smart

The prisons are filled with normal people like you and me, because of one aberration. They lost their sanity for just a few seconds.

From the heart

Indians of the year never hog headlines. They live in the hearts of other Indians. Amit Sengupta celebrates the indomitable spirit of a few such people who endear themselves to their customers not by their business acumen but their heart

Tech Guide

The Weekend Leader scales higher levels, technically. You now have an entire gamut of features that will help you keep updated and also send in your comments. Please read to know about them

Editor's Take

Like a colourful butterfly breaking out of the cocoon, The Weekend Leader takes wings. As it flutters in cyberspace, it seeks to capture your imagination. P C Vinoj Kumar goes back to the birth of the idea and also looks ahead.

Sam Speak

It is journalism of hope, writes Sam Rajappa, extolling the virtues of TWL’s Positive Journalism.

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